Spicy, durian, snail powder … can all things be "粽"?Which one is your heart?

It’s time for the annual "年" highlight time

When the rice dumplings meet the snail powder

Xian Tian is no longer concerned, the smell becomes a controversial point

When the Buddha jumps the wall of abalone and dumplings, the birth of the sky is born

How much is the filling?

Egg yolk rice dumplings, durian ice dumplings, snail lion powder

Spicy bars, Buddha jumping wall abalone dumplings …

Some netizens sighed:

"You can go in, the world is yours!"

Fantastic rice dumplings charming eyes

What kind of taste does many people sought after?

Come, feel together!

Qilongzhu egg yolk meat dumplings

Qilongzhu egg yolk meat can be said to be the hot -selling model of the current e -commerce platform. Because of the seven salted duck egg yolks in its fillings, it is deeply loved by the majority of food.Many netizens’ dumplings are as thick as fists and their arms are as long as they are!

The cut egg yolk rice dumplings are bright in color. Seven "Dragon Ball" is hidden in glutinous rice. The egg yolk has a strong flavor. Among them, the fragrance of pork belly is the finishing touch!After a sip, the oily and salty fragrance, glutinous rice Q bomb.Many of the little fairy who have eaten sighs: Who knows the family, the salted egg yolk Plus × 7, full of happiness!


The production of yogurt dumplings is different from the traditional "Baozi", which is more like a free DIY. Mango, peaches, watermelon … "Everything" can be sprinkled on the rice dumplings. The main thing is a brain hole!

The yogurt tastes sweet and sweet, and it is a bit like mango glutinous rice, which is very appetizing.However, compared with the taste, this rice dumplings can be circled more because of its face value.

Durian ice dumplings

If there is a rice dumplings, it must be "love and hate".The outer skin is crystal clear, biting and chewing, the durian inside is sweet and smooth, and the fruit is rich.The people who love durians love them, and the "fear" durian will have a "pain mask" when they smell it!

The partner of the office A team said: In the hot summer, a cold durian ice dumplings were dazzled in the hot summer, and it felt really happy to fly!The team B team said: I’m sorry, the ministers really can’t do it!

Snail pour

The various gods of snail powder are endless, and the snail powder is also born in recent years.Open the snail powder, you can clearly see the soul ingredients such as sour bamboo shoots and sour beans, which makes non -snail powder enthusiasts instantly defense.

The glutinous rice particles are soaked by the same chili oil of the snail powder. It tastes spicy and chewy, and can feel the dual shock (storm) of the fresh aroma of the meat and the sourness of the snail powder.


The spicy bar is one of the long -lasting snacks.What about spicy?

In the spicy strips, the spicy strips were cut into diced rice in the glutinous rice.The rice dumplings have the sweetness of spicy strips on the basis of salty incense and moderate spicy.However, some netizens felt that "the spicy strips are delicious."

In the spicy bars launched by different brands, salted egg yolk, sausage, abalone, etc. are all "bits" of spicy strips. Friends who love salty dumplings and spicy strips can try according to their own taste.

Buddha jumping wall abalone dumplings

The Buddha’s jumping wall abalone sounds like a strong high -grade rice flavor.The main ingredients of this rice dumplings include abalone, gum, Yaozhu, pork, shrimp, etc.Yes, there is something in the Buddha jumping the wall, and there is anything in this dumplings.

The person who tried to eat said, "I just want to eat an ordinary dumplings, but you give me a dish."

Blackson Luyun Legs Dumplings

In addition to the Buddha’s jumping wall dumplings, the black loose in the high -end ingredients also "started" to the dumplings.The flavor of the black loose seasonings in the rice dumplings is obvious. Ham, salted duck egg yolk, lotus seeds, beef liver bacteria, etc. are all real large particles."" ".

Those who love to eat black truffles are crazy about Amway’s rice dumplings, but maybe many people commented on "oily and greasy".

In addition to the zongzi mentioned above, there are also strange flavors such as folding ears, butter hot pot rice dumplings, etc. on the market.In order to make the rice dumplings "red", only what you can’t think of, no manufacturer can’t do it.

While the taste of rice dumplings is becoming more and more "wild", many netizens still say that "the traditional fillings are better."

The innovative flavors of tricks may be able to get a moment of follow -up, but "Internet celebrities" may not necessarily "grow red".Only when the product returns to the traditional nature of the rice dumplings, it may have a sense of quality, exquisiteness, and growing with the times, and may they go further.

As a kind of traditional food with a deep cultural accumulation, compared with the refurbishment of taste, many friends value the emotional identity brought by rice dumplings.The rice dumplings are sweeter.

After watching the inventory, I also offer some precautions for you to eat rice dumplings for you.

Precautions for eating dumplings

When eating rice dumplings, it should be paired with an appropriate amount of vegetables and fruits to promote gastrointestinal motility and avoid indigestion of gastrointestinal tract caused by eating rice dumplings.In addition, it is best not to eat rice dumplings two hours before going to bed.

Hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and cerebral infarction should eat less dumplings as much as possible. If you eat too much, you may increase blood viscosity, increase heart burden and ischemia, and induce angina pectoris and myocardial infarction.

These dumplings

Which one do you mean by your most "意"?

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