She thought that the girlfriend she loved was very pure, but she was pregnant with others, and the man was determined to be in pain.

Chen Ling and I met at a friend’s party. At that time, she sat alone in the corner and brushed her mobile phone, looking uncharacteristic.

Seeing her expression was a bit sad, I sat next to her, so I didn’t introduce myself.

In fact, I am also a unreasonable person. I also like to sit alone in the corner. I am tired of those who talk about others.

Therefore, I also chose to sit in this corner.

My friend came to hand over the fruit, and I took one to help the woman. The woman glanced at me and said thank you gently.

Her voice was gentle, and she had a sweet smile when she spoke.

This is a woman with a story, with my guess.

Because I gave her the fruit, I met her and I started to communicate.

Chen Ling is not from Yongzhou, but from Shaoyang next door. She is studying in Yongzhou and then work in Yongzhou.

Later, she knew she was in love from her friend’s mouth, no wonder she was sad.

She has been with the boy for three years, and I don’t know why the two have conflicts.

Next, my friend organized a few times to play, and Chen Ling and I went.

Chen Ling and I have similar personalities, so they are the easiest to walk together.

I knew she was in love, so she teased her as much as possible.

Quietly, I have a good opinion of her, and I am very happy to see her laugh.

I made an appointment several times, and she did not refuse, but always kept me away.

I think this is a reaction that a serious girl should be.

I don’t believe in the love at first sight, and the two can hold hands on the two sides.

Feelings are like boiling frogs in warm water.

One weekend, I suddenly received a call from Chen Ling.

Listening to Chen Ling’s tone seemed to want to cry, I immediately arrived at the place she said. When I saw me, Chen Ling rushed to my arms and cried.

I don’t know what happened, just hugging her quietly.

Until her emotions slowly calmed down.

I asked her, what happened?

She didn’t answer.

She said that she wanted to drink and let me drink with her.

When we came to a restaurant, Chen Ling ordered a few dishes and asked for a box of beer. I wanted to stop it, but looking at her sad eyes, I was silent.

Isn’t it drunk?I accompany her!

So the two of you did a bottle of me and a bottle of land.

The sky gradually darled, a box of beer was gone, my tongue turned, and Chen Ling was also full of camel.

But he never said nothing, just drinking boring.

It seems that she doesn’t want to say anything in her heart.

Moreover, at this time she was not drunk, and a drunk person would say something in her heart.

After drinking the wine, I helped Chen Ling to send her back.

Chen Ling said that she didn’t want to go home.

So I opened a guest room in a nearby hotel.

Sending Chen Ling to the guest room, I turned my head and wanted to leave.

Chen Ling suddenly hugged me and said in a low voice, can you be my boyfriend?

My heart is shocked, isn’t this what I dream of?

But I didn’t show it. Chen Ling drank. At this time, who said is it impulsive?

I said to her, don’t use this to fool me, what you say is responsible.

She suddenly rushed into my arms and said that she was serious.

I was excited for a while.

Chen Ling kissed my face.

She said that I wanted me to guard her tonight, but couldn’t move her, saying that we hadn’t reached that point yet.

I understand, I put her into bed and let her sleep.

I sat on the bed and looked at the phone.

Until she fell asleep, I fell asleep on the bedside overnight.

When I woke up, maybe I saw that I slept on the bedside all night, and Chen Ling was very moved.

In this way, we officially became lovers.

We have been dating for several months and have been keeping the rules. I have always remembered what Chen Ling said.

I was good at her and took care of her meticulously. I think this is the most basic responsibility of a boyfriend to his girlfriend.

Three months later, Chen Ling told me that the company sent her to a business trip. We had to leave for a month. She asked me to take care of herself.

Her words were gentle and considerate, which moved me.

After Chen Ling went to a business trip, I wanted to video with her every day, but she refused, saying that she was busy and worked overtime at night.

I was helpless, so I had to let her take a good rest.

But I miss her in my heart, I can’t sleep in the middle of the night …

One month later, Chen Ling returned.

I thought she would be very embarrassed after a business trip because she was working overtime every night.

But when she saw her, she found that her face was rosy and seemed to be better than at home.

One month later, we went to the restaurant for dinner, and Chen Ling suddenly vomited without warning.

I was surprised and thought she had a cold, so I was going to the hospital.

But after she went to the bathroom, she came out again.

I insisted on going to the hospital. Chen Ling said that she went back to the clinic to take some medicine and took some medicine. I don’t have to go to the hospital.

After returning, I also asked Chen Ling if he went to the clinic to get medicine.

She replied that she had eaten.

On the morning of the second day, I called Chen Ling and asked her if it was fine?

Chen Ling said that it was better, but she said, and she spit it up again on the phone.

I was shocked. I asked Chen Ling to wait for me at home, and I took her to the hospital.

