Should I take the initiative to leave when I am pregnant?

When I got home from get off work, I saw this scene on the bus:

A prospective mother wrist with a rice box, standing next to the window in the middle of the car, grasping the guardrail next to the window tightly with both hands, and the body was shaking with the vehicle, which looked really heartbroken.

However, there are many people on the bus, and they are crowded. Even if someone wants to make the seats, it is not helpful. Fortunately, the people around the expectant mother should be kept away from her.

Compared to the kindness of everyone on the bus, the behavior of the people met by this expectant mother from Changsha made the heart chill.

I said you ** Do you believe it?

Say you are a two -handed letter or not?

Your head is ******


The above words are what Manager Zhu of Changsha’s "Dr. Face" medical beauty institution said to his subordinates of 8 months of pregnancy.

Not to mention the passage of the matter, this is very angry, and it makes people angry.

Looking at it, the company first forced her to resign on the grounds that Ms. Fan was pregnant and did not meet the standards.

However, Ms. Fan took out the record that her performance records confirmed that she did not slack her work.

The company then moved her out of the work group late at night, and said that she was leaking the company’s secrets and was warned by the company.

Ms. Fan couldn’t bear to complain. After the media intervened, the person in charge of the company denied it and said that the manager Zhu was joking.

The company’s behavior is really shameless, but such a phenomenon in the present society is not an example.

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As a woman, when I go to the company for interviews, I will always be asked some questions about marriage and child.

I have to say that the thoughts of "the male lead, the female lead" in China have still affected us since ancient times.

Even if you are born in a society that advocates "equality between men and women", it will inevitably be subject to some discrimination in society.

So, which one is more important to work or family?

For ordinary families, we both are important.

Because if you do n’t work, it ’s really uncomfortable to reach out to ask your family for money.

If you only work, ignore your family, and ignore your child’s companionship, then it may cause a series of family problems such as unhappy life, children’s character development unhealthy, and so on.

For the sake of life, for the family, let the baby have to grab the handrail in one hand and protect their children on the subway and bus to the company.

Hope that society can give them some warmth, because only they can nurture our future!

The following is a complete thing I read, and immediately jumped up from the bed, turned out all the books on the law at home, and inquired about some of our country’s protection laws for female employees.

Article 29 of the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that employers cannot unilaterally terminate the labor contract with female employees during pregnancy, delivery, and lactation.Only one year after giving birth can we terminate the labor contract with the female employees, except for female employees to lift the labor contract.

Article 61 of the Labor Law of the People’s Republic of China stipulates that it is not allowed to arrange for female employees to engage in labor and labor in the third level of physical labor during pregnancy and labor during pregnancy.For female employees who are more than 7 months pregnant, they must not arrange their working hours and night shifts.

Article 8, paragraph 1 of the Special Regulations for Women’s Workers’ Labor Protection stipulates that the maternity leave of female employees is ninety days, of which fifteen days of prenatal leave.If it is difficult to give birth, increase maternity leave for fifteen days.For many breds, a baby is given to a baby for fifteen days.

Article 10 of the "Provisions on the Health Care of Women’s Workers" stipulates that "7 months of pregnancy shall be given to rest or appropriately reduce work.

The "Regulations on the Scope of Female Workers’ Taboo Works" also stipulate the scope of labor for the taboos of female employees who are waiting for pregnant women. Female employees who are married to pregnant pregnant women shall not engage in operational venues such as lead, mercury, benzene, cadmium, and other operations.The third to the fourth level of the standard.The "Regulations for Healthcare of Female Workers" For female employees who have more than two times of natural abortion and have no children, they are required to temporarily leave out of operations that may directly or indirectly lead to miscarriage.

Finally, I hope that every girl will be gently waiting!

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