Sleep expert tells you: These dreams are the most common during pregnancy. Learn the meaning of them

If you are pregnant, then you may want to sleep as much as possible before the newborn comes.Sleeping during pregnancy can help you recover from the pressure of your body during the day and let your body enter a better state.

However, if you have experienced some unusual and vivid dreams, then don’t panic, because whether it is early pregnancy, mid -term or late stages, dreaming is a very common phenomenon.

The world -renowned sleep expert Joey Richards studied why we dream more during pregnancy and the five most common themes for dreaming during pregnancy.

If you wake up in your dreams, you are more likely to remember a dream, and you wake up more because of morning vomiting, back pain, and need to go to the toilet. Therefore, dreams will be much more vivid during pregnancy.

Your dream is also due to changes in hormones and physical changes, and the pressure and anxiety you experienced during pregnancy.

1. Dreaming of water

Whether you are pregnant or not, dreaming of water is very common, but when you really conceive your child, these dreams may be more vivid and will have different meanings according to what you do.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the concepts of rain, rivers and oceans often appear, and floods and huge waves are often the themes of the last three months.Rain is the symbol of purification, which means a new beginning and new life, and the flood often represents the beginning of your water breaking and childbirth.

2. Dreaming of having children

Once you find that you are pregnant, the idea of childbirth will always linger in your mind, especially when you are pregnant for the first time, you don’t know what will happen next.This may mean all kinds of things: the real excitement of the baby’s arrival and the anxiety of problems on the day of birth, or you can’t control the arrival of your baby at all.

Some women dream of giving birth to small animals.This may look a bit strange, but this is very common.This shows that pregnant women are preparing for the upcoming responsibility.

3. Dreaming of travel

Dreaming of travel may be a signal that you are about to start a long life journey, although the way you dream of travel may be diverse.

If you dream of driving around, this may indicate that your intention is to maintain a career while raising your child.However, if you dream of traveling by plane, then this shows that you have considered how to raise your child.

4. Dreaming of forgetting your child

If you dream that you forget your child somewhere, then don’t panic, because this pregnant early, middle and late stages will dream, it is a common dream.Forget your child shows that you don’t feel that you have enough responsibility to bring your child to this world.But don’t worry -every new mother will feel the same. When the baby is born, she will naturally adapt.

5. Dreaming of being trapped

Dreaming of being trapped, whether in your house, in the local stores, or on a island, may be a sign of two different things.The first idea is that this shows that the baby is trapped in the uterus and cannot escape.However, the second idea means that the mother will no longer be as independent as before.

Mom, have you ever had such a dream?

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