Several misunderstandings of the HPV vaccine, do you understand the wrong understanding?

In recent years, HPV vaccines have been popular. I still have the four -price price of being pulled by my family when I still understand anything. Hey!Later I learned the importance of this vaccine!Although our human body’s own immunity can remove HPV viruses, if we encounter high -risk HPVs and continue to be infected, the consequences are unimaginable.

So let’s first understand what HPV is and why talk about tiger color changes?

HPV is called a papilloma virus, which is a high -level specific epithelial spherical DNA virus. It only infected human skin and mucous membranes and forms papilloma.The human body, clothes, toilets, and even HPV virus in the air, so most women may infected HPV viruses in their lives.At present, there are more than 100 types of HPV, with about 35 species related to genital tract infections and 20 types related to tumor.Low -risk types are related to the occurrence of genital warts, and high -risk types are mostly related to the occurrence of cervical cancer.

There are many misunderstandings about the HPV vaccine. Let’s take a look at it together.

First, the HPV vaccine can only be vaccinated in the virgin period

HPV prevention needles must be vaccinated before the HPV virus is infected.Therefore, it is best to inject in the virginity period.

The United States is usually vaccinated when girls are 9 years old.For women in the country, women who do not pat their lives can be vaccinated.If you have already patted your life, you must do HPV test first. If you are negative, you can inoculate. If you are positive, you do not need to take over or inoculate.

Second, the HPV vaccine can only be vaccinated by women

Men also need to vaccinate the HPV vaccine.It can not only effectively prevent related cancer and genital warts caused by HPV. In addition, male vaccination HPV can also prevent cross -transmission and protect the health of partners. In fact, the cancer caused by many men is also derived from HPV virus, such as anal cancer, such as anal cancer, such as anal cancer.Laryngeal cancer and tongue cancer.

Third, HPV vaccine and wait until menopause and then play again

The prevention effect of the nine -valent vaccine is better than the four -price and two -price price, but it is currently only 16 ~ 26 years old. Under the premise of considering the price, it is still recommended to choose according to the suitable age.

Fourth, HPV vaccine has side effects on the body

HPV vaccine does not have any side effects. HPV vaccine is a safe drug and will not cause serious health problems.Like other vaccines or drugs, the HPV vaccine may cause a minor response.The most common is pain or redness in the injection of the arm.

Fifth, HPV vaccine will affect pregnancy

After taking the HPV vaccine, if the interval is sufficient, it will generally not affect pregnancy.The HPV vaccine is a vaccine that prevents cervical cancer. The metabolic cycle is generally about six months. Of course, everyone’s drug metabolic time is different, so the time of choosing pregnancy is different.Pregnancy, if you find pregnancy after taking the HPV vaccine, immediately stop the vaccination of the HPV vaccine, and continue to vaccinate the remaining HPV vaccines after giving birth.

Sixth, HPV vaccine can treat cervical cancer

HPV can prevent cervical cancer, but it is not 100 %.

Seventh, HPV vaccine for life is valid

The HPV vaccine is effective at least ten years, and many doctors even optimistic that it can provide more long -lasting protection.If further research shows that the vaccine is losing effect, it may need an efficient vaccine.

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