Scientific skipping can increase the conception rate, maybe you can try it too

In order to be able to be able to be pregnant as soon as possible, many husbands and wives will eat some foods that enhance eggs and tadpoles during pregnancy, and increase the number of couples. However, what you must not know is that the appropriate amount of skipping can also belong to you with Yun!

First of all, women who insist on skipping rope during pregnancy can help women pass and develop the smooth muscles through the regular beating. In the LUAN stage, skipping will help Luan subdue to enter the fallopian tube mouth, and increase sperm and eggs to meet with eggs to meet with eggs.probability.

Not only that, the appropriate amount of rope skipping can also increase the immunity and resistance of women, reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy, regulate women’s endocrine, and the development of follicles in CU, and achieve the role of promotion.

During the ovulation period, it is recommended to stick to the rope every day and find the ovulation day through the ovulation test strip.Try to increase the time of skipping on this day.Do not skip the rope within 24 hours after the ovulation during ovulation, because it is likely to affect the combination of the small tadpoles and the eggs and reduce the surrogacy rate.

Although the rope skipping rope is good, you must also pay attention to methods

Earlier, we talked about the benefits of female skipping rope during pregnancy, but we also need to find a time. If the female aunt just ended, it is not recommended to skip the rope, because the child Gong endometrium is still in the stage of repair, soWant to skip the rope and try to exercise after three days of menstruation.

Although rope skipping can increase the surrogacy rate, the number of rope skipping is also critical. Women during pregnancy should plan according to their actual conditions.It is recommended to skip rope 500 times a day, which can be divided into three time periods. After the ovulation period, you can appropriately reduce the number of times and insist on about 300 times a day. However, it is recommended not to skip the rope during menstruation and within 5 days before menstruation.

In summary, the skipping rope is indeed increased to the surrogacy rate. If you are in a pregnancy preparation, you may try it. Maybe the next one is you who are pregnant with you!During pregnancy, you should arrange diet reasonably. There are sufficient sleep. Both husbands and wives must supplement folic acid in order to reduce the probability of fetal malformations.

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