Chen Ling suddenly became panic. She said that she was going to work immediately, otherwise she would be late.

Now that she is going to work at 6:00, what is going on?

After get off work at noon, I rushed to Chen Ling’s company and asked her to take her to the hospital for an inspection in the afternoon.

But the company said that Chen Ling did not come to work.

I hurriedly called Chen Ling’s phone, but no one answered.

I’m in a hurry, where did Chen Ling go?The phone is not answered.

I went home unhappyly and met my colleagues on the road.

My colleague was unhappy and asked me what was going on, and I told him Chen Ling’s affairs.

The colleague suddenly laughed and said how I became an elm.

He told me that Chen Ling was a sign of pregnancy.

I was stunned, my friend continued, how about being a father, when will you prepare to run a happy wine?

Suddenly, my heart fell into the sea.

Just thinking, Chen Ling was really pregnant!

But Chen Ling and I have always been innocent. How can she get pregnant?

I dare not answer my colleagues anymore, saying that I am a bit uncomfortable, I leave first …

When I got home, I forced myself to calm down for a while, and then called Chen Ling, but her phone call was still unaware.

My head was stunned, and I felt weak, but I couldn’t sleep when I wanted to sleep.

In this way, I tossed on the bed overnight.

When it was about to be dazzling, I was drowsy.

In the hazy, my phone rang.

After answering the phone, it was Chen Ling’s voice, and her voice was weak.

She said she was in the hospital now.

When I heard that she was in the hospital, I got up at once, but when I thought she was in the hospital because of pregnancy, I sat back on the bed again …

In the end, I decided to go to the hospital. I want to know what’s going on.

When I came to the hospital, Chen Ling was wearing a sick suit and sat weakly on the bed.

Chen Lingqiang was in a spirit, and talked to me about the ins and outs of the matter.

On the first day when Chen Ling met with me, the friend meeting was when she was in conflict with her boyfriend, so she was in a bad mood.

Later, she was with me, but she still thought about the boy in her heart.

One day, Chen Ling knew from her classmate’s mouth to know that her boyfriend and another woman were getting better. She was jealous and immediately called the boy. However, she did not expect to be talked about by the boy.

Chen Ling collapsed in her heart, and she decided to retaliate against the boy, so she asked me to go out to drink and let me stay with her at the hotel …

From then on, Chen Ling was with me, but she really thought about the boy, so she had never let me touch it for a few months, and I still think that this is the quality of a serious girl.

In fact, as early as a year ago, Chen Ling broke through the last line of defense with the boy.

Later, Chen Ling said that the company sent her to a business trip. She went to a business trip, but the business trip was only half a month, and she went to find the boy in the other half.

The boy had a contradiction with the girlfriend of the post -friendship. Chen Ling felt that the opportunity was coming, so he took the initiative to come to the door.

I have never been known about Chen Ling’s things. It turned out that she had a business trip back to red, and it was because of the nourishment of the boy …

Later, Chen Ling had a dinner with me and had a pregnancy reaction. She called the boy as soon as possible, hoping that the boy knew that she was pregnant with his child and reconciled with him again.

I didn’t expect the boy to believe it. He also said that he did not know who the child was, and resolutely disagreed with Chen Ling.

He said that he and his girlfriend would get married immediately, which made Chen Ling die.

Chen Ling was distrambled. He didn’t expect the boy to miss his old feelings. He sent himself to the door and let him play with himself. He was pregnant. He didn’t even admit it.

So she ran to the hospital to kill her child.

That’s why I called that day. She was very panicked, and she was communicating with the boy at that time.

After being rejected by the boy, she went to the hospital.

I called several calls at the time, and she did not answer it because she was under operation.

After listening to Chen Ling’s all, my heart suddenly calmed down and unprecedented calm.

I only knew that Chen Ling and I had been in dating for a year, loved her for a year, and took care of her for a year. I did not expect that I was always a spare tire.

I am stupidly doing her boyfriend, but she went to date with another man …

I laughed at myself, and I was stupid, but I did n’t regret it. Fortunately, I did n’t do anything to Chen Ling. I did n’t feel guilty at all, and I did n’t feel how much Chen Ling was crying.

This is what I asked for, who can you blame the pain?

When Chen Ling saw that I was leaving, she was a little panicked. She struggled to climb out of bed, kneeling in front of me, and let me forgive her, saying that she knew it was wrong.

At this time, I looked at her eyes like a stranger. I glanced at her without talking, and slowly walked out of the door of the ward.

Behind me, Chen Ling made a crying sorrow.

In this way, I wasted for a year, loved a girl wrong, and worked as a spare tire for others …

And I also closed myself temporarily without contacting any women.

Until three years later, I finally met my true love and formed my own home. Chen Ling has never met again …

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