Simple 2 steps to determine whether you are pregnant, when you find these performances, it means that you may be pregnant

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Yesterday, a fan was particularly cute, and asked me privately: How do you know if you are pregnant?I thought in my heart that she must be "stupid" as soon as she was pregnant.

Why is it just pregnant? First of all, you have to count in your heart, based on whether you are preparing for pregnancy, and then combined with the situation of the aunt, you can make preliminary judgments. Then use the test strip to test, and finally go to the hospital to go to the hospitalBlood test confirmation.

Because I have a plan to prepare for pregnancy. Before preparing for pregnancy, I took Chinese medicine for a month, and then the doctor told me that I could ask for it. I did my homework in the past few days of ovulation during the month.God, I bought the test strip and tested it, and found that it was a shallow "two bars".

The next day I went to the hospital to take blood test, but the progesterone was only 7 o’clock. After three days, the blood was tested once. The progesterone was still only 8 o’clock, but the HCG doubled.Then until more than 7 weeks to do a B -ultrasound and have fetal hearts. Due to the serious reaction of early pregnancy, I did not check it in the next few weeks.

Goodnight: Usually menstrual periods are particularly accurate, two days in advance each month, that time is not coming, and the test really has.

Dream chasing: I was sleeping at 9 o’clock in the morning. I suddenly vomited for a while, vomited three times, and frightened. Later, I doubted the test paper.After all, the captain of the middle, later believed [cover your face] [cover your face] [cover your face].

Bear bears: Suddenly acne, and chest pain, I feel that I have to test it.

It shouldn’t be taken seriously: I was sleepy, I always wanted to sleep, and I went to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening. I was very sleepy during the period before I did n’t sleep in the middle of the night. My aunt was tested for more than ten days late and was checked in six weeks.

Who is not a flower: I hurt my teeth, and I can’t sleep that kind of night.

Cat MM: 6 days ago, aunt, suddenly dreamed of dreaming of the little baby. She felt that it was hit.

Kitty: I have a special holiday on time. On time on time, I came on time. I came very little, and I always felt that I was wrong. I was curious about buying a pregnancy test stick and fainting.

Many women have been pregnant for several months to find out that in fact, if you pay attention to observation, there are many various pregnancy signals that appear early in early pregnancy, and it is obvious. There are mainly these:

1. Men stop menstruation

Menalizing menstruation is the most direct way of judgment, especially women with menstruation. If the day of the aunt who should come, the aunt does not come as appointment. It is likely to be pregnant.It is still very high, if "two bars" are displayed, then go to the hospital to draw blood to confirm.

2. Early pregnancy reaction (symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy)

Some women who have a big heart may not be found after pregnancy, but after an early pregnancy response, it seems that it seems that it is not right. When the test is, it is really "upgraded."

After pregnancy, most women will have different degrees of early pregnancy reactions, but they may not be nausea. It may also be dizziness, headache, special sleepy, uncomfortable stomach, which is similar to the aunt (even as the last netizen above.There are a small amount of bleeding or brown secretions), breast pain on both sides, darkens of areolas, no appetite, frequent urination, fear of cold, always love acne, the skin becomes rough, emotional becomes sad.

These are common symptoms of early pregnancy, but they may be different from different women’s performance. Some people are sleepy, and some people have no appetite and vomiting.Of course, some women may have toothache (women with oral diseases themselves, and they are uncommon."Is it pregnant?"

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