See the trick to solve the embarrassment of frequent urination and leakage during pregnancy!

During pregnancy, expectant mothers will find that urine leakage will occur during cough and laughter. This is medical as "stress urinary incontinence". About 40%of expectant mothers will have such troubles, which is a common phenomenon during pregnancy.

1. What is going on with urine during pregnancy?

After pregnancy, the tissue and muscle stretching of the pelvic bottom of the expectant mothers, resulting in weak sphincter muscles that control both urination.When the mother laughed, the pressure of cough, sneezing, inside the abdominal cavity, and around the arms increased, and this pressure would squeeze the mother’s bladder.Under normal circumstances, the pelvic floor muscles of the expectant mother can help close the bladder bottom to prevent the outer flow of urine.But if this part of the muscles are weak, the expectant mothers are likely to be unable to control the leakage.

There is only a small amount of urine leaking out when leaking urine in the third trimester. Unlike urine, all urine will flow out. This expectant mother can rest assured.There will also be leakage in postpartum, which is caused by postpartum pelvic muscle ligaments or poor repairs of production injuries, which causes the pelvic muscle fascia defect.

What should I do when I leak?

In order to avoid the embarrassing situation of leakage of urine, it is recommended that expectant mothers usually carry some sanitary pads with them, especially in the summer, thin clothes, and it is even more necessary to use pads to remedy the leakage of urine.The pad should choose a soft and breathable cotton soft surface to reduce the stimulation of sensitive vulva skin.At the same time, the pads should be replaced frequently. After leakage, the humid pussy environment is prone to bacteria.The use of pads is only used when leakage is prone to leakage; if it is not expected to occur, do not use it, because the pads are not as breathable as the underwear.

Third, exercise the pelvic floor muscle leakage urine

The exercise of the pelvic floor muscles regularly will help avoid leakage during pregnancy and postpartum urine. If the expectant mothers have leaked urine, avoid running within 1-2 weeks, and at the same time do more pelvic floor muscles.In addition, the movement of more anal shrinkage can also strengthen the power of the pelvic floor muscles.

4. Is there a way to deal with frequent urination and frequent urination?

Solving urine leakage, frequent urination requires less diuretic food, and do more perineal contraction exercise. Do not drink water in order to solve the problem of frequent urination.Headache problem.

1. Mom drinks water in an appropriate amount during the day, drinks frequently, do not drink too much at a time, and drink as little water at night.

2. Try not to urinate as much as possible, do not sleep, struggling to sleep for a while because of sleepy at night, and do not get up; or work busy, embarrassed, etc., and endure urine. These situations are prone to urine storage.If you go out, you can use a sanitary napkin to relieve the embarrassment of leakage and frequent urination.

3. Eat less diuretic foods such as watermelon in summer.

4. Usually deliberately do perineal contraction exercise, strengthen the elasticity and strength of the pelvic foundation muscles, can effectively control urination, and reduce the laceration of the birth canal during childbirth.

5. Pregnant mothers have a relaxed mentality, especially in the third trimester. They are both expected to have childbirth and fear of pain. Some frequent urination is caused by psychological causes. They are worried about fear of insomnia, and they keep up with urination; they fall into this vicious circle.

Fifth, some frequent urination is a sign of disease

Urban infections are prone to occurred in the third trimester, which shows frequent urination.Bladder is inflammated, urinary tract stones or foreign bodies, and frequent urination will occur.If the urine is frequent, it is accompanied by dysuria, urgency, and turbid urine. These abnormal phenomena will definitely seek medical treatment immediately.Avoid up upward infection, leading to pyelonephritis.

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