She was afraid to go to jail, so she went to the bar and found a man to get pregnant.

What about the girls with good -handed cards?In order to pay her debt, the family went bankrupt.

But some people, some people not only could not cherish their current ownership, but also smashed their good cards. What is more pitiful than boys is that girls with good family are on the way home.Is there a girl who has broken the good cards around, what happened to them later?

My husband has a cousin who has a loss of more than 500,000 yuan. Her family is not yet on. She is afraid that she will go to the bar and find a man to get pregnant.

When a girl in the village went to college, she fell in love with the male classmates in the same class.Until college graduated, he did not dare to confess. A person with a single love was depressed, and then mentally abnormal.When his brother got married, his brother became a family in his own place.While no one at home, he drank alone and then drank pesticide and committed suicide.When her parents came back, she fainted when she died.My aunt said that the girl was still her classmate.

I just want to say that there are such people from the beginning of reading, and they have despised them, but they are married, and the conditions are particularly good. The in -laws still treat her as a treasure. I really do n’t know why.

Although I smoke and drink and have a few fetuses, I am a good girl. I don’t know if you have heard of this.

Very real!I have done the front desk in the hotel.The hotels will go to the kind of girl who just leaves the school. Some girls have a chef, foreman or waiter for a long time, and then live or open a house. Those who are pregnant will go to the hospital for fetal fetus.Essence

Why do I have to smoke and drink and give birth. After a day of mixing with that result, I find a super rich marriage, and it is not the kind of old man. One move is a rich second -generation level. Nima, like us, like usThis kind of non -smoking or drinking Anan can only be speechless when you earn money to make money.

Knowing 2 female classmates with good relationships, they are at the same table, one who graduated from high school to graduate now, and has changed a lot of boyfriends. The other high school graduate university is with one man.Too much, happiness belongs to the latter girl, and the first girl is now …

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