Shengwa only takes 23 minutes?Expert reminder: Don’t be too happy to be too early

From the palace mouth to the fetus

Ms. Hu took only 23 minutes


Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University

Associate Professor Tan Jianping, Director of Maternity and Gynecology, reminded

Risk risk of emergency production

When a sign of delivery, go to the hospital in time

The total production process is less than 3 hours

It is an emergency!

October conceive, once gave birth.In the third trimester, many pregnant women will start to worry about childbirth, such as difficulty, smooth turn, postpartum bleeding, and so on.As everyone knows, compared to difficulty in giving birth, the "emergency production" with too fast childbirth will also cause many damage to pregnant women and fetuses, such as lacerations, infections, newborn fractures, neonatal intracranial hemorrhage, etc.alert.

Recently, the news of the first mother of Guangzhou on the flyover has made the phenomenon of "emergency production" attracting the public again.In film and television works and news reports, some pregnant women have gone through "unexpected" delivery.They suddenly experienced strong, rapid and difficult to restrain analgesic in the fields, the roadside, in the school dormitory, and even in the toilet. Then they "fluttered" and the child was born.

In this regard, Tan Jianping introduced, "From the beginning of the regular contraction to the delivery of fetal placenta, it is called the entire process of childbirth, that is, the total output process, if the total output process is less than 3 hours, it is an emergency production."

Textbooks should deal with "emergency production"

Medical medical treatment in time is the key!

Recently, the second mother Ms. Hu experienced a thrilling "fast baby".

At 9 o’clock on June 25, Ms. Hu suddenly had a large amount of vaginal fluid at home at 39 weeks of pregnancy. It was as difficult to suppress as it was flowing out. After 10 minutes, she had regular lower abdomen pain.At this time, Ms. Hu, who had experienced childbirth experience, realized that she had been in the basin, so she immediately went to the hospital for treatment.

An hour later, Ms. Hu arrived at Sun Yixian Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University. The obstetrician had a vulva in the emergency department and found that Gongkou had opened 3cm in large, so she immediately sent Ms. Hu into the delivery room.After she entered the delivery room, she lay directly on the birth bed and waited for delivery. She helped her to wash her hands, disinfect, laid towels, and prepared for delivery and newborns rescue.

At 11:26, Ms. Hu opened the mouth.

At 11:49, the fetus was delivered.

At 11:54, the placenta was delivered.

From the Lingya (regular contraction) to the palace opening, Ms. Hu only took 1 hour and 36 minutes, and the palace mouth was full until the fetus was delivered, and it took only 23 minutes.The total output process is less than 3 hours, and the diagnosis is urgent.

Fortunately, although Ms. Hu is an emergency production, she immediately moved to the hospital when she had a sign of birth. She did not delay time on the road, and fought for precious preparation time for obstetricians and midwives.As a result, she did not have adverse reactions such as severe perineal tear, postpartum bleeding, and infection of roughly produced maternal mothers.

Such pregnant women are prone to emergencies

Especially pay attention!

What kind of pregnant women are easy to give birth?Tan Jianping said that the incidence of emergency production is 5%-10%. Some pregnant women are high-risk groups of emergencies. Once they are giving birth, they are very likely to give birth quickly:

一 Maternal mothers who have been born once or many times, especially those who are too short from the last stage of childbirth;

< Pregnant women who are too young (<18 years old) or too old (> 40 years);

险 Pregnant women with high risk of premature birth and high risk of emergency production;

产 The fetus is too small, the check -ups are irregular, or pregnant women who are still engaged in physical labor in the third trimester;

"Pregnant women with a high risk of emergency production must pay special attention to their physical condition during the third trimester. Especially when the signs of labor, they should rush to the hospital in time." Tan Jianping suggested.

Transfer: Guangdong Hygiene Online

Source: Guangzhou News Radio Station

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