Should expectant mothers replenish folic acid before preparing for pregnancy?How to supplement folic acid is the best

Folic acid is also called vitamin B9, which was originally extracted from spinach leaves.Many folk recipes say that folic acid has a great impact on pregnancy, and it is rumored that the expectant mothers who consume a certain amount of folic acid daily during pregnancy can be pregnant with twins in one fell swoop, but in fact, this statement is incorrect.

According to accurate research, the dose of folic acid intake is strict and clear, and excessive intake of folic acid may lead to infertility.However, there are still many expectant mothers who are trying to try their twins during the preparation of pregnancy, trying to try insurance, trying this dangerous folk remedy, which affects conception.

However, this does not mean that expectant mothers do not need to consume folic acid.Folic acid is very important for the human body. It is an important participant in many important substances and protein synthesis.Moreover, the human body cannot synthesize folic acid independently, and can only be obtained from the outside world.

Drug supplement is not advocated, and the medicine is three -point poison, and because in daily life, it is difficult for everyone to directly estimate how much folic acid has been consumed and controlled within the range of 0.4 mg. Therefore, it is recommended that food supplementsFolic acid.If food can not be supplemented with folic acid, you can choose a folic acid agent to supplement.

There are two types of folic acid on the market, one is 5 mg of folic acid agent per tablet, and the other is a small dosage pharmaceutical agent of 0.4 mg per tablet.Pregnant women only need to take small dosage types, and one piece is enough every day.But the exception is that women who have given birth to neural tube defects should go to the hospital to listen to the doctor’s opinions, and add the amount of folic acid in accordance with the doctor’s advice until twelve weeks after pregnancy.

Commonly are the following categories: vegetables, fruits, animal foods, beans, plants, nuts, etc.Specific lettuce, spinach, animal liver, kidney, soybeans, soybean products, barley, rice bran, wheat germ, brown rice, orange, strawberry, cherry, etc.During this period, we should pay attention to the balance of nutrition. While supplementing folic acid, it can also supplement other vitamins, creating a good physical fitness for the baby’s advent.

Many people think that during pregnancy, only quasi -mothers need to supplement enough nutrition and supplement folic acid, but in fact, for prospective father, folic acid supplement is also important.Because folic acid is also an important substance that improves sperm quality in addition to preventing the birth of malformed fetuses to a certain extent.

When the folic acid in the prospective father is insufficient, the concentration of semen in his body decreases, and the ability of sperm activity will also decrease to a certain extent. Although the amount of men’s eating is generally greater than that of women, this situation rarely occurs, but in order to avoid this occurredThe situation makes the chance of conception reduced, and men are best prepared to make a certain amount of folic acid intake.

At present, science has proven that folic acid is also very important for men. It has even announced that men’s daily diet standards have been announced. One of them must ensure that adult men consume more than 0.4 mg of folic acid daily.

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