Sichuan mentally retarded mother and daughter were sexually assaulted by her 13 -year -old daughter to be pregnant, and the 84 -year -old is a suspect

A pair of mothers and daughters in Lianghe Town, neighboring Shuixian County, Guang’an City, Sichuan Province, became the prey of many elderly men that year, and encountered multiple assaults.This brutal fact was revealed that the 13 -year -old daughter was found to be pregnant for more than 5 months. The local police conducted a DNA investigation on adult men in the town.Essence

The girl’s aunt Zhou Chunrong was distressed about this and had been running in many ways, asking for severe punishment for the murderer.The elderly man Wang Xiqing was suspected of rape and was arrested and returned to the case for a month.On March 5 this year, the case was transferred to the neighboring Shuxian Procuratorate for review and prosecution. It is currently waiting for the trial of neighboring Shuxian County Court.

"The court was originally set in June, but it was postponed twice." Zhou Chunrong said.

Zhou Chunrong has worked in Dongguan, Guangdong for many years.One day in mid -June 2019, she received a call from relatives from her hometown: her niece Zhou Feng (pseudonym) was raped and she had been pregnant for a few months.

At this time, Zhou Feng just took a few days in the summer vacation.Zhou Feng was discovered by the careful acquaintances in the town, and he began to think that she was gaining weight. Later, the incident attracted the attention of a doctor in the Town Health Center of Lianghe Town. He judged that the child might be pregnant.

For medical examination, 13 -year -old Zhou Feng was found to have been pregnant for more than 5 months.This is not small, and someone immediately called the police to investigate the suspect.Zhou Chunrong also rushed back to Lianghe Town, neighboring Shuixian from Dongguan.

After Zhou Feng was found to be pregnant, he had an induction of labor at the neighboring people’s hospital on July 9, 2019, and gave birth to a dead baby girl the next night.Forensic doctors take the right palm of the tire to make DNA identification.

Subsequently, the police launched an investigation to do DNA identification of adult men in the town at home.A staff member of the local town government said that at least hundreds of people were drawn, and no matter how old they were, they were screened with big data.

What surprised everyone was that the results of the investigation showed that an old man became a criminal suspect.Wang Xiqing, a native of Wushu Village, Lianghe Town, lived in the town with his son. He was born in December 1935. He was 84 years old at the time of the crime.

On September 6, 2019, Wang Xiqing was detained for suspected rape. He was arrested by the prosecution on the 18th of the same month. He was monitored and lived on October 18, 2019.

The indictment said that since February 2019, Wang Xiqing has repeatedly had sexual relationships with her and caused her pregnancy to know that Zhou Feng had mental disorders.On July 2, 2019, after being identified by the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of neighboring Shuixian County, the victim Zhou Feng Palace lived in a single child with a size of about 20+ weeks.

After being identified by the Health Security Bureau of the Guang’an Public Security Bureau, Wang Xiqing and Zhou Feng were the father and mother of the individual biology of the fetus submitted by Zhou Feng.

After being identified by the Chongqing Mental Health Center, Zhou Feng’s mental development is delayed (medium), and the non -sexual defense ability.

Zhou Chunrong said that Zhou Feng’s father Zhou Mouping suffered from meningitis when he was a child, leading to low intelligence and blurred language expression. Later, he married Wang Moumei, who was 14 years old in the same village, who had the same intelligence.Zhou Feng was born in October 2005.

"My brother and brother and my daughter -in -law are low intelligence, and I can’t maintain the children at all. Zhou Feng took me to my mother -in -law’s house in Yongzhou, Hunan." Zhou Chunrong said that she did not send it back to her parents until Zhou Feng was 3 years old.Grandma took it, "It’s okay when I was around me. When I grew up, I found that the child had mental disorders."

Unfortunately, her sister, one year younger than Zhou Feng, also has mental disorders and has schizophrenia. She began to live in a psychiatric hospital in Wusheng County, Wusheng County, Guang’an in August 2019.

Zhou Chunrong said that with his parents died in 2005 and 2009, his brother’s life was extremely difficult and difficult to take care of themselves.

