Short hair should be cut, and confinement cannot be washed?Use a hair dryer to malformation?Pregnant mothers still wash their hair?

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How do pregnant mothers wash their hair?

Short -haired pregnant mothers: The hair is better to wash, and you can sit on a chair with a high degree of high level and bend the knee into 90 °.

Mother with long hair: It is best to sit on a back chair and ask the family to help rinse.

Before washing your hair, comb your hair.Comb on the tail, then combed from the root to the end of the hair.In this way, the hair can prevent the fork break from the external force, and it can also loosen the dust dandruff, which is more conducive to completely cleaning.

Bubbish first, then wash your hair.After wet hair, first rub the shampoo in the palm of your palm, and then rub it into your hair.Avoid pouring the shampoo directly on the hair and excessively irritate the scalp.

Finger massage.Massage can accelerate blood circulation and promote head growth.Do not use your nails to grab scalp, so that you ca n’t be washed cleaner, but also cause damage.

Rinse completely, use flowing water, rinse until there is no foam at all, and wash the shampoo residue.

How to choose shampoo during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers’ skin is very sensitive. In order to prevent stimulation of scalp and affect the baby, pregnant mothers should choose shampoos that are suitable for their hair quality and have a gentle nature.What brand of shampoo is used before pregnancy, if the hair quality does not change much due to the changes in hormones, it is best to continue to use it. Suddenly use other brands of shampoo, especially the brands that have never been used before, skin, skin, skin, skin, skin, skin, skin, skinIt may not be adapted or allergic.

Can pregnant mothers use a hair dryer?

At present, there are two main reasons for the use of hair dryers during pregnancy: asbestos fiber particles blowing from radiation and hair dryers can cause fetal malformations.The working principle of the hair dryer is to use heating wire to heat the air.When the electric heating wire inside the hair dryer starts working, the electromagnetic waves that radiate outward are infrared bands, which is infrared.

Infrared is non -ionizing radiation, which cannot cause atoms to ionize, cannot lead to cell mutation, and it is impossible to cause genetic mutation. So worry about one hundred pregnant mothers with radiation!

The asbestos fiber particles blowing from the hair dryer will cause the baby’s malformations to have no complete conclusion. It still needs to be verified. If the family has concerns about this, you can pay attention to the purchase of the hair dryer of the insulation of the heat insulation at the time of purchase.

Compared with whether the hair dryer is harmful, pregnant mothers and mothers who are sitting in confinement should pay more attention to: hair loss is easy to cause cold or headache!After taking a shower, especially after a hot bath, the blood circulation is accelerated, and the pores are diastable. At this time, if the cold wind is blowing, normal people are often prone to symptoms of shoulder pain, joint pain, headache, dizziness, and other symptoms, let alone it isWhat about mothers in the special period of pregnancy and postpartum?

So if you want to use a hair dryer, after a period of rest, after the body temperature is stable, the hair dryer will be slowly.

If you don’t want to use a hair dryer, it is best to use other tools such as dry hats, dry towels to dry your hair.

Can I wash my hair in confinement?

It is a fallacy without shampooing or bathing. It is not only unhygienic, but also inflammation of the scalp.After gardening, the sweat glands are secreted and sweaty, coupled with the continuous discharge and milk secretion. If it is not cleaned in time, it will emit an unpleasant smell, which makes the mother uncomfortable, the mental state is not good, and the accumulated bacteria may cause triggersVarious diseases.

Washing your hair during confinement, you need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Master time.Mothers who give birth naturally can start washing their hair a week after giving birth. Moms in cesarean section can start washing their hair around 2 weeks after delivery.There is no clear rule at this time, mainly due to personality, seeing the physical recovery after birth, the healing of the knife mouth, whether it can bend over and so on.

2. After washing, immediately dry the water on your hair and pay attention to keep your head warm. Do not sleep immediately after washing your hair.

3. Adjust the temperature.Before washing, adjust the indoor temperature. The temperature is better to feel the warmth of the room. The water temperature is controlled at about 38-42 ° C.

4. Generally speaking, the hair is oily after giving birth, and it is easy to lose hair. Do not use too exciting shampoos.

5. After washing your hair, pay attention. Whether it is air -conditioning, the cold wind of the fan, or the hot wind in winter, you must not blow directly to the mother, and it is easy to cause cold and cold to cause a cold.

What should I do if I have serious postpartum hair loss?

1. Avoid too tight hairstyles.Tighten your hair and make styles, which will increase hair loss.Choose loose hairstyles to reduce the pressure of the scalp and avoid scalp damage.

2. Use wide -toothed comb.If the combing teeth are too tight, you may strain your hair.This pull can lead to more severe hair loss.

3. Try to be as soft as possible when combing your hair.

4. Avoid frequent hair.Using any heating tools will cause damage to your hair and make hair loss more serious.Try to avoid using any device, such as a hair dryer or curly.

5. When cleaning your hair, you should try to use natural shampoo and skin care products to reduce the stimulation of hair and scalp chemical products.

6. Be sure to keep your mood comfortable and avoid mental tension, because nervousness can only increase the degree of hair loss.

7, should strengthen nutrition, not picky food, partial eclipse and taboo.Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, animal protein, seafood, beans, eggs, etc. to meet the needs of hair and body for nutrition.

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