Russian pregnant woman is a big belly wearing a bikini ski netizen: The child is a polar bear?

"Hard core" pregnant woman (source: Russia today)

The overseas network on February 20 was not a fame, and even pregnant women were particularly powerful.Recently, a pregnant woman in Russia was dressed in bikinis and was skiing, and a warm discussion was set off in Russia.

According to "Russia Today" reported on the 19th, a pregnant woman in Russia recently became popular because of her "hard core" operation.According to the video shot, a pregnant woman was skiing with a big belly, and the pregnant woman’s pregnant belly was very obvious. It is speculated that she has been pregnant for a long time.But the power of this pregnant woman is not just as simple as skiing.

In a white snowy day, the pregnant woman did not have any warmth, but was wearing fluorescent yellow and fluorescent bikinis.But the companion who helped her shoot the video around her was wearing heavy jackets and pants. This distinctive contrast could not help but make us shivering in front of the screen.And this pregnant woman has no other protection measures except wearing a helmet.Although it is a fighting nation, the "hard core" operation of this Russian pregnant woman has attracted heated discussion among domestic netizens.

Some netizens praised the courage of this pregnant woman, thinking that pregnancy did not make her step slower.However, some netizens said that doing so is too dangerous to the fetus in the stomach, which is simply an adventure.Netizens wrote: "What should she do if she is taking her own child. What if she falls in the process of skiing? What if someone hit her down?" There are also on the Internet. For example, there was a pregnant woman who was 8 months pregnant in the United States.Go to the sea to swim and be attacked by sharks. Netizens asked this: Should we make a joke with our children’s life and health?

Another netizen mentioned that it should not be placed in such a cold environment without protective measures, which is likely to have the risk of low temperature disease.

After watching the highly difficult operation of this Russian pregnant woman, some netizens who did things asked, "Is the child’s father a polar bear?" Someone below: "It’s just a normal person!"

Russian media reports that pregnant women who are more than 20 weeks pregnant are not recommended to participate in winter movements like skiing and skating, because if they fall, it is likely to cause premature birth and fetal injuries.

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