Select miscarriage by accidental pregnancy. These hazards must be known!

Due to the stress of life, people’s thoughts are also more open. Many husbands and wives do not want to ask for children too early. If accidental pregnancy, some people will choose abortion.How should the drug flow and flow of people choose?What are the harms each?Don’t worry, listen to my clinical case first!

18 -year -old Xiaoqing was a single family of a single family. At that time, she came with her mother.Xiao Youth was lost in her father, and her mother was busy with her. Since her adolescence, she has a strong rebellious psychology, but she has nothing extraordinary. Until that day she told her mother that "I might be pregnant."In fact, I am still common in this situation. I accidentally had a miscarriage when I was accidentally pregnant. Until I knew that Xiaoqing had passed the drug that had been claimed!And this is her second abortion!When I asked Xiaoqing what medicine did they take for miscarriage.She said that it was the medicine prescribed in a small clinic and threw it all after taking it!

I was even more surprised, and quickly asked her when the medicine was taken?What are the symptoms of discomfort recently?When was the last abortion?She said that it has been almost three weeks after taking the medicine. Now it is nausea, I ca n’t eat things, and my belly hurts as much as my aunt, and then I have been bleeding intermittently below. The last time was March last year.

I quickly asked her to do a yin super and blood value examination, check HCG3900, and stay 27*14mm.This check is very troublesome!This has been more than 20 days, HCG is still so high, and there are signs of continuing growth. You have to do hysteroscopy as soon as possible.

But when Xiaoqing’s mother heard that she was going to have surgery, she was very unwilling and asked me if I could continue to take medicine.I helplessly say that because I don’t know what the medicine it was eating before, we dare not prescribe the medicine now.Xiaoqing’s mother still insisted on prescribing some medicine first.I told her that in the future, your daughter may have to get married and have children, and it has been three weeks later. The residues may be motivated. Hysteroscopy can be seen very clearly, and it is electrical.Essence

In the end, Xiaoqing’s mother compromised, and I also arranged for Xiaoqing as soon as possible to remove the remaining fetal bones.

Tell you that this case is because I have seen too many people because in some small hospitals, saving money to abortion, but because of improper operation, ask me what I should do.Some can save it, but some have no power to delay for too long, which makes me very sad!So some popular science are necessary!

What is drug abortion?

A drug abortion usually refers to the termination of pregnancy through drugs. The more common drugs include Meponeone tablets and maco -pre -alcohol tablets.When the drug abortion is smooth, the embryo tissue is exhausted completely, which can avoid the damage of surgery on endometrium and genital tract. If only a drug abortion is performed, there is no complications, the impact on the body’s damage and subsequent pregnancy is relatively small, and there is no need to worry.

Harm of drug flow

Various complications may occur after medication, including miscarriage failure, incomplete abortion, allergies of drugs, and infections.Drug abortion does not guarantee 100 % success, and may occur in miscarriage. When drugs are aborted, there may be incomplete drug flow. At this timeThe risks, especially those with a large number of drugs and abortion, are more likely to have the above situation, which hurts the body.Therefore, uterine laparoscopic surgery can only be performed after drug abortion.

What is artificial abortion?

Before 24 weeks of pregnancy, traditional artificial abortion is used to remove the developed but not mature embryo and placenta from the uterus to achieve the purpose of ending pregnancy, which is called artificial abortion.Nowadays, hysteroscopic embryo can replace traditional artificial abortion. Under visible circumstances, use a micro -hose to directly draw the gestational sac to minimize the damage.It is also a guarantee.

Harm of artificial abortion

Traditional artificial abortion may cause intrauterine infection, menstrual disorders, and cause abnormal bleeding.And can lead to the sequelae of irreversible fertility.Although hysteroscopy takes embryo surgery, although the damage is small, the relative cost is high to choose from.

The doctor reminds: Today’s life is very stressful, many people may choose to flow when they face accidental pregnancy, but

If you can’t save money, you can go to some small clinics for miscarriage, which is quite irresponsible to yourself!

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