The relevant person in charge of the local town government said that Zhou Feng’s family was a poor household in the establishment of a file, and a family of 4 ate a minimum living.

Lianghe Town is located in the eastern foot of Causeway in Shuxian County. It took two hours to drive the mountains in the county seat in the past. It took two hours to take a two -hour drive. It was only shortened to 20 minutes after the Shanghai -Rong Expressway was opened to traffic at the end of 2008.The town has 10 administrative villages, with a total population of more than 11,000 people, and more than 90 % of the agricultural population. It is a typical agricultural town.

The person in charge of the Township Government of Lianghe Town told the news KNEWS reporter: "Our local economy is backward, and every village has dozens of singles. The young people have been working in foreign workers for many years, and the elderly left in the village and the town are all old people.And kid. "

Some insiders in the town said that before many times, Wang Xiqing used small things such as candy to seduce Zhou Feng’s mother and daughter to his house. "We didn’t expect that he was so old and actually did such a thing."

"Zhou Feng’s mother’s intelligence, others can have sex with her five cents; Zhou Feng was raped, and it was satisfied with a pack of spicy bars." Zhou Chunrong said with tears. Three or four years ago, Zhou Feng had Zhou FengRumors of mother and daughter were sexually assaulted, "Women’s Director in the village at the end of 2018 also reminded me that the niece is coming to menstruation and should bring her with her, otherwise something will happen. I work for a long time for survival. How can I have this energy to manage it?"

Wang Xiqing’s son is the deputy director of the five -stock village committee of Lianghe Town.He claimed that his father’s behavior made his descendants very flicker. He never thought that he did it.

Wang Xiqing raped Zhou Feng, in fact, there is still the same case -Liao Xueqing.He was also an old man over the age of 80. After the incident, he was detained with Wang, and later inspected that he was put on home with AIDS.The first month of this year has died.

Wang Shuangxi, the old branch of Shiban Village, Lianghe Town, told the news Knews reporter: "We are very worried about Zhou Feng being infected with HIV, and he took her to the hospital twice.

During the police investigating the Zhou Feng rape incident, another elderly man born in 1938 was summoned to investigate as a major crime suspect and was summoned to the public security organs.After the case, the facts of the public security organs have not yet mastered the fact that the mother Wang Moumei, who has not yet mastered her mother, has not yet mastered the fact that Wang Moumei.

On September 6, 2019, Dai Mingjun and Wang Xiqing were detained by the Water County Public Security Bureau on the same day.On the 30th of the same month, he was arrested for mandatory obscenity.On October 31, 2019, the Court of Water County Court opened the trial of the case.

Neighborhood Shuixian People’s Procuratorate accused: On the day of April 2019, one day in the lunar calendar in June 2019, and one day in August 2019, Dai Ming was all outside the No. 11 House No. 11 of Shiban Village, Lianghe Township, Shuixian County.At a sinking field by the weir pond, Wang Moumei, a villager of the same villager Wang, who was crossing the road, stopped for compulsory obscenity.After being identified by the Chongqing Mental Health Center, the victim Wang Moumei suffered from mental development (severe), and was not asexual defense during the incident.

On October 31, 2019, the neighboring water county court ruled that Dai Ming was criminal and sentenced to one year and six months in prison.At present, the 82 -year -old Dai Ming is serving his sentence in prison.

Zhou Feng’s school is at the doorstep.Wang Shuangxi said that after the summer vacation of Zhou Feng’s induction of labor, the school no longer accepted her. "Murakami went to the school to negotiate many times. The school just did not allow it to study. The reason is that Zhou Feng’s mental illness affects the normal teaching order of the school."

Since then, Zhou Feng has been walking around with her mother in the town.

Zhou Feng’s medical records showed that after the induction of labor, her words and deeds were disordered, crying and laughing, and touched her lower abdomen and said "children, children", and said that Wang Xiqing had to kill her; often fighting with her mother, injury on her face, goodI hurt again.He was sent to an outpatient treatment of a local psychiatric hospital. Two days after taking the doctor opened by the doctor, Zhou Feng twitched, the neck was rigid, and it was not in response.Sleep is extremely poor.

