Rumors | 50 days pregnant, can ultrasound watching the gestational sac can see men and women?

People have nothing to do with it. They always like to find something entertaining.For 50 days of pregnancy, ultrasound watching the gestational sac can see men and women!

Why can’t we see men and women?

In fact, smart people, if they imagine themselves, they know the authenticity.

In addition to the germ in the pregnancy sac, there are some amniotic fluid in the pregnancy sac.We can imagine what shape will be on the table with water balloon.The gestational sac is this irregular ellipse.

During pregnancy, whether it is the B-ultrasound of the abdominal wall or vaginal B-ultrasound, it cannot be reconstructed in three-dimensional. It can only describe the size of the pregnant sac based on the 2-3 diameter detected by the ultrasound.Everyone gets the B -ultrasound report. If the value is close, it is easy to be understood as a circular shape. The difference in the value is too large, and it is understood as an oval shape.

This has nothing to do with men’s and women’s half dime, but the values that are different from the cut surface scanned by ultrasound are different.For example, an egg or a flat orange.From different positions, we are shining with lights to see that the projection has the shape of the magic horse: round, flat, ellipse … as the so -called horizontal view of the mountain side, the high and low and low are different.

Everyone, are you really "stupid" for three years?Don’t be confused by men and women.

B -ultrasound can see the gender, you have to wait until you grow the outer genital

The ultrasound is seen in the shape of the form. When the fetal’s external genitalia grows so much that it can be seen by the ultrasound, it can be checked.Generally, after March-April of pregnancy, the error is relatively large.What’s more, our country’s laws have clearly prohibited from seeing gender during pregnancy, so don’t think about it.


What is really accurate is the detection of chromosome

For example, giving up amniotic fluid, umbilical cord blood, and even mother’s blood to detect the fetal chromosomes, which can basically clarify the gender of the fetus.But in the same reason, our country does not allow the gender of chromosomes. The chromosomal examination report will only tell you what abnormalities are, and it will not say that XX or XY.

XY bit blank

Public rumors, faith and unbelief, power is entertainment

It’s just fun, whoever will lose if it is true.

1. Clear palace map;

2. Men with a sharp belly, a child with a round belly; a little man in the belly, a big belly;

3. A man who did not get fat from other parts of the body’s body, otherwise women;

4, like sour men, like spicy women;

5. The expectant mother becomes an ugly man and a beautiful woman; the skin becomes a black man, the skin does not change;

6. Specific mothers have acne men, otherwise women;

It is said that there is a boy and a girl. This is deceiving.But the daughter is good, and everyone has their own judgment.

However, your home does not have to inherit the throne, what do you do so.

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