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Original title: As you wish | Sheng!Song Minghao’s wish to his wife to give birth has also been realized: hot duck neck umbilical cord blood

"I tell you Mr. Fool, you call Miss I stupid. Our WeChat avatar must be the most correct CP in the world …" This is a letter entitled "You Go, I don’t Send You", and it is also a one.The first poems were dedicated to the 38 -week nurse’s wife and aid Hubei husband.

The husband in the poem is the aid of Wuhan nurse Song Minghao at the emergency department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shandong First Medical University, and his wife is Zhang Xiaoning, a nurse of the digestive nurse of the same hospital.

On February 27th, after hearing the Qilu Evening News · Qilu’s "As You Wish" event, Song Minghao, who was far away in Wuhan, wanted to let the upcoming wife eat her favorite spicy duck neck, and to be about to be about to be about to be about to be about to be aboutThe arrival baby stores an umbilical cord blood.

With this wish, on February 28, Qilu Evening News and Qilu Yiyi reporter and the staff of the umbilical blood storage in Shandong Province came to the Second Affiliated Hospital of Shandong First Medical University in Tai’an to send the spicy duck neck and free to Zhang XiaoningUmbilical cord blood storage.At 18:12 that day, Zhang Xiaoning gave birth to a child smoothly, and his mother and child were safe.

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Husband who assisted Wuhan, wanted his wife to eat spicy duck neck

On the morning of February 28th, Zhang Xiaoning, who had been pregnant for 40 weeks+6 days, went through the hospitalization procedure with the company’s head of the head of the emergency department, and signed the umbilical cord blood with the help of Ma Yan, a staff member of the cord blood bank in Shandong Province,Agreement, "I originally wanted to save my child a cord blood. This time the cord blood storage stored for us for free, which was so excited." Zhang Xiaoning said.After the signing, Zhang Xiaoning started a relevant inspection."It has exceeded the expected date of 6 days, and I have never moved." Zhang Xiaoning said when doing fetal heart monitoring.It is the second child of Zhang Xiaoning and Song Minghao. They also have a cute daughter, who is three years old.Because it was the second child, Zhang Xiaoning looked very calm and his action was very healthy.After hearing the obstetric deputy chief physician Zhou Yan said that the child’s normal news, Zhang Xiaoning quickly returned to the ward and was about to tell Song Minghao about the good news.

"Today he was suspended and knew what was going on for hospitalization. I had to tell him the situation as soon as possible." As he said, Zhang Xiaoning dialed Song Minghao’s video call.Let’s! "When he heard his wife, Song Minghao at the other end of the mobile phone was excitedly raised," You must be good! "

Speaking, the spicy duck neck that carried Song Minghao’s wish was here. The staff of the umbilical blood storage in Shandong Province found Tai’an from Jinan, ran several business districts, and dial several merchants’ calls.I booked Zhang Xiaoning’s favorite spicy duck neck.At the same time, they also gave Zhang Xiaoning a bunch of flowers."My daughter -in -law is from Shanxi, so I love spicy food, especially spicy duck necks." Song Minghao said that in recent times, because he could not buy duck necks, his wife had said several times with him, so he especially wanted to help his wife to realize this littledesire.

Sure enough, Zhang Xiaoning, who was seeing the hot duck neck, raised his head, and his eyes sparkled. She said to the video, "It’s really a duck neck, husband, thank you! Duck neck, umbilical cord blood, both wishes reached all the wishes,"However, because of the upcoming production, Zhang Xiaoning can’t eat duck necks, but she said," With the heart of her husband, and everyone’s concern, I will satisfy it. "

After a short video, the two people reluctantly farewell.One needs to raise a good spirit to wait for production, and the other must continue to fight on the front line.The two most intimate partners, the most words of love, and the most understandable comrades -in -arms, at this moment, all reluctance is worth it.

Children’s doubles are inseparable from colleagues’ support

At 18:12 on February 28th, outside the delivery room, with a loud cry, a small life came to this world."Boy, 6 pounds and 4 two, mother and child are safe." Zhou Yan, the doctor in charge of Zhang Xiaoning’s childbirth, said happily.At this time, Zhou Yan was not only a doctor, but also the husband of Liu Chunlei, a member of the front line "epidemic" medical player Liu Chunlei, "escorted" for Zhang Xiaoning, the wife of Song Minghao, who was on the front line.

On February 5th, Zhou Yan also helped Song Hui, the wife of Li Chenglong, a member of the Hubei Medical Team Li Chenglong, successfully completed the cesarean section surgery, and was also a boy.The nurses of the delivery room can go home after get off work at 5 o’clock, but she took the initiative to propose to take birth for Zhang Xiaoning. After Zhang Xiaoning was born smoothly and helped to settle her mother and son, she hurried home and gave her daughter a birthday.

