Second -child Bao Ma’s pregnancy experience sharing

In April 2020, under the epidemic, successfully unload the second child, and now share with you …

1. About pregnancy

Regardless of the first child and the second child, I found that when I was pregnant, I started to respond. I felt a sigh of relief in my stomach, and my throat always had sputum.Just come out, find a doctor to open a vitamin B6, eat some use before meals, and the head has been dizzy. In the first four months, I wanted to vomit and lose weight. After four months, I reacted.Many people say that many people say that the children born with a good pregnancy are clever. Anyway, it is not seen that the naughty is certain.

2. About eating spicy

Everyone generally believes that adults and children will get angry during pregnancy.Well, it is serious in the later period. I do n’t avoid it after my pregnancy. I ate spicy hot pot on both ends for three days. Compared with one child, I really have a lot of hope. The amount of meals is always hungry.

3. About sleeping position

After 6 months of pregnancy, pay attention to the posture of sleeping. (Check online), the posture of the fetus in the belly is the opposite of adults.Lying down, the fetus is prone to suffocation, so I keep lying on my left side to sleep, and then my stomach is missed.

4. About production

After all, because it was a second child, during the birth check, the doctor would check in internal examination, saying that I would be born at any time, and soon, let me be hospitalized in advance, and then I was hospitalized for ten days in advance.I did not respond for a day. I lost the uterine vegetarian the next day after the hospital, and I still did not respond. Then I started climbing the stairs. Well, I lost the uterine in the fourth day. The result is still the same.When it was due to the due date, it was manually broken. The reason why these two fetuses were born was because the fetus was too large, and it might not be born in a few days until the eighth day.At this time, the pain began, and the palace mouth was half half an hour. The doctor quickly pushed me to the delivery room. Then there were a few midwives.Then, I started to work hard. I took anesthetic, side -cutting, and the child came out for about half an hour. At 8.8 pounds, I cried at the time. "I never gave birth!"It hurts, just lay on the birth bed for two hours. The child was on the small bed aside, and did not cry or make trouble. He opened his eyes and looked at it. Then we were returned to the ward and finally was relieved.

Occasionally I dream of being pregnant again. It is really comparable to nightmares, so don’t think that you have the experience of the first child. When you are in the second child, you will be unscrupulous, control your weight, reasonable diet, do not follow the trend, and you will be less guilty. I wish you all the time.Good pregnancy!

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