Sore throat and cough?Anti -epidemic experts recommend this generation of tea, expel phlegm and swallowing, and north and south are applicable!

At present, many people are already undergoing new crown virus infections. Symptoms such as high fever, cough, sore throat, diarrhea, etc. are miserable.For people who have not been infected, improving immunity can make us more calmly cope with many symptoms after infection with the new coronary virus.At the same time, improving immunity is also very important to prevent secondary infection!

"Phoenix Big Health" invited the Director of the Institute of emergency and crisis of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Professor Fang Bangjiang brought you a promotion from the "first party to cure epidemic" "Jing Defense and Sanda"The "aromatherapy therapy" used for immunity to be used for immunity and children such as elderly people and children!

Improve immune power tea drink

The immune system that affects people in the outside world. When the human body is "wind", "cold", and "wet", the immune invasion will decrease, and it will be more vulnerable to virus infection.Severe symptoms.

In the northern winter, people are vulnerable to "wind" and "cold" external injuries, leading to decline in immunity.

In the southern winter, because it is more humid, people are vulnerable to "wind", "cold", and "wet" external evils, resulting in decline in immunity.Therefore, if you want to improve immunity, you must first remove the "wind", "cold" and "wet" evil in the body.

Jingfang Defense Poison Sanda is known as the "first prescription for cure for epidemic" in Chinese medicine. It is the god of colds in four o’clock. It is also matched with Yuping Wind San that resists the evil evil., Can prevent colds and new crowns.

There are two key medicinal materials that can improve immunity and prevent new crowns:

Nepeta contains volatile oil and various active ingredients, and has the effects of antiviral, heat -relieving cooling, anti -inflammatory and analgesic, and immune regulation.Studies have found that nepeta can significantly increase the immune factors (IL-1β, IL-6) in serum.

Wind -proof has the effects of publishing, removing wind, wins, and analgesic.Wind -proof colored ketone -like compounds are the main components of their volatile oil, which has the effects of relieving heat, analgesic, anti -inflammatory, and immune regulation.

Nepeta and windproof two medicines must be compatible, which can diverge the cold and cold, but also have the effects of wind removing the wind in the meridians.Using Nepeta and windproof medicinal materials, combined with Jingli Defense Poison Sanda and Yuping Wind San square agents, Professor Fang Bangjiang exclusively customized the immune force to improve the radical tea.

Improve immune force Jingfang Dai Tea

[Material] Nepeta 6G windproof 6G astragalus 12g atractylodes 9g incense 6g mint 3g

[Usage] Two times/day for tea or decoction.

For symptoms such as sore throat and cough after infection with the new coronary virus, you can use classic prescriptions, Xuanmai Gan orange soup.Xuanmai Gan Orange Decoction comes from Gu Shicheng’s "Uncelved Medicine" in the Qing Dynasty.

Xuanmai Gan Orange Decoction

[Materials] Xuan Ginseng 3 ~ 6g, Ophiopogon 3 ~ 6g, bellflower 3 ~ 6g, licorice 6 ~ 9g

[Usage] Two times/day for tea or decoction.

Fangxin Guanxuka

Children and the elderly are more likely to be damaged by the three external evils of "wind", "cold", and "wet". At this time, aromatherapy can be used to prevent the infection of the new crown virus.

Volatal oils in aromatherapy drugs can secrete immunoglobulin through aroma stimulating the immune system of the mouth and nose to achieve the prevention effect of improving immunity and removing viruses.You can choose to put aromatic drugs in the sachet.

The rich fragrance of Chinese herbal medicine in the sachet of Chinese medicine is emitted, forming a small environment of a small concentration around the human body, and the traditional Chinese medicine ingredients enter the human body through the respiratory tract. The aromatic smell can excite the nervous system, stimulate the nasal mucosa, and make the antibody on the nasal mucosa -secretion typeImmunomal protein A has improved, continuously stimulates the body’s immune system, promotes the production of antibodies, and improves the body’s disease resistance.

Fangxin Guanxuka

[Formula] Huoxiang, Makers, 菖 【, Grass Fruit, Ai Leaf, Baiji, Su Ye, Guanzhong, Mintbar.

[Production method] The above medicines are grinded into powder, which can be rough and thin, and mix well.

[Efficacy] Huoxiang, osmotra, grass fruit, and wormwood to wake the spleen, dislike the filth, expectorant, penetrate malaria, dispel cold and pain., 胃: Turn into wet appetizers, open the sputum, and wake up the puzzle.Su Ye: Sweeping sweat, cough, detoxifying; mint brain: evacuating wind heat, cleaning the head, rash.The entire prescription is mainly wet and cold, supplemented by expelling wind and solving the table, taking into account the effect of opening tips, removing sputum, clearing heat and detoxifying, and preventing plague.

[Precautions] Most Chinese herbal medicines in Chinese medicine sachets are mostly sprouts, which are volatile. They should not be worn for pregnant women, especially the first three months of pregnancy.In addition, people who are allergic to Chinese herbal medicines in the sachet are not recommended to wear them with them.

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