She has done 9 times, and she is pregnant again!Just because of her husband

A netizen has done 9 times of people, and has been pregnant again recently. He has to be a crowd!sad!

What is retreat?

"Retreat" is also a way of contraception, also known as pulling out.It is easy to say that before she is sHE, the yin stems are pulled out of the yin trail.

You know, the effect of "retreat" is definitely not as good as the in -palace’s health and contraceptives and contraceptives.

I do n’t want to get pregnant, I do n’t want to wear a condom, let alone take the contraceptives orally, so I have a husband: I do n’t go in!

In fact, it sounds easy to "retreat" in time, and it is very difficult to do.

Why do you?

First of all, "retreat" is a contraceptive method that cannot block the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, if frequent "retreat", it is necessary to routinely check HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Secondly, "retreat" requires rational and self -control, and "retreat" in time is actually very difficult.Before ejaculation, the male urethral gland will secrete a small amount of liquid containing sperm, and the prostate fluid also contains sperm. As long as the sperm vitality is sufficient, it is possible to hit it.

The ejaculation behavior caused by sexual excitement must be erected and hard. At this time, forcibly suspending sexual intercourse may cause the function of the ejaculation center of the human body and the lumbar dice.disease.

Thirdly, in addition to the "unsatisfactory" sexual physiology, it is difficult to satisfy, and the behavior of long -term external ejaculation may slowly cause men to have sexual weakness in men, causing premature ejaculation and impotence.

Kind tips

If the penis is not pulled out in time, it is recommended to take "emergency contraceptives" in a timely manner. In the absence of condoms, oral emergency contraceptives in time can be timely contraception to prevent pregnancy.

Contraceptive science

01 condom

Keep in mind: condoms are the best way to contraceptive!It is commonly known as condom, which is correctly used, with an effective rate of 98%. It is both effective and anti -sex disease. It is the first choice for those who have no fixed partner without marriage.

02 compound short -acting oral contraceptives

For 21 days in a row, just take it on time, the contraceptive effect is very good.For example, Mom Fulong, Da Ying 35, You Siming, etc.Contraceptive pills are contraceptive effects by inhibiting ovarian ovulation, thickening cervical mucus, interfering with endometrial development, changing tubal peristalsis, suppressing sperm, and suppressing or killing sperm.99%.

In addition to contraceptives, contraceptives can also cure diseases, such as acne, dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovary syndrome, highrogens, endometriosis, menstrual disorders, and blood.Use correctly under the guidance of a doctor, which is greater than disadvantages.

03 Internal Breitter

This is commonly known as the Sheung Wan. After putting the intrauterine health device (ring) into the uterine cavity, changing the internal environment of the uterine cavity, or slowly release the progesterone, which is not conducive to the embryo bed to achieve the purpose of contraception.The efficiency of Sheung Wan contraception is about 94-99%, which is suitable for those who have been born or have no fertility requirements within three or five years.

04 skin burial

The full name is subcutaneous buried contraception. It is a new type of contraceptive method. Put a certain dose of progesterone in the silicon capsule tube, and then bury this tube under the skin to slowly release a small amount of progesterone, thereby contraception to play contraceptioneffect.It can reach 99.9%, suitable for people who have had a fertility requirements for marriage or have no fertility within three years, especially suitable for lactating women, because they can both contraception and prevent breastfeeding.

05 Long -acting contraceptive needle

Need to be used under the guidance of a doctor.

06 Emergency contraceptives afterwards

For example, Yuting, Mi Niusterone, etc., emergency contraceptives can only be used as post -remedial measures, emergency contraceptives, not recommended as conventional methods. Only in the absence of protection, there is no choice.Contraception is always better than abortion.

07 Safety Term Turban Method

The safety period is suitable for women with special regular menstruation and accurate ovulation days, but there are still unexpected risks.Due to other factors, menstruation will be advanced or pushed back in advance; orgasm can also induce ovulation in the same room; and the longest sperm can survive in the vagina for 7 days. These reasons may lead to contraception failure.

08 sterilization surgery

It is commonly known as ligation. It can be tied with men and women. Surgery is simple, safe, permanent, irreversible, or it is not easy to get through.Suitable crowd: those who have no fertility requirements, have done N times, have severe physical illness and are not suitable for pregnancy.

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