Sisters are easy to marry. Three years later, my sister killed her pregnant sister and wanted to occupy the nest!2006 Hunan love killing case


Louzhong County, northwest of Hunan, there is a Tujia cottage named Lihua Mo.The village is beautiful, but the villagers are very poor.The poorer here, the less you are accustomed to sending your children to study. In the end, you will be poor and poor. Generally, children who study in elementary schools will have a book.The two daughters of the whole middle of the field are very different. His sister Tian Xiaoyan, sister Tian Xiaoyan, and both sisters love to read books, and have achieved superior grades. From elementary school to middle school, they are among the best.Tian Quan’s middle -aged man was killed, and he became a father and mother. He finally pulled the two children.He thought that the child had good talents and had the fate of reading. Even if he was exhausted, he was willing.However, when Xiaoyan passed the critical moment of high school, Tian Quanzhong had a car accident.

One day in 1995, some of the souvenirs that had been collected in the whole middle of the middle were sold to the bazaar far away from home, and tuition fees for the college entrance examination for their daughters.He was lucky, and it happened to be more than 200 yuan at a time.He returned home by car.Who knew that the car to Ma Jiayu’s rush was bent, and his passenger car collided with a rushing truck.Both were miserable. There were more than 30 passengers on the bus, and 5 died, one of which was Tianquan.

Xiaoyan and her sister Xiao Yan heard the news crying, and with the help of the neighbors and right, I sent Tian Quanzhong to the mountain.Since then, the sister Tian’s sister who loves reading has lost her backing and can no longer go to school. The bitter sisters have to depend on each other and use the young body to support the upcoming home.On the eve of this year, the sisters were on their backs of specialty products to change the new year.After the collection, Xiaoyan found that he and his sister’s hair were messy, so he decided to find a haircut for haircuts.

The barber shop was opened by a young man named Afu. He opened the situation with his ancestral haircut technology, especially with a hard work with a good hand.When he was hairdressing, he found that the little sister was naive and lively and cute, so he talked with them. From the conversation, he learned that the sister of Tian’s sisters was unfortunately sympathetic.He thought, isn’t it a pity that the two girls are so thirsty for knowledge?At that time, my grandfather did good deeds, and so far it was a beautiful talk.

As soon as Xiaoyan’s brain was brightened, a pair of glittering eyes looked at him: "Aren’t you happy to take us?"

"I am an adult, you are a child, how can you want you?" Afu was serious.

With a sound of "Biao", the sensible Tian’s sister kneeled in front of Afu, thanks in the same way: "Please be worshiped by the benefactor."

Afu hurriedly lifted them up and said gratefully, "I only talk about not acting.

Xiaoyan said, "I believe Brother Miao talked."

After repeated discussions, Xiaoyan intends to stay at home and work in junior high school to make her sister Xiaoyan.Xiaoyan thinks that her sister’s words also make sense. Although the family is broken, after all, there is a family property left by her father and mother, but she is worried that her sister is still young. How can she be independent?

Xiaoyan said: "The poor children’s shoulders, sister, you can only read books with peace of mind, I will arrange things at home."

Abu on the side also comforted: "Little geese, I will take care of Xiaoyan, you can rest assured to read, you will call my elder brother in the future!"

Xiaoyan was studying in high school, and Xiaoyan guarded his house. Although it was easy to say, it was not easy to do. Every link must be carefully arranged.Afu first found a support for Xiaoyan.Her neighbor Shi, Shi, is Afu’s aunt’s aunt.Afu pleaded with her, cared for Xiaoyan, and said that Xiaoyan was too young to be tender seedlings.Shi Po is a kind Miao family. She is very sympathetic to the tragedy of the Tian family. Her daughter -in -law is outside, and she just needs to be a companion who needs to be a companion.

Since then, Afu’s burden has 800 pounds.From the high school from the small geese, all her fees and the zero fees of Xiaoyan were borne by him.Afu’s name is rich, but it is not rich.

Afu’s parents died early. After graduating from junior high school, they rely on the opening of the store and brought three apprentices. In addition to eating, the net profit was only a few hundred yuan per month.At the age of 28, he was still a bachelor. His friends repeatedly mentioned his relatives. He considers that the family is temporarily thin and declined one by one.Now the obligation to bear the tuition of Xiao Yan is unable to take care of his marriage.

