Shenzhen stray woman is inexplicably pregnant and knows nothing about her father, nearby residents: She sleeps every day

In order to pursue higher opportunities and development, young people in contemporary society have rushed to large cities, such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.However, these popular cities have also increased due to their popularity, competitive pressure and employment threshold, making some people without high education easily eliminated.

The news of the inexplicable pregnancy of the stray woman in Shenzhen attracted the attention of netizens on July 7.

The woman from Xingguo County, Jiangxi came to Shenzhen to work, and she was pregnant for five months, but she could not find her child’s biological father.After getting married locally, she divorced quickly and lost her home and work.

The wandering woman’s mental state was abnormal, and her thin body made her wandering on the street, and she looked poor.

The woman has been pregnant for five months, but she knows nothing about her child’s origin, and she doesn’t even know the process of pregnancy.After the divorce, she wandered, and the mental condition gradually deteriorated.

Nearby residents revealed that she often slept in the park and had no defense against people around her and was easily cheated.The quality of the tramps in the park is different, and some of them have not been educated and their moral concepts are lacking.

A kind netizens found the wandering woman and invited her to enter the store for a full meal.Although this is only a brief assistance, for this wandering woman, this meal may be the only meal in a few days.Netizens also voluntarily spread videos to help her find her loved ones and provide financial support.These kinds of good deeds have undoubtedly warmed the heart of this wandering woman.

The woman said that she had realized the importance of work when she was pregnant, but she was too hard to work at high salaries.She was unwilling to accept low salary because her salary was too low.Although nearby residents have given some short -term help, this does not solve her fundamental problems.

This incident has aroused the attention and reflection of the wanderer. We should pay more attention to disadvantaged groups and provide them with more help and guarantee.When dealing with similar incidents, it should be based on the two dimensions of law and human nature.

From a legal perspective, the inexplicable pregnancy of a stray woman in Shenzhen involves children’s fertility and monitoring rights.The law should clearly stipulate that how to protect children’s rights and interests under similar circumstances, and give relevant legal support.

At the same time, society should also strengthen the construction of assistance agencies and provide more benefits and shelter.For wanderers, it is crucial to provide stable residence and job opportunities.Government and society should strengthen their efforts, strengthen relevant policies and assistance measures, and provide better support and protection for stray people.

When dealing with this incident, we need to look at the situation of the wanderer with reason and sympathy.As a part of society, we should always maintain sympathy and kindness, and do not fall under the stones or ignore others.Only through the dual dimensions of law and humanity can we look at this incident more comprehensively, seek ways to solve problems, provide better support and protection for stray people, and achieve common progress and development of society.

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