Sister Kardashian pierced through the perspective clothing showed that her belly was as big as she was, her husband leaned over the pregnant belly, and the surprise officer Xuanzan was controversial

On June 18, local time, Caitne Kardashian shared several photos on social media, and for the first time, he presented his already very large -scale pregnant belly."Due to the blessings and arrangements of Heaven, I am full of gratitude and joy," the 44 -year -old sister Kardashian wrote like this next to the photo.

After thousands of hardships, Cateni was pregnant with the child of the two people’s first love crystallization with her husband Travis Buck.

Kotney and his ex -boyfriend Skate Diccic have three children, two sons and a daughter.There are two children over there, both of which are adults, and he also maintains a good "father and daughter" relationship with his ex -wife and his daughter.

Perhaps it is to make the pregnant belly more eye -catching. Cobetne in the picture deliberately put on a conjoined jacket with perspective fabrics and paired with low -waist leather pants.

The real -life actress has not announced the specific month of the fetal treasure, but from the perspective of the big belly, it has been 5 or 6 months. Obviously, she has been preparing to get pregnant secretly beforeeffect.But it is estimated that her family should all know, but Cotti created a scene that did not even know her pregnancy …

Catney was a "official announcement" during the concert as a drummer of the Blink-182 band.

At that time, standing on the audience, she suddenly raised a huge cardboard that wrote "Travis, I’m pregnant". At the same time, she was also excited to "go up and down".Pregnant women are still very dexterous.

Compared to Catney’s hand dance, other people including her daughter Peerlop and niece northwest northwest, they look calm and seem to be difficult to understand why she was so excited.

Travis originally knocked on the drum on the stage. When he noticed the cardboard on the stage, he stepped down the stage with a surprise face and kissed Kokutney.Before that, he didn’t know that his wife was pregnant at all.

At that time, some people suspected the "surprise official announcement" shown by Cotty. In fact, it was a show. "Tel Avis lived with her. How could I not know that she was pregnant?" Someone said so.

And this time Kutney showed his pregnancy to the fullest, and further confirmed the guess of netizens about showing shows.It’s. "

Not only did netizens put forward evidence of showing shows, but even Travis’s ex -wife Shanna Moakler also implied that Cotti was just "acting."

Sana posted on social media and said, "I already know for a few weeks. This is not new news for me." But it didn’t take long for her to delete her post. It seemed that it was better to cooperate with the current husband’s current.

The 48 -year -old Sana was the champion of the American "Miss New York" beauty contest. When she was young, her appearance was also remarkable. She and Travis had two children and two children.Daughter has a good relationship with Travis.

Sana has always been not particularly satisfied with the relationship between her ex -husband and the elder sister Kardashian, but she can’t show too much jealousy. She can only include sour.

But in any case, Cotty can be able to conceive himself and Travis’s children as well as the "test tubes" and other methods that have experienced several times and other methods.

She also showed a photo of Travis leaning and kissing her pregnant belly, and this photo was released on the day of Father’s Day, which is even more meaningful.

With two sister Kim Kardashian and Kohler Kardashian, they both chose to help the children who helped them through other women. Cobetney has always insisted on breeding the next generation by himself.

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