She was unmarried by the man who was unmarried. Fortunately, the woman had a strong and dangerous marriage, but her relationship was cold.

There is a girl named Xiaomin in Liuyang, Hunan, 25 years old. At this age, she is already old in the countryside, because her peers have long been married and have children, and some children can make soy sauce.Therefore, Xiaomin’s parents were very anxious and arranged many blind date for Xiaomin, but Xiaomin did not have a look.Because Xiaomin is more beautiful, she also has 1.67 meters. She does not like men who are vulgar and not tasteful, and they don’t want to stay in the countryside for a lifetime with her parents like her parents for a lifetime.

A man introduced to her this time, graduated from university at the age of 33. She has a good income in work in other places, and she is handsome.

Xiaomin listened to the man’s situation and was very much looking forward to, and later arranged to be on a blind date in Xiaomin’s house.The moment I saw Mr. Luo, Xiaoshi felt that this was the white horse prince in his dream.And Mr. Luo also has a good opinion of Xiaomin. He looks beautiful and fashionable. The two quickly talked to the sky, dry firewood, and Qingqing I got up.

All of this was seen by Xiaomin’s mother. For the first time, she saw her daughter so interested in a man, and she also felt that Mr. Luo herself was good, so she looked at her husband.People have created the opportunity to get along alone.He forcibly left Mr. Luo to eat and spent the night. Because of drinking a few more glasses of wine, Mr. Luo fell asleep on Xiaomin’s bed.In this way, Xiaomin took care of Mr. Luo, who took care of drunk, and the two people naturally had a relationship.However, Mr. Luo promised to Chairman Mao that she would marry her as a wife.This is exactly what Xiaomin’s parents are asking for it. The old couple promised the family.

The next day, Mr. Luo took Xiaomin back to his home. Xiaomin’s face was shy, and Mr. Luo’s mother saw that Xiaomin was so beautiful and very satisfied.Doing housework, she also changed her to wait for her to wait for her.This made Xiaomin feel more married.So she lived at Mr. Luo’s house with peace of mind.This living is more than 40 days.

But never expected that on the 48th day, Xiaomin was kicked out by Mr. Luo’s mother.She was aggressive and didn’t know what she did wrong?When she returned home, she cried with her mother. Her mother was mad. Her daughter’s daughter gave Mr. Luo clearly. How could he discard it?What made Xiaomin collapse even more was that she went to the hospital for examination because she was uncomfortable, and she found that she was pregnant.Xiaomin felt that with a child, Mr. Luo must not be able to retire. However, he did not expect that the Luo family attitude resolutely asked her to kill the child. Mr. Luo also avoided herself.Xiaomin cried, and at the house of Mr. Luo, he didn’t leave, and he shocked the neighbors of the neighborhood.Everyone has accused Mr. Luo’s family too unknown to bully others.The reason for Mr. Luo’s remarriage is that Xiaomin is too sticky, and his personality and temper are very extreme. Because of the busy work, Mr. Luo will be angry as long as the news is slightly slower.With her, Mr. Luo was helpless. If Mr. Luo did not listen to her, she would make extreme moves.One cry, two troubles, and three ups and downs, and they will run to Mr. Luo’s unit to find the leader crying.In the end, Mr. Luo still married Xiaomin.

Xiaomin also realized that she was too emotional, and she promised Mr. Luo to make corrections.This incident was so shocked.

But the relationship between the two of them could not be returned.

Therefore, it is advised that girls in the world do not get married, and do not lose their bodies, otherwise they will be too passive. Once they are retired, they will have a dilemma.

We do n’t have to build it, but the masses have feudal vision. If you live with a man for several months without getting married, others will poke your spine.It’s better to do it!

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