Some Baoma appetite has always been very good during pregnancy, but some spit all the way. It turned out that they were pounding.

I often hear someone saying that they are particularly severe when they are pregnant.Some Baoma said that she had almost no pregnancy reaction, and she loved meat during pregnancy.The old people say that one child is the same, is it really related to the child?After reading it, you know.

1. Reasons for pregnancy vomiting reactions

Pregnancy reactions generally appear about 5-6 weeks in the early stages of pregnancy, but some will continue to vomit until mid-pregnancy, and even have a pregnancy reaction during the whole pregnancy. What are the factor?

1. Different constitution: Although pregnancy vomiting is a common phenomenon during pregnancy, each person’s constitution is different, which will cause different degrees of response to pregnancy.Some of the more sensitive Photos, as long as they smell some greasy, or have more irritating odors, they want to vomit, while others do not respond too much.

2. Different changes in estrogen levels: After pregnancy, the level of estrogen in the body rises, and the hormone level will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction of pregnant women, and it is easy to cause symptoms such as nausea and vomiting.Some pregnant women’s estrogen levels have not changed much, so gastrointestinal function is less affected, and the reaction of pregnancy vomiting is not so serious.

3. Improper diet: There are also requirements for food during pregnancy. If the diet is improper, it is easy to cause pregnant women to have a pregnancy reaction.Avoid too greasy foods during pregnancy, mainly light, eat less and eat, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the pregnancy reaction to a certain extent.

4. Poor mood: Most pregnant women during pregnancy are prone to nervousness or anxiety, and excessive nervousness and anxiety will also aggravate the pregnancy reaction.Not only pregnant women, but sometimes normal people are nervous, they also have uncomfortable reactions in the stomach.Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers must calm their minds, relax their mood, and keep mood happy during pregnancy.

2. Does pregnancy vomiting reaction affect the fetus?

1. Pregnancy reaction generally does not affect the fetus. If the pregnancy reaction is serious, you can seek medical treatment in time.Because if the pregnancy reaction is too serious, it will affect the normal eating of pregnant women, which will affect the nutritional supply of the fetus.At this time, you need to seek medical treatment in time and supplement certain nutrition in accordance with the doctor’s instructions.

2. Most pregnant women will not have severe pregnancy reaction, but it does not rule out that there are very few cases that will occur.Pregnant women with severe pregnancy can no longer eat normally, and even drink water, they can’t drink it, and even vomit bile and blood.At this time, pregnant women are likely to cause serious water loss and unimaginable consequences.This situation must be medical treatment in time and hospitalization. If you still cannot control, you can only consider stopping pregnancy.Such a pregnant woman appeared around her. Because pregnancy was too uncomfortable to enter the intensive care unit, this happened every time she was pregnant, so she gave up her fertility later, but this situation was rare.

The hardships of October in October are only understood by experienced. For the babies in the stomach, you must take care of yourself, and take care of yourself.

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