Smart woman, do not tell her husband’s two "secrets", to leave the way for herself

Balzart said:

"At the beginning, you said that we and I are good friends, better than good friends. But now, where are you?"

This sentence shows that the relationship between people is very fragile. Except for affection, other relationships are not worthy of scrutiny.

Unless you meet a person who can be born with you, you can become iron buddies with you for a lifetime, otherwise in most cases, people will focus on their own interests.

"The husband and wife are the same forest birds, and the difficulties are flying."

There are also some secrets between husband and wife. Especially after women marry people, do not tell your husband’s important things to your husband, and leave a way to do whatever you do.

Smart women will not tell their husbands about these two private affairs of the mother, because this is her own way.


Grandma’s scandal

Every family has a difficult scripture, and there will be some unknown things in each family, more or less.

So after a woman is married, don’t tell some scandals in the mother’s family to their husbands.

For example, the people in the mother’s family hit someone, or the people in the mother’s family owed the money of others, or the people in the mother’s family were actually selfish. In this case …

Women are born to complain, so they will also tell your husband’s husband in your husband.On the surface, it seems to be complaining. In fact, men will make different views on you, which may be unfavorable to women.

My mother is such a person who will say something in our house in our house to the fullest. I also say that when I was a kid, I was looked down on the people at home.Buy it, often say in front of my father.

When my mother was just married, the people in the family were very good to the mother, but because the mother often said that she was not loved by the people in her mother’s house in her mother’s house, and the food was not good, so in the later mother’s housePeople are not good for their mother.

I remember it was very clear: my mother said that the things in the house were gone, and I had to buy something to eat. At this time, my grandma immediately refuted it. Grandma said that when she was in her mother’s houseThe family can’t endure hardships. What is the reason?

Because the mother often complained in the mother -in -law’s house, the mother’s house was not good, so the attitude of the people in the mother -in -law’s family later was the same as those in the mother and mother’s house, so the mother’s life lived very miserable.

Sometimes I sympathize with my mother, but sometimes I feel that my mother is not worthy of sympathy, because these are all found by myself. I have a good life. I have to say bad things about people in my mother’s family.

As a result, I couldn’t stand the seeing in my mother -in -law’s house. The clothes I wore were tattered, and they were not good at eating. They had to be scolded all day. In fact, they all looked for themselves.

If the people in the mother -in -law know that you are a little princess in the old home, then the mother’s family is your strongest backing. The people in the mother -in -law dare not bully you.


Mother’s deposit

Long Yingtai said:

"Money" can give strangers who have passed, but "time" only gives people who are warm and beloved.

If there are some deposits in the mother’s family, then these must know how to keep their mouths like a bottle.

After some women are married, their elbows turn out and always share their money in their home with their mother -in -law, or father -in -law or husband.

After reading a lot of news, after these women are sick, their husbands don’t want to treat women anymore, because her husband feels that he has spent money to treat women, and in the end, he may have a good fortune, so the husband thinks that women can die.It’s right.

In fact, sometimes people in the bird’s family still love their daughter. Even if this daughter is not very good in her eyes, even if she usually has some beating and scolding this woman, when the woman’s body is sufferedAt that time, the people in the mother’s family would still pay some money for women.

So women must not tell men that there is a deposit in her mother’s house, because if you encounter some difficulties in your mother’s house, you may borrow money from your mother’s house.It is tantamount to your mother -in -law’s money in your mother’s house.

You must know that at any time, the maid’s family is your strongest backing. Do not put things in the mother’s house in the mother -in -law’s house.

Of course, after you go to your wife’s house, you need to know how to create wealth in your mother -in -law’s house, but you must not send things from your mother’s house to your mother’s house.

A few years ago, a husband and wife of Nanjing met one thing. The wife had a serious illness, so she let it go.

At that time, it seemed very loving. I didn’t expect that after a year, the man was looking for someone else to marry, and the daughter of his ex -wife was transferred on the household registration, so his ex -wife’s daughter was not herself.

So women must be better to your family, because the mother -in -law does not know what to do.

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