The temple is old monk. Besides, Xiaoyan will love you when it becomes an intellectual? "

Afu didn’t think so much at all. He made this self -sacrifice alone from a chivalry.A little bit of people communicated with his love nerves.I have also had fantasies, but they were all passing out, and complained of myself: "Who am I, how can I mistake her youth?"

Since the little geese studying in high school, Sister Tian has changed his mouth to call Afu "Afu Brother".Xiaoyan was originally talented and smart. Now he relies on Afu to pay money to study, gratitude, and work harder. Each period is excellent students.Coupled with good looks and mild temperament, it has become the main goal of boys.But she always warns herself that she must concentrate on reading. Do not distract, win glory for her parents, and honor Afu Ge.

Time 荏苒.In the past, high school semester passed. In 1998, Xiaoyan was admitted to the university with excellent grades. According to her wishes, he was assigned to Zhongshan Medical University to study in facial features.

In the end, it is a woman’s carefulness, and naturally I have some thoughts. Abu Ge always gives me the obligation to read. What does he draw?I have to go to college for five years. How much should I spend? Will he be willing?One morning before enrollment, Xiao Yan came to Afu’s house in spring, and said to him with a tentative tone: "Afu brother, it takes five years to study in college. How much do you have to spend?Bar!

"Afu was asked by her sudden words," Is anyone saying right and wrong in front of you?"


"Is my brother neglecting you?"



"It’s not why, I should consider it myself. I have spent a lot of money for a few years and spent money again.

Afu saw that she had no intention and relieved, and said to her, "As long as you are willing to study, my brother is willing to give you a foreign study abroad."

As soon as Xiao Yan was filled with a jar of honey, he returned home and told his sister what happened just now.Xiaoyan criticized her: "Sister, why are you not assured of Afu, my brother is so good to you and our family, we can’t have a little different thoughts!"

This night, the girl who opened the love sinus always couldn’t figure it out. Why did he spend money to let me read without compensation for me?If he intentionally, why is it expressionless?Xiao Yan was insomnia for the first time.When dawn, she thought again, would Afu Brother ask me to love?Although he is twice as older than me, he is smart and loyal to others. There are also men’s Hanqi. Maybe we have a destiny in the past.Thinking of his eyebrows here, what should he do if he doesn’t accept my love?The more she thought about it, the more fun.

Afu did not look at Xiao Yan carefully on the day. When the two sat at each other this time, he suddenly realized that she had become a big beauty.The slightly ellipse face, shiny as stars, is in a mature and plump figure, all emotional.He thought that if he can become a dependent, it will be the ancestors!

After Xiao Yan said goodbye to Afu’s tears, the two often wrote constantly.Afu was 100 times more spiritual, and would rather remit the banknotes in exchange for the money from sweat without using money.Xiaoyan seemed to feel that all adjectives in the dictionary could not express their gratitude to Afu.I often dreamed of late at night, miss Xiaoyan sister and Afu brother, and finally looked forward to returning from the winter vacation.

Probably Xiaoyan opened his horizons in the open Guangzhou City. He had a lot of knowledge, obviously more changes than before.Men and women are generous and passionate, making Abu unacceptable for a while, but he still thinks that this is a concrete manifestation of his brothers and sisters.

A full moon night before the Spring Festival in 1999, Xiao Yan asked Afu to accompany her to a walk by the river.The river water becomes more beautiful in the moonlight, and the scales are shining.Xiaoyan suddenly pointed at Hao Yue and said to him, "Afu, you see how bright the moon is."

Afu said, "The moon is the hometown!"

"Brother, when did you marry a sister -in -law."

"I haven’t thought so yet."

"If there is a woman Phoenix, what do you plan to do?"

"I am a haircut, unless that woman blinds."

"How about my eyes?"

"what do you mean?"

Xiaoyan grabbed his shoulder with both hands: "Brother, do you want to be your wife?"

Afu was at a loss for a while, and quickly pushed her hand: "Stupid child, you are crazy, how are you nonsense!"

"No, I’m not crazy, nor nonsense, I must marry you, we will get married after I graduate."

"No, my good sister, you are really a child who is not sensible, this is impossible."

"Why is it impossible?"

"Of course impossible, I am half of you, and people will say that I will save you to want you to be a wife."

