Six female stars smoke all

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Who is the old smoke gun in the entertainment industry?Is there a goddess who loves smoking?

Smoking is harmful to health, but many people still like to release pressure in the way of smoking, especially in the entertainment industry.Many actresses in the entertainment industry have the habit of smoking. Most actresses smoke are skilled. Let ’s take stock of the entertainment industry who love smoking.Let’s see if you have your goddess?

Ni Ping.As the veteran of the host world, Ni Ping was photographed in public places to smoke. In the picture, Mr. Ni Ping smoked skillfully. A lady was very domineering in the corner of her mouth.It is estimated that sometimes it is too stressful to learn to smoke.

In many people’s hearts, the queen played by Qin Lan is as gentle as Bai Yueguang.But I didn’t expect it. It turned out that she would smoke, and her posture was quite skilled. Talking and laughing with her friends looked good.Qin Lan usually happens to be an elegant and dignified girl. She always whispered, but she didn’t expect that she was so elegant to even smoke!

Because Chen He’s divorce incident bears the fame, Zhang Zixuan was also shaped a good image for appearing in the movie "Hurry That Year". What he did not expect was that when the relationship between the two was exposed, the photos of Zhang Zixuan were also exposed, of whichOne, Zhang Zixuan showed people with a smoking image, and it was really unexpected as the two people in the past.

As early as 2008, Yang Ying was photographed and said that she was determined to quit smoking. Today, it seems that quitting smoking has not yet succeeded.Many people think that she does this is irresponsible to the small sponge. After all, the child is relatively small, and the adult smoking has a certain impact on the child.Faced with such various vomiting, Yang Ying did not make a statement.Compared with ordinary people, the pressure of the stars will indeed be much greater. It has endured the expectations of too many people and has also been responsible for too many responsibilities.

Faye Wong.Faye Wong also has the habit of smoking. It is reported that Faye Wong has a history of smoking for 20 years. She has smoked and drinking during pregnancy.Dou Jingtong is also very unique, and the young smoking tattoo is indispensable. The pose of this smoking is probably learned from Faye Wong.

Chen Qiaoen’s image has always been a good girl, but this photo revealed that she is also a "old smoke gun" fact. The smoking expression is very comfortable. It seems that there are a lot of smoking on weekdays!

Although it is said that the entertainment industry is stressful, there are many ways to decompress. It does not necessarily have to ignite that smoke to reduce pressure ~ Smoking is harmful to health. I hope that smoking people can quit smoking as soon as possible for their own health!

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