On June 19, 2020, Zhou Feng was sent to Wu Sheng Ankang Hospital for hospitalization. This is a psychiatric hospital.

"After the sexual assault incident of intellectual disabilities, our official attaches great importance to it, and there is no indulgence or shelter. In addition to actively cooperating with the police to handle the case, it also conducts psychological guidance of Zhou Feng and sent to the medical treatment in time.We also have headaches and no solution. Except for the bottom of the minimum insurance policy, other social security has no financial resources, and there is no welfare home in the town. "The person in charge of the two river towns in Shuixian County said.

The person in charge also said that the urgent charge at the moment is to do a good job of the treatment and disability identification work in order to provide policy support in accordance with relevant national regulations."The next step will be considered to install a camera at the door of her house, and the responsible staff patrols during the day to protect the sisters safely in and out."

Further reading:

Sexual assault refers to the victim

Threat, power, violence, money, or sweet words

Lure and coerce others with sexual relationships with them

Or sexual assault caused by sexual harm to the victims, including obscenity, rape, media prostitution, etc.

Forcing others to watch yellow images and videos, sexual harassment, etc. The criteria for judging the judgment of sexual assault by sexual assault are contact with sexual organs.

Sexual assault minors, from heavy punishment

But even the relationship between men and women, even the relationship between husband and wife

Violation of the wishes of the other party forced sexual relationships

The same constitutes rape

Reserve evidence and remember these 10 points (lawyer’s suggestion)

The evidence of sexual assault is difficult to retain and it is easy to disappear. Once unfortunately, you must remember the following 10 points:

(1) Use the recording and video recording function of smartphones to recording and recording as much as possible when being sexually assaulted.

(2) Keep clothes that are torny when being sexually assaulted, especially underwear and underwear, which may have sexual assault body fluids and DNA on it.

(3) Take a video in time and leave the scars left on the body when being sexually assaulted.

(4) Monitoring video: If it is a public place, pay attention to whether there are monitoring at the scene or nearby, and the alarm requires the sealing and retrieved videos (the monitoring of first -tier and second -tier cities is basically overwritten).

(5) Witness testimony: Witnesses at the time of the incident (must record the identity information and contact information of witness witnesses); knowledgeable colleagues, friends, teachers, etc.Witnesses can prove the efforts of the victim to stop sexual harassment and the impact of sexual assault on the victims); other victims who have encountered sexual harassment of the perpetrator; after sexual harassment, detailed records, place, characters, clothes, behavior, etc.;Keep a communication record that talks to friends after sexual assault.

(6) Employment of sexual assaults and audiovisual information: Some sexual assaults will harass the victim through voice, mail, and information beforehand. This kind of chat history, recording, video, email (victimIt is best to show resolute opposition) or physical evidence must be retained.

(7) The documentary and audiovisual information of sexual assaults afterwards: sexual assault is mostly between acquaintances, often knowing the facts of self -awareness, afterwards to cover the facts of sexual assault through soothing, or prepare for long -term sexual assault.Therefore, it is necessary to retain the information sent by sexual assaults to the victim afterwards, and preserve evidence of sexual assaults to recognize sexual harassment, such as guarantee, recording, video, chat history, etc.

(8) Some sexual assaults will give the victims or property in order to cover the facts.If the victim accepts gifts, although the facts of being sexually assaulted cannot be changed, it will cause difficulties to file the case.So do not accept any gift from the violence after being sexually assaulted.

(9) Records from relevant departments for help: For example, the records from the public security, women’s federations, employers, schools, public welfare institutions and other departments.

(10) Evidence of the degree of mental damage: psychiatric outpatient medical records, diagnostic certificates, medical invoices, psychological counseling records (must explain the facts of sexual assault when asking for helpCause and effect of invasion and mental damage).

Source: Comprehensive to see the News People’s Daily Online

Process editor: TF019

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