Rural Love 34: Liu Ying admits to false pregnancy, the family status reverses greatly, and Yutian is unreasonable

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Liu Ying: "I went home for a while, and then felt wrong, and then went to the hospital for examination. Then the doctor said that I was not pregnant at all, and I didn’t know what was going on. Anywayno kids"

The thoughtful care of Liu Ying’s care of Liu Ying finally couldn’t help but show the show. She also said humblely that if Yutian still wanted her, she would stay well. If she didn’t want her, she would leave immediately.

Yutian: "Who is your old Liu family? When you are pregnant, what do you toss our old Zhao family?"

Yutian Niang: "Let’s not talk about Yutian"

Yutian: "Isn’t this the same?"

Liu Ying: "I’m not intentional either"

Yutian: "I’ll find him"

Zhao Si: "Yutian, you come back, go to the house"

Yutian was completely angry, and when she returned to the house, she ignored the people.Since then, Liu Ying’s family status has changed. Before, the family coaxed her, and now the whole family has waited for Liu Ying to wait.

In the evening Yutian was lying on the cymbal to play with his mobile phone, and Liu Ying took the initiative to wait for him to wash his feet.

Liu Ying: "The feet have a taste, are you interesting? Wash it well, so you can’t wash it well."

Yutian: "You haven’t washed it yet, how can you know if you can’t wash well, wash it, let’s talk about it."

Large and small work in the family, Liu Ying rushed to do it, but Yutian just saw that she was not pleasing to the eye, and picked up and found out Liu Ying.Zhao Si did not look at it. Why did he give birth to such a thing? How good Liu Ying was Liu Ying. Although it was really tossing people some time ago, it could not be treated with others because she was not pregnant.Yutian was even more excessive, so that Liu Ying served him like a confinement, washed his head and then washed his feet.

Liu Ying: "Yutian, are you a little too much? What you have to do if you do something?"

Yutian: "How did I serve you at the beginning, the grace of dripping the water reported to the spring, according to this statement, how do you say you repay me?"

When washing his feet, Yutian deliberately did not cooperate.

Liu Ying: "You can sit up, and then move forward again, and then you are comfortable, I can wash it if you wash it."

Yutian: "How can I let you serve, so strenuous, hey"

Seeing that his son became more and more excessive, he dared to pretend to be a young master here. He raised a book and wanted to teach him.

Yutian: "Yingzi"

This time the old Zhao family became an unreasonable party. The next day, Liu Yingniang was not assured that Liu Ying’s head was injured, and he refused to say that he must not guess it must be from the old Zhao family.Is it like this?

Liu Yingniang returned home to find foreign aid. Zhao Si began to panic, and it was a tough battle.After Liu Neng knew, he really wanted to go to the old Zhao family with his stick and dare to bully his baby girl.Today, the three of the old Zhao family had to be beaten. Liu Yingniang was a sober head. She hoped that she could sit down and talk about the reason.I had to grit my teeth to endure.The town gave him an important job, that is, to engage in cultural activities, the most important thing is to arrange work.

On the other side, Zhao Sizi waited in the snow and was ready to be beaten, but he had never seen Liu Neng’s shadow. The two asked Liu Ying to make a phone call and listened tremblingly, knowing LiuI couldn’t help it in my work, and it seemed safe.

And Yutian tossed for a while, and finally he would live a good life. The young couple reconciled again.

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