At the same time, Ma Yan, a staff member of Shandong Province, who was waiting outside the delivery room, also successfully received the umbilical cord blood. The umbilical blood would arrive in Jinan within 24 hours to complete the "backup of life".

"This boy looks too much as his dad, which is exactly the same." A nurse said when he saw the little baby who had just taken out."Like his father, but even more handsome than his dad!" Another nurse refuted that for a while, in the ward that was just very nervous, it was full of laughter.Zhang Xiaoning, who had just finished production, was a bit weak, but she still had a video with her husband and shared their joy as soon as possible."Thank you, daughter -in -law! Our children and daughters are full!" The video was very short.Song Minghao said that the child’s name has not been considered yet. He must think about it, and he must have a loud and meaningful name for the child."Also thank you for your hard work, you are all hard work." Song Minghao said excitedly looking at the colleagues in the ward.

It turned out that after learning about Song Minghao Zhang Xiaoning, the hospital leader attached great importance to it. Yang Chaoxia, director of the Nursing Department, made arrangements in time, and the hospital’s medical staff tried to help Zhang Xiaoning.In particular, the Department of Emergency Division of Song Minghao and Zhang Xiaoning’s digestive department gave them a lot of support and help."One of us is a ‘in -in -law’, and one is the‘ mother ’s family’, and we must take care of Xiaoning. ”The nurses of the two departments Wang Jing and He Ying said.After Song Minghao left Tai’an, they assumed the work of accompanying Zhang Xiaoning’s production inspection and helping to buy things.Let Song Minghao on the front line be able to work in Wuhan more assured.

At the beginning of recalling each other, medical couples need to understand and support

"Both of them, the relationship is good!" When it comes to Song Minghao and Zhang Xiaoning, the head nurse of the emergency department Wang Jing’s eyes were all smiles, and the relationship between the relationship between the two people was also like a few families: "At that time, Xiaoning just graduated.How long is it to come to the hospital and just transfer to our emergency department. "At the beginning, everyone found out that it was out of the outskirts." The two of them sat together, and we all understood that the happy look."In this way, in common work, the two people are both insider and a good partner in work from acquaintances, knowing each other to love, marriage, and having children.Later, Zhang Xiaoning was assigned to the Department of Gastroenterology, and the relationship between the two was still "honey melting".

However, the emergence of an epidemic has ushered in a new test for this young family.On January 26, after learning about the new crown epidemic, Song Minghao and several other colleagues in the department wrote the petition to assist Hubei for the first time."24 hours waiting, ready to invest on the front line of fighting against the epidemic at any time." The moment he pressed the handprint, Song Minghao did not hesitate. The wife married from Shanxi was still pregnant. The eldest daughter was just three years old.There are parents.This walk, I can’t take care of them well.However, he knows his duties more and believes that his wife can understand.He knows that as a male nurse who has worked in the emergency department for more than 10 years, he is the most suitable person in terms of physical strength, experience, and technical level.He also believes that his wife, like him, loves this glorious cause, will support his decision.

Sure enough, Song Minghao’s approach was understood by his wife."Although I can’t bear it, I support him." Zhang Xiaoning told him that he had to worry about working in Hubei, but he must remember to protect himself.This is the feelings between lover, but also the friendship between colleagues and comrades.

Waiting for you to return, I will open my arms to welcome you

February 2 is the day Song Minghao’s second batch of members of the Hubei Medical Team as a hospital.In front of the outpatient building of the hospital, flowers, applause, blessings, and tears have witnessed the moment of the glory.However, among so many colleagues and relatives, Zhang Xiaoning is not seen.It turns out that this is a special agreement between Zhang Xiaoning and Song Minghao: "You go, I don’t send you." This sentence also gave the hospital’s publicity department and Shu Yun inspiration, so there was the poem at the beginning, "You you, youGo, I won’t give you ".

"The birth of a child is a big deal. The wife must be hopeing that her husband can be with him." After hearing the story of Song Minghao and Zhang Xiaoning, he asked Zhang Xiaoning why he would not send her husband.Zhang Xiaoning told her, "I know that in that scene, I will definitely cry. He was worried about me. As soon as I cried, he was even more unreasonable."I wanted to go, but Zhang Xiaoning shrank back to the foot of the department’s door and quietly returned to the job.

"You go, I don’t send you, you come, I will open your arms to welcome you. My comrade -in -arms, my warrior, my lover comrades!" As said in the poem, there are tens of millions of saving deaths.Medical workers, we will definitely defeat the virus and regain safety and health.By then, Zhang Xiaoning said that she would definitely welcome her husband back, and she took their lovely daughter. The newly born son greeted Song Minghao and returned.(Sun Yudang Zhao Zhuoqi Zhang Zewen)

Manuscript Source: Qilu One point


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