Sixteen years later, the "strap girl" on the Nujiang River returned to Dashan

In a period of video materials in 2007, Yu Yan was known for everyone because of a video of "Flying Learning" on the Nu River and was known as the "Slap Girl".

Ten years have passed, and the beast girls have grown up.Last year, after graduating from Kunming Medical University, Yu Yan chose to return to his hometown to find employment and became a medical worker at Nujiangzhou People’s Hospital.

Walking out of the mountains and returning to Dashan, what made her make a youthful choice to return home and let us walk into her life together.

Childhood hanging on the target

Yu Yanzheng’s childhood was spent on a thread

Start with her memory

People in the village cross the river with a beast

Hang the pulley on the target

Then tie the nylon rope to the waist and thigh

If it is a little doll, you need to put a special rope around the neck

"Little doll’s waist has no strength

If you don’t tie your neck

Easy to turn around."

Almost every household in Maji Township has five or six rivers crossing the river.

8 -year -old Yu Yan just started from the first grade

She needs to go to the mountain road to go down the mountain first

With the help of the rope carried by you

Sitting on a school to the school on the other side of Nujiang

"The water flow below is very anxious, and every time I cross the river, I am nervous

I dare not look down at all "

Go to school in the morning and go home in the evening

Yu Yan just overcome the fear

I have persisted in this "road" for nearly 2 years

Yu Yanzhe took the tools of crossing the river

One day in 2007

A media interview to Maji Township

Yu Yan just wore a pink top with a schoolbag and a sketch to cross the river alone

It happened to be photographed by the media

This photo is quickly spread across the country

Multiple media follow -up reports

Many people are touched and donated to help repair the bridge

In March 2008, there was the first love bridge in the village

Yu Yan was invited to cross the bridge

The first time she saw the bridge, she moved because of her nervousness

"I was nervous and excited at the time, and I was very curious

Finally, I walked over by being supported by others. "

This spring

Yu Yanzhi’s life has embarked on another way

Yu Yan just came to Jiang’s photo

From Dashan to university

In 2008, she was taken to Beijing by lovers to play in Beijing

The first time I saw the wonderful world outside Nujiang

Before that

The farthest place she has been to the countryside is the village

Take her uncle and aunt to tell her

"This world is so vast

Be sure to read well

You can come out and play by yourself in the future "

Yu Yan just listened to this sentence

"This is like a bright lamp on the original dark road

Life is no longer so bitter

So I work harder to learn "

Yu Yanzhi’s heart

Planting a seed of hope

In 2008, Yu Yan just went to Beijing.The photo was remade in 2014.(Photo confession in the respondent)

Due to the failure of the primary school in high school

Her Chinese and English obviously can’t keep up with others

In order to improve the results

She ran to the library every weekend to see various abstracts

She also met a particularly good English teacher

Teachers will make up for students with weak backgrounds

"My family is very difficult

Many caring people do not ask for returns

Fund me to read and encourage me to not give up. "

These goodwill have been remembered by her in the bottom of her heart

It also inspired her to double hard at learning


Yu Yan has a good score of 568 points in the Graduate Entrance Examination

When filling in volunteer

She did not hesitate to choose medical -related majors

"Insufficient medical resources in your hometown

I have always been my dream for medical work. "

Learn to have a "swallow" back to hometown

As the first college student in the village

She has always dreamed that she can contribute to her hometown

"Many enthusiastic people help me get out of Dashan

I have been determined since then

Be sure to study hard and give back to your hometown in the future "

June 2022

At the age of 23, she was from Kunming Medical University

Graduated from the Second Clinical Medical College

Choose back to your hometown to become a medical staff

Relying on solid professional knowledge

Yu Yanzhang was successfully accepted by Nujiangzhou People’s Hospital

Today, she is the youngest medical worker in the hospital inspection department

Sample test, blood collection for patients …

The work you have to face every day is more complicated

Although I have not participated in work for a long time

But in the eyes of colleagues, the younger generation can already be alone

"You give me a beam of light, I still use a lamp"

Many netizens have favored the beast girl Yu Yanzhe

Zhi En Tu Bao, give back to your hometown of choice and pay tribute to your hometown

Yu Yan just expressed her gratitude to the concern of the harvest of the way to gain all the way

"I have met too many people who have been‘ lamps ’on the road of growth

Only constantly working hard

In order to give back these goodwill "

Today, the local beast used to cross the river has been replaced by bridges

Wide -wide road repair

The beautiful buildings are built

Yu Yan just said

"In the future

I want to witness more changes "

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