Sexual life in the third trimester, these must be paid attention to

Throughout pregnancy, sexual life is not completely forbidden.Proper sexual life can promote the deepening of the relationship between husband and wife.But what should I pay attention to during sexual life in the third trimester?

In prohibition of sexual life in the third trimester

1. 1 month before giving birth

Pregnant women are strictly forbidden to live in one month before giving birth. Because the fetus slowly decreased or pregnant women have the pre -placenta before the delivery, if the sexual life is persistent, it will cause early breakthrough, chorionitis, abortion, etc.Both pregnant women and fetuses are extremely unfavorable.

2. Pregnant women with related diseases

Pregnant women have a history of premature birth, or if the contraction is too frequent in the third trimester, she should ban sex and go to the hospital for treatment.

Pregnant women have a history of inconvenience in cervix and risk of abortion, and they should ban sex; pregnant women have unknown vaginal bleeding in the late pregnancy, and they should ban sex and go to the hospital for treatment.

3. Husband has sexual infectious diseases

If the husband has sexual transmission, sexual life must be prohibited during the third trimester, because the virus will spread to the mother through sexual life.

What should I pay attention to in sexual life in the third trimester?

After excluding these situations, what should both sexual life couples pay attention to?

1. The posture of sexual life

In the third trimester, with the increase of the pregnancy week, the stomach of the pregnant woman is becoming increasingly bulky. If the sexual posture of men and women and women, it is easy to make pregnant women feel uncomfortable and difficult to enjoy the fun of sex.

In addition, pregnant women should avoid taking a flat position in sexual life. Due to the characteristics of abdominal swelling and right rotation of pregnancy uterine, it is easy to affect the blood flow of the lower cavity of the pregnant woman to the heart, causing the pregnant women to develop symptoms such as chest tightness, dizziness, and abdominal pain.

Therefore, in the second trimester of sexual life, the female upper and lower formulas can be adopted to avoid compression of the abdomen and affecting the comfort of pregnant women.

2. The frequency of sexual life

Sexual life should not be too frequent. One is to affect the rest of pregnant women, and the other is that the frequent sexual life is easy to stimulate the fetus and cause abortion.In addition, sexual life frequently changes the vaginal environment, reduces the resistance of pregnant women, and can easily cause reproductive tract infections.

It is advisable to take 2 to 3 times a month.Due to the discomfort such as backache and back pain in the third trimester, the husband and wife should communicate more and understand each other when the sexual desire decreases, and try not to affect the relationship between the husband and wife because of this matter.

3. Gently move

In sexual life, the husband should try to be as gentle as possible. Inserting should not be too deep, the frequency should not be too fast. Avoid strong stimulation of the nipple or uterus of pregnant women, because it is too intense to cause contractions.

4. Avoid bacterial infections

During the sexual life of the third trimester, both the couple should pay attention to personal hygiene care, avoid bacteria breeding, and cause vaginal inflammation of pregnant women.

Although there is no risk of conception in sexual life in the third trimester, it is still recommended to use condoms, because semen can change the pH value of the vagina and reduce the self -purification ability of the vagina.At the same time, there may be some germs into the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Warm reminder of health doctrine:

Sexual life can be properly carried out in the third trimester.But you should still respect the physical condition and willingness of pregnant women ~

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