Six0 -year -old men’s belly is as big as pregnant!Doctor: More than April

Whether men can conceive in October, I believe many people can give the answer, but there have been such a bridge in the ancient novel "Journey to the West".When the four teachers and apprentices passed through the daughter’s country, after the monk and apprentice of the Tang Dynasty drank a few scoop water, they were as big as drums and were pregnant with their children.A sixty -year -old man in Heilongjiang is thin, but his belly is high and protruding forward.

The patient’s stomach did not hurt. Later, I found that I couldn’t hold my pants a little bit, and went out.At present, men are unlikely to be pregnant!What is hidden in the man’s belly?

Li Zhengtian, deputy chief physician of the Harbin Medical University First Hospital of Tumor Mirror Surgery, made a three -dimensional reconstruction for the patient. You can see that the entire tumor occupies most of the abdominal and pelvic cavity.The ureter on both sides and the iliac blood vessels in the rear, the bladder below is oppressed, and the intestinal membrane vascular compression is also serious.The man’s belly is a huge tumor.The man described that it was four months from touching the block with a block to the pants.It wasn’t until the action of sitting and lying gradually obstacled that he went to the First Hospital of Harbin Medical University.

Li Zhengtian, deputy chief physician of the Harbin Medical University First Hospital of Tumor Mirror Surgery, oppressed his ureter, causing renal water, including compression of the bladder, and there will be some emergencies, including compression of the intestinal tract, and there will be incompetent obstruction.It is also relatively late. A fully free free of surgery is mainly to protect the protection of other organs and try to avoid some side damage.

After nearly 3 hours of surgery, the medical team took out this huge tumor.After measurement, the diameter of the tumor after removal exceeds 30 cm and weighs 9 catties, and it has exceeded the weight of a full -moon newborn.

Li Zhengtian, deputy chief physician of the Tumor Mirror Surgery of Harbin Medical University, Li Zhengtian’s abdominal mass. We can find it through the abdomen and abdominal examination. Self -examination can be touched. In addition, there are some pain and foreign body feel.It is a soft block that goes back again when lying flat. It is under the abdomen, sometimes under the skin, sometimes in the abdominal cavity, some need instruments to judge, and professional doctors need to see.During surgery, rapid pathology shows that this tumor is spidal cell tumor.The diagnosis is also required for further testing for the pathology department to clarify the nature of the tumor.

Li Zhengtian said that the reason why the patient came to seek medical treatment was so late was to worry about the infection of the new crown virus.The doctor reminded that he should go to the hospital for treatment in time to find that he is abnormal to avoid delaying the condition.

News Ye Airlines Reporter: Zhuang Xi, Zhang Ao, Liu Bing

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