Selina announced three months of pregnancy. When traveling in Thailand, she was pregnant and has taken the name "cashew fruit"

On March 13, Selina Ren Jiaxuan posted a video on Weibo, announcing the good news that she was pregnant. She said that she was pregnant with her boyfriend Xiaoxu when she went to Thailand for 12 weeks.Selina screamed happily and thanked the little life. She had previously prayed for blessings and was grateful to the arrival of happiness.From New Year’s Day, Selina has noticed that she hasn’t come to leave for a long time. She immediately asked her boyfriend to buy test strips, and she really had it.

Selina sent to a friend, and others thought she was diagnosed.Earlier, Selina once thought that she was difficult to get pregnant. She had fibroids and was not easy to conceive. She did not expect that she was healthy. She was pregnant this time.Selina has given the baby a nickname called "cashew fruit".According to Selina, her boyfriend Xiaoxu is also looking forward to the child, even more excited than her, and even crying.

At present, Selina is already in the fetus and actively performs a birth check. At present, the baby is very healthy and can hear her heartbeat.Selina is very grateful to her boyfriend, so that she can be a mother, and Xiao Xu immediately wants to be a father, and it becomes very responsible and takes care of Selina well.

Last year, Selina acknowledged her relationship with Xiao Xu. Last month, she also took Xiaoxu and her family to climb the mountain. Due to the negligence of Ren’s mother, she accidentally exposed Xiao Xu’s positive photo, which caused warm discussions among netizens.Selina also talked about her mother today. She used to protect Xiaoxu very well before, because Xiao Xu was an outsider, and she did not expect that the inner ghost was her mother.

Selina and Xiaoxu have been dating for more than a year. Although Xiao Xu is ordinary, he has many advantages that Selina has praised him.External interviews also talked about the sweet story of a lot of two people. The relationship between the two was very low -key, but Selina recognized Xiaoxu and took him to attend many friends gatherings. Huang Zijiao also exposed Xiaoxu’s appearance and apologized to Selina.

Selina had had a marriage before. At that time, she was burned to her because of filming, and Zhang Chengzhong had no abandonment of her. Then the two got married in 2011. Unfortunately, the marriage did not continue. There was also a contradiction after marriage.Selina is only grateful to Zhang Chengzhong. After the two people divorced, they were still friends. When Zhang Chengzhong had a word of mouth, Selina also sounded to maintain her ex -husband.

Selina had previously stated that she would not marry anymore, did not intend to register, and got along in a partner.Now that she and Xiao Xu have children, they may change this plan and give the baby a complete home.

After Selina became pregnant, netizens also sent a blessing: "I heard good news as soon as I came in!! Congratulations to me as a mother", "Beautiful things must happen to you", "I want to cry, and another oneWelcome to another new life. "

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