Shovel officer class: How to supplement nutrition for female cats during pregnancy?

Today I will take you to see what the female cat should pay attention to during pregnancy.Let’s first popularize some common sense. Cats are generally produced in two months of pregnancy, not in the saying goes: Cat Three Dogs!Generally, 60 days later, premature births before 60 days, and some cats may take about 65 days to produce. Most of the cats are about 60-63 days.

After the female cat adults, the estrus is very frequent. If you don’t want it to have a baby, you must sterilize this morning, because the estrus is annoying, and the estrus is not good for the female cat.Do not mate it for the first time. Generally, you should consider production problems after one or one and a half years old.

For female cats who are already pregnant, supplementing nutrition is the most important. If you add too much, you will be nutritious, causing the cat’s mother to obese and dysentery.It can be seen that the most important thing to supplement nutrition is to master this amount!

(Pet cat puppet cat)

Mother cats need to supplement during pregnancy: vitamins, calcium, protein, etc., then we can consume from common foods such as eggs (cooked), fish (cooked), chicken (cooked)Get in vitamin tablets, cans, and milk powder.

Do not feed the cat mother during pregnancy, be sure to pass the doctor’s consent!The shoveling officer should not be too nervous, relax, and wait for the cat’s mother to produce with peace of mind. If the cat mother is a kitten and the cat father is a big cat, he will have a cesarean section as much as possible, otherwise it may cause death.

(Pet cat puppet cat)

This is a puppet cat during pregnancy. Is it like wearing a skirt at a glance? In fact, it is its belly ~

I have to say that even if the puppet cat is pregnant, it is invincible and cute, so amazing, it is indeed a "fairy cat"!

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