"I want me to be a wife."

The grasshopper is wrapped in the feet of heron, and you must not get rid of it.Xiaoyan drilled into Afu’s arms, and she hung his neck with both hands, and couldn’t help but say, "Everything my belongs to you!" Afu accepted her love in a disappointment.Xiaoyan also vowed that after graduating, he returned to this county and had a good family life and had a child for him.

Although Xiaoyan was two years younger than Xiaoyan, she also entered adolescence. She had already seen the clue of her sister’s behavior. Not only did she not have a sense of evil, but she felt that this was the best compensation for her sister to treat the benefactor.

In the spring of the following year, Xiao Yan was going to enter the school. Afu gave her the early cash and bought her two fashionable clothing. She sent her to the county to take a train, and she was in tears.But this time crying is not the separation of brothers and sisters.

When they met like this, it was difficult to spend four and a half spring and autumn when they met. In 2003, the year when Xiao Yan graduated, the situation between them suddenly changed.He believed that he had changed to her, and now he changes three or five. Xiao Yan believes the words in him like a cup of boiled water.

Ling Xiaoyan discovered this secret, and said to Afu, "Brother, sister is afraid to change his heart?"

Afu said, "Don’t guess, she is in the graduation exam, and she is busy looking for allocation, and her energy is put on those. I know."

Afu’s mouth said that, of course, there are some ideas in her heart. The girl who has always been enthusiastic and unrestrained suddenly becomes indifferent and lonely.There must be an inner factor in this. Is it that I treat her or she is regretted?impossible.She had vowed four years ago, and she had been doing her promise.Afu is indeed a man. He did not take these at all. He was preparing to buy a house in the city and continued to contact her.

Just as he was eager to have another honey with Xiao Yan, he received a long letter from her.The letter wrote: … You sacrifice yourself to save our sisters, and give me a study hard. This kind of kindness is difficult for ordinary people to do. Therefore, I treat you as my brother.Your feelings for me are purely a brotherhood. When I go to work and flood you, I must double compensation…. Last year, I returned to the train from home, and I met a man named Abbe. He was from the city of Guangzhou and his parents were in Hong Kong.He has been stocking and has become a large model. Now he has at least 100 million yuan. His interpersonal relationships are good, and he has a large magical power. Through his activities, I have found a job in a large hospital in the urban area.He loved me almost crazy.I live in his house every Saturday and Sunday.Tell you straightforward, my relationship with this Abbe is actually just not going through the marriage formalities …

Seeing this, Afu can no longer stand up.He did not believe that the letter was written by Xiao Yan himself, but considering her handwriting carefully, it must be definitely her.He picked up the letter to let Xiaoyan look.Xiaoyan lost it before watching it.Xiaoyan persuaded Afu to ask him to be stronger, just when she died.

On the same day, she wrote a letter to Xiaoyan.Xiaoyan immediately wrote a letter to Afu, and said in the letter, "Afu Brother: Tell you a good news that is exciting, my sister Xiaoyan wrote to me and said, she fell in love with you, she must marry you, she must marry youGive you, compensate for me to owe your love debt. I think you are a natural pair, I fully agree with your marriage. You may have concerns, afraid that age difference is too big. I think age is not the main condition for marriage,You need to know that love is not limited by age. Haha, my sister has become a sister -in -law, it is really interesting, it is not good to call me. But it doesn’t matter, I can call them each other, please marry her boldly!You are happy, grow old with white heads. "

This letter made Afu dare not show Xiaoyan, fearing to hurt her pure heart.In fact, Xiaoyan also received a letter from Xiaoyan after this letter. She said nothing in the letter, only two things: one is Xiao Yan’s criticism of her, she accepts it with an open mind, just blame herThe marriage with Afu’s previous life; the other is that what she wants to say was given to Afu, and she asked her to see the letter.

Afuben didn’t want to show Xiaoyan, Xiaoyan insisted on watching, and he had to give up.Who knows that Xiaoyan not only did not get angry, but said, "Sister, sister, I really thank you!"

Afu was puzzled.Xiaoyan said without concealment: "This is called a sister to marry!"

"this is too scary."

"What are terrible, the world is big, there is nothing." Xiaoyan turned his face and lit a pair of eyes: "Afu, do you think I am not as beautiful as my sister? Is it not as high as her?"

