Rumor, pregnant mothers do not smoke?Expert research: Dad smoking fetuses are susceptible to congenital heart disease

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Introduction: Nowadays, children are born with less. Each mother who is pregnant will automatically do it consciously, and every time you do a B -ultrasound, you can see the small sample of fetal treasures. Moms are still very happy.

Lin Lin is 30 years old and the boss is 5 years old. After discussing, the husband and wife decide to have a second child.Lin Lin’s husband is selling. The sales pressure is very high. The amount of smoke and alcohol and sales must be hung up.

When preparing for pregnancy, Linlin asked her husband to quit smoking and drinking, but her husband said that smoking could not quit, and the wine could be quit for a while without drinking, so the husband did not drink water for two months.Essence

When Lin Lin usually sucks her husband’s second -hand smoke when she is at home, Lin Lin does not particularly care about it. Thinking about the generation of our parents, many dads are also old smokers, but the children are born.

However, the accident will always happen when you can’t think of it. It is okay to have a birth check in front. In 20 weeks, Lin Lin listened to a colleague that a hospital can see a four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound, and the husband can enter the B -ultrasound room to see the child in the B -ultrasound room to see the childEssence

Linlin and her husband went to the hospital together to do B -ultrasound.When I entered the B -ultrasound room, my husband was also very excited to see the child. He said that his nose was like you. The child moved and looked like a boy (Lin Lin’s boss is a daughter, now thinking that it is best to have children.)

Unexpectedly, the doctor asked them to go out and wait for the report for a long time.After a while, the doctor asked Linlin to go to the B -ultrasound room of another B -ultrasound. This time, the husband would not let it go. Later, the B -ultrasound doctor asked Linlin to get a report immediately to find the obstetrician.

And after looking at Linlin’s B -ultrasound, the obstetrician said that the child’s congenital heart disease, also known as the Fuluo Four Disiners. Now there is no way to dealIt is necessary to perform surgery later, at least whether the surgery can be cured or not, so the child suggests that it cannot be required.

Lin Lin and her husband were embarrassed. Lin Lin was very sad, and her family did not have such genetic diseases. She also paid attention to her when she was pregnant. Folic acid also made up every about this?

After the doctor learned about the situation in detail, he found that the problem should be on Lingling’s husband. Lin Lin’s husband always smoked when he was preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy. When her husband smoked at home, Linlin followed his second -hand smoke.

Many mothers have such an idea. They can not smoke without smoking, and the husband’s smoking should not affect it. Look at the smoking of so many men around him. Other people’s sons and daughters are not healthy and healthy!

Mom’s thoughts are wrong!

A study of "European Prevention of Heart Diseases" shows that dad smoking is more likely to increase the risk of fetal heart disease with congenital heart disease!

Dr. Qin Jiabi of Xiangya Public Health College of Central South University and his research team conducted 125 studies on 13,7574 congenital heart defects and 8.8 million quasi -parents.The results showed that whether the prospective father smoked or the smoking of pregnant women would adversely affect the growth and development of the fetus.Compared with smoke -free environments, quasi -father smoking increases 74%of the incidence of fetuses, pregnant women smoke increase by 25%, and pregnant women have increased the incidence of 124%in sucking second -hand smoke.

Dr. Qin Jiabi of the Xiangya Public Health Institute of Central South University, who followed the research on 13,7574 congenital heart disease defects and found that the rate of smoking of prospective dad would increase the incidence of fetal heart disease by 70%.%Of the incidence.

So Dad’s smoking is also extremely harmful to the fetus.

1. Can’t conceive

Studies have found that the incidence of infertility in smoking women is higher, and the time for pregnancy will be longer.

Studies have found that the number of people who have delayed pregnancy in the smoking group for more than 12 months are 54%higher than those of non -smokers. Whether it is father or mother smoking first, it will cause it to be too late.

2. The risk of abortion is also great, and it has a great impact on the health of the mother

Smoking mothers are more prone to premature peel or front placenta, and abortion.

The American epidemiological magazine published a research report: smoking for pregnant women can cause pre -dimin placenta to fall off from the uterine wall and form major bleeding, which can easily cause a dead body.

3. The fetus does not flow naturally, and it is most likely because of unhealthy passive abortion

Parents smoking fetal treasures are not lucky. The malformation rate of fetal fetuses will greatly increase. The most common is the Tang family syndrome of intellectual obstacles. The risk of the elderly woman Donaldo increased due to age. If you smoke in your husband,, Pregnant women passively sucking second -hand smoke, so the risk of fetal treasures will be higher!

4. It is also a full -moon birth. It may be a low birth weight, and the body is weaker.

The child was born after 39 weeks, but it was only 4 pounds. It belongs to a low -born weight and needs to be treated and observed in the newborn department.

It is more likely to have serious jaundice or other complications of newborns, so it will be more difficult to raise.

5. Children’s physique is relatively weak

Studies have found that no matter whether it is first -hand or second -hand smoke during pregnancy, half of the nicotine will be absorbed by a small fetus, which will affect the growth and development of the fetal lungs.

As soon as children are born, they are inherently bad, and they are more likely to suffer from congenital asthma.

And children are more prone to metabolic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Think about it, the child is just brought to this world. There are many people in the world. As soon as the child is born, it is facing various competition. From birth, you may compete for a bed (sometimes the peak of fertility peak periods., The hospital’s beds are not enough), slowly growing up to compete for a degree in kindergarten, a degree in elementary school, and a position in competitive work. Healthy body is very important. As parents, they bring their children to their children.In this world, the most basic health is that parents should give their children.

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