Seven phenomena indicate that you may be pregnant. The couple who are preparing for pregnancy must know, don’t be stupid, don’t know

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After getting married, many couples started the "people -made plan".That’s how her girlfriend and her husband are.

Girlfriends have been married for more than half a year and have been preparing for pregnancy.Yesterday, she asked me anxiously, "Auntie was postponed for a week, is it pregnant?"

The most accurate way to judge whether you are pregnant is to go to the hospital for examination. If you do n’t have time, you can test it at home.

In addition, you can also predict according to the changes in your body, and then go to the hospital for verification.

1. Sleepy, easy to fatigue

In the early stages of pregnancy, the body will feel more fatigue than usual, and a little drowsiness.

When this happens, do not take medicine at will, because many people feel that the fatigue is a cold, or you need to take some tonic.Once you eat some things that should not be eaten, it is likely to affect the health of the fetus.

When my little aunt was pregnant at first, she felt very tired. She always had no spirit. She thought she was a cold and took a cold medicine.As a result, I accidentally injured the fetus, and my niece came down to cerebral palsy.These unintentional "mistakes" not only harmed themselves, but also harmed their children.

2. Small abdominal pain, back pain

The prospective mother who is just pregnant often has lower abdomen and low back pain. This feeling is a bit like a dysmenorrhea.

At this time, pay attention to rest, you can also do an appropriate amount of simple exercise, such as walking, practicing yoga, etc.

3. Breast pain

Pregnancy is similar to the symptoms of menstruation, which can easily cause breast hyperplasia. The discomfort of breast pain occurs. When it encounters the breast, it will be a little pain.

Once this phenomenon occurs, and menstruation is delayed, it may be pregnant.

4. Change the taste, and the sense of smell becomes more sensitive

Some women will be very sensitive to the smell after pregnancy. Even if some of the light taste, she can smell it. If it is acceptable, it is okay. If it is very annoying, it will be uncomfortable.

In addition, most pregnant women’s appetite will be different from before pregnancy, and the taste will change, such as suddenly falling in love with sour food.

5. Always disgusting, want to vomit

After pregnancy, pregnant women become sensitive to the smell. After smelling some taste, they may be nauseous, and some even vomit.

In addition, most of this situation is when you brush your teeth in the morning, or you are about to eat lunch.

6. frequent urination, constipation

After pregnancy, as the uterus increases, the bladder and rectum will suffer a certain pressure, which will cause frequent urination, and some will even cause constipation.

7. The secretion becomes more

After pregnancy, the level of hormones in the body will increase, which will lead to more secretions. Many pregnant women will appear.This is a normal phenomenon. You don’t need to worry too much. Just change your underwear and pay attention to personal hygiene.

1. Keep enough rest time

Dissatisfaction and physical fatigue are common features of pregnant women. Therefore, maintaining enough rest time is not only conducive to the development of the fetus, but also conducive to the body of pregnant women.

In addition, it is necessary to maintain good work and rest habits. Many people now like to play mobile phones, especially before going to bed. This affects sleep. Some even play mobile phones until one or two in the morning, which affects the body of pregnant women.

2. Appropriate exercise

Although pregnant women should pay more attention to rest, moderate exercise is also essential.Exercise can relieve the discomfort of pregnant women to a certain extent, and can relieve the mood of pregnant women.

The sports will release dopamine, and dopamine will make people happy.Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to exercise occasionally.

Of course, according to their actual situation, the more exercise is not as good as possible.Such as often walk, yoga, etc.

3. Balanced diet

After pregnancy, pregnant women should also take care of the development of the fetus in their diet. Therefore, nutrition should keep up, do a good job of matching vegetarian food, balanced diet, not picky eaters, nor part of food.

In addition, you can also eat fruit every day to supplement rich vitamins.And drink more water.

Every mother is great. From the moment of pregnancy, the fetus will grow up day by day. When the child is born, he is busy raising and educating the child.It’s really hard to come along.

However, mothers are as sweet as they are. From the moment they are pregnant, they have become the most brave people in the world. It is said that the woman is weak and the mother is just.

After the seven phenomena in the text may mean that you are pregnant, this is the "beginning" as a mother.I hope that every woman in the preparation can usher in good news.

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