"You guessed it wrong, I mean, we are about two generations!"

"How many generations are you and my sister?"

Xiaoyan’s eyes are scorching, "Do you love me, do you love me?"

"Love, one hundred and twenty love. Just …"

"What is it?"

"My relationship with your sister …"

"You are so stupid, you love her, she abandons you, what is this feelings? I said this is ruthless."

Among the ancient Tujia wooden houses, Xiaoyan depended on each other with Afu, a flower season woman, and a middle -aged man, so he booked for life.On June 18, 2003, in this simple housing, the two held the first journey of life in life and started the first journey of life.

As the saying goes: Don’t be too happy when you are proud, don’t be too sad when you are frustrated.Afu and Xiaoyan were husband and wife, but he always couldn’t forget the happy moments when Xiao Yan got along with him. Sometimes when he was with Xiaoyan, he said in front of her.Xiaoyan was not jealous. He thought that Afu was a emotional man. The more he ironed him with a hundred times gentle feelings, letting him relieve him from the infatuated fan network and cheer up spirit.At the suggestion of Xiaoyan, in October 2004, he entered the county seat to run the first beauty hair shop in the city.Because Afu himself has a strong hairdressing skill and the mind of running a business, and asking for advice from books and asking people, the shop flag has won, and it is favored by customers and wealth.

Just as Afu and Xiaoyan’s career was booming, Xiaoyan and her husband Abbe in the abyss.This is something that Xiaoyan dreams of dreaming.It turned out that Abe was not the owner of the stock market, but a authentic wanted criminal. There were three or four demon women around him. He also played casually for could have planned a good career, listened to Abe’s words, gave up his job, and became his lover.The good times did not last long. The two ghosts were not confused for a year. Abbe was arrested by the public security organs and embarked on the broken side.Xiaoyan was also detained for half a month.

In March 2006, he lost his little geese and had to return to his hometown.At this time, Afu had become a small and famous boss.

One evening, Afu and Xiaoyan were chatting with a smile.Suddenly, a person broke outside the door, "fluttering", kneeling in front of Afu.Afu hurriedly lifted her up, but it was Xiaoyan.Xiaoyan cried her loudly.Xiaoyan regretted and added, and said, "I’m not a person, not worthy of being your sister, you hit me and scold me!"

Xiaoyan said: "The past thing is not beneficial. From now on, it is not allowed to mention it again."

Xiao Yanguo really has research on beauty, and her five senses medicine majors are exactly sent to use.Since then, Afu Beauty Store has added icing on the cake.Xiaoyan was holding a big belly, and it was not convenient to walk. She was in a half -rest state at home.

Xiao Yan and Afu did not expect that the little geese at this time was no longer a little geese a decade ago.A sinful conspiracy was struck them.

When Xiaoyan returned, and witnessed the happy life of Xiaoyan and Afu, and her own wealth, her jealousy and resentment burned. She felt that all this should have belonged to her.Happiness and her wealth, a vicious plan produced in her heart: let her sister die unexpectedly and become a hostess herself!

At around 6 pm on July 13, 2006, Xiaoyan claimed that the child had to walk more before birth, so she accompanied her sister to take a walk by the river.The sisters talked and laughed while talking, when they walked to a place, Xiao Yan fiercely pushed the sister who couldn’t water into the river that could not be watery … Poor, drowned Xiaoyan distance.The due date is less than 20 days!

Skynet is restored, sparse but not leaking!Even though Xiao Yan thought that his plan was seamless, he couldn’t escape the eyes of the investigators.At 3 pm on July 15, Xiaoyan explained all his crimes.

In December 2006, Xiao Yan was sentenced to death by the court for intentional homicide.

Before the death penalty, Xiao Yan tasted the warmth and coldness of the world in prison. It was extremely painful.

Desire is part of human nature. People are the entities of desire. People like to satisfy their desires.In the nature of many people, there may be desire to be the most important person, which is also the deepest motivation in life.People of any era want to know their future. This is an irresistible temptation. When satisfying, they feel happy. If they do not satisfy, they feel painful.Beyond the objective limit of the individual of life, and to the endless development, it violates the naturalness and will be confused and sad. The desire of excessive expansion of human nature will not be curbed, and it will end up.

(Due to understandable reasons, the names in the text are pseudonym)

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