Selina officials announced their unmarried pregnancy, and the pregnant belly participated in the marathon competition.

On March 13, the news of Selina Ren Jiaxuan Xuan’s pregnancy was pushed to the hot search list. It is reported that in the latest issue of the radio program, Ren Jiaxuan generously announced that he wanted to be a mother, claiming that this was very incredible in his life.It is also very beautiful, so choose to share this joy with you as soon as possible.

In the show, Ren Jiaxuan revealed that he had taken the nickname "small cashew fruit" for the baby, and patiently told the special significance of the name. Ren Jiaxuan said that when he was traveling in Vietnam, he was most impressed by the is the time of the cashews, and he was inIt should be pregnant when traveling in Vietnam, so I will commemorate this special fate with this cute name. In addition, Ren Jiaxuan also revealed that she still does not know the baby’s gender.

Looking at the dynamics of Ren Jiaxuan on Valentine’s Day this year. At that time, she was wearing a plush coat and was a bit rich. It can be seen that the slightly raised belly was a lot more round than the previous face. At that time, some netizens commented on Ren Jiaxuan.It looks full of pregnancy.

A few days ago, Ren Jiaxuan also updated her pregnant belly photo. You can see that she was obviously fatter for three months of pregnancy, and her belly was slightly raised, and she looked full of pregnancy.

However, it was surprising that Ren Jiaxuan still maintained high -intensity exercise after learning that he was pregnant. On March 12, he also participated in the local National Highway Marathon.

It is reported that Ren Jiaxuan participated in a 3000 -meter schedule this year. In addition, as a special guest, she also shot a 10 -kilometer competition. Fortunately, the schedule of Ren Jiaxuan was not long, otherwise fans would be worried about her body.

Even so, there are still many netizens who are worried about Ren Jiaxuan’s actions. After all, the fetus in the abdomen is still small and is in the stage of need to be maintained. Such a severe outdoor sports wants to have certain risks to her as a pregnant mother.

After Ren Jiaxuan was Xuan Xuan’s pregnancy, some netizens asked about his ex -husband Zhang Chengzhong’s feelings. In response, Zhang Chengzhong performed low -key and said that let reporters ask Ren Jiaxuan directly. It is reported that in 2016, Ren Jiaxuan and his ex -husband Zhang Chengzhong Xuan divorced.Although the couple’s fate has been exhausted, she is still a friend who lives in harmony in private.

Earlier, Zhang Chengzhong also personally met the new boyfriend of Ren Jiaxuan, and Zhang Chengzhong later had a new relationship. Ren Jiaxuan also sent sincere blessings for the first time.

In addition, good sisters Tian Yanzhen and Chen Jiahua also sent sincere blessings to good sisters. Recently, Hebe responded through the agent and called Ren Jiaxuan’s baby as a gift of heaven.The arrival of life.

Ella, who is going to go on vacation, also said that his heart is quite happy and excited, and he wants to sing the song "Beautiful New World" before the three people.

According to media reports, as early as this year’s New Year’s Eve, Ren Jiaxuan felt unwell. After a few days, she had a doubtful attitude for pregnancy. I did not expect that there were two lines of pregnancy testing.

At that time, her first reaction was difficult to believe. When recalling the scene at that time, Ren Jiaxuan once again excited tears. It can be seen that she was full of unlimited expectations for unlocking new identity.

Earlier, Ren Jiaxuan was injured very seriously because he had accidentally suffered a fire at work. Because of injury to the abdominal skin, Ren Jiaxuan had not hoped to be a mother who was pregnant as a mother at first.There is such an exciting good news, but the two have no plans to get married.

I hope that the next day Ren Jiaxuan will be able to recuperate, everything is safe and smooth, and welcome this most precious gift with the beloved.

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