Sisters who are preparing for marriage, pregnancy, and pregnancy are quickly seen!Explanation of one at one time #讲 …

National benefits: Maternity insurance reimbursement, allowance babysitter -level strategy to make it clear at one time.

Help!Why does no one clear the fertility benefits at one time?After watching this video, I do n’t say that it will save you at least thousands of thousands of thousands of thousands.The previous video received the blessings and concerns of many younger sisters. In this issue, I will not give you some dry goods. I will bring you from three aspects: free marriage checkup, pregnancy examination, community and hospitals, and maternity insurance.The nanny -level saving money -saving welfare tutorial, especially the sisters of Guangzhou can basically be copied directly, there may be individual differences in other areas, but most of the benefits are the same.

· First of all, prepare for a certificate and the sisters who are preparing for pregnancy and the just pregnant, you can enjoy the health examination of free pre -marital and pre -pregnancy. Here are 28 items such as eugenics health examination, physical examination, rubella virus LGG antibody measurement, thalassemia measurement, gynecological ultrasound.I used to do the rubella virus examination at my own expense because I didn’t know.Why did no one like me appeared at the time and told me this kind of one -stop.

It is very simple to enjoy the conditions. As an example, in Guangzhou as an example, as long as one or both parties are in Guangzhou’s household registration (error) or as long as there is a residence permit, it is possible to make an appointment to register and get married to three months of pregnancy.It should be noted here that single mothers can also enjoy these benefits.

The next step is to confirm the free birth checkup after pregnancy. At this time, the doctor will also remind us to go to the community hospital to do some free production inspection items, that is, the so -called Jianxiao Card to receive the mother and child health manual.This is also what the designated hospital needs to be used later, and it is also for community hospitals to better care for the health of pregnant mothers and babies.

The free blood drawing items in community hospitals include: blood routine, blood type, urine routine, liver and kidney, syphilis serum study test, hepatitis B and a half, AIDS, syphilis liver merit, and kidney skills.If you have done a project or pregnancy, you will not open the order again.The hospital also has a free birth check -in. This seems to be some of the projects in each hospital. Like my hospital, the two parties are horizontal NT, Early Tang, and second -level ultrasound. These inspections must be 1K.

· Another pregnant mother found that there are abnormal sheep wearing subsidy volumes in the free early Tang screening. I was a little abnormal in the middle of the Tang Dynasty, and then the non -invasive of 1500 did not pay at my own expense.My friends in Shenzhen also have some regions in some areas that their non -invasive side is free, so there will be some differences in local benefits.

· Finally, let’s talk about very important maternity insurance.

→ After twelve weeks of pregnancy, you can purchase a fixed -point of maternity insurance to purchase the medical insurance for medical insurance. The unemployed person who receives unemployment insurance benefits can be handled.You can enjoy maternity insurance benefits from the next month of Guangzhou, but you must keep normal insurance during the treatment period. You can enjoy the reimbursement ratio of different quotas after the maternity insurance is fixed -point. Each hospital is different.

For my designated provincial medicine, the total amount of reimbursement of the production inspection is 1,88. Basically, there is no need to pay too much on the production inspection under normal circumstances, and even the registration fee can be reimbursed.It should be noted here that if you want to take the reimbursement process, you must take the birth insurance ID instead of the original medical insurance ID.I have been mixed here, and I have to go to the artificial window to handle it.These are the experiences I summarized at the stage of sprinting from pregnancy to the current sprint stage.At first I was also dizzy by the poor information.

It is recommended that you pay more attention to the online information of the local social security bureau or call to understand. Those who do not understand can also consult the hospital in time.I will produce it right away, because the production costs differently, so the reimbursement quota is also different.After that, employee medical insurance can also apply for maternity allowances, and there is a difference between the total amount of subsidy allowances. Those specific information wait for me to go through the process and give you a detailed output.

What other sisters can be q, everyone helps each other.

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