Starting from June 1st, the sale of crayfish, the maximum imprisonment is 3 years?Why not eat crayfish abroad?

In summer, the hottest in the supper market is the crayfish.This is definitely a hegemon in the supper market in my country in recent years. Its status has long been covered with "snails" and grilled lamb skewers.

Like a few years ago, even if the price of crayfish is as high as 40 or 50 yuan a pound, many people are rushing.And this year it came to a large number of crayfish listed, but its price has also fallen from previous years. This is a blessing for the majority of food friends.

However, some people have been discussing recently on the Internet, that is, the sale of crayfish from June 1 is prohibited from the sale of crayfish. The maximum offenders will face 3 years of imprisonment. What is going on?Can I still eat crayfish in the future?

Although Xiaobian has always been very interested in crayfish, think that it does not have much meat except the shell, and basically eats the taste of various seasonings.But I still knew it. It turned out that this was not what it was in our country, but what happened in Japan.

Through the source of authority, Japan will list crayfish and turtles from June 1 this year as "attached to specific foreign creatures".A fine of up to 3 million yen (about RMB 150,000).

So the question is, how big is the harm of crayfish, and be legislated to prohibit sales?Why is there a crayfish that is not enough to eat in my country, but no one eats abroad?Let’s take a look together!

That’s right, many people who mention crayfish are drooling, and even children know that it is a very delicious food.

But in many countries, crayfish are deeply disgusted because it is a terrible foreign species.This time, the sale of crayfish in Japan is also because it is a kind of foreign species and seriously affects the Japanese ecosystem.The harm of crayfish is not just a hole in some people, but the root system of biting rice and other crops is so simple.

The scientific name of the crayfish is Keshi’s original chewed shrimp, which is also called red chewed shrimp and freshwater crayfish. It is a metamometer, full -footed, and aquatic animals.This animal was originally produced in North America, and the United States is its hometown. Canada and Mexico are one of the hometown of crayfish. Later, they were introduced by many countries.

Japan introduced crayfish from the United States. At that time, it was mainly used as food and pets. In the early days of last century, the Japanese also introduced crayfish into our country.This animal has a strong vitality, and its ability to adapt to the environment is strong.

Once introduced this waters, as long as it survives, it can achieve self -maintenance. Even if the original species will not be placed after harvesting, it can also reproduce a lot in the waters, because it has strong adaptation and reproduction ability, and soon it will soon be.It can build a group, so as to threaten local fish, crustaceans, and aquatic plants, thereby destroying the local ecological environment.

The reason is that crayfish is a kind of omnivorous animal. Its food sources are very wide. Crayfish will dig holes, but also eat roots and directly to crops (especially water, semi -aquatic crops such as rice) and natural natural crops (especially rice such as rice) and natural naturally.Vegetations have disaster destruction; the digging caves will cause a large amount of water hypertrophy, causing great harm to farmland.

With these advantages, crayfish can cause destructive harm to local species ecological competition advantages.Although there are crayfish in many countries in the world, they are clearly required to prevent escape strictly during the breeding process, especially the primary ecological water that strictly escapes into people.

In fact, the introduction of crayfish introduced my country for a long time, and it has always been obscure. It was later regarded as a pest by farmers. It was trying to remove it. It did not become popular until recent years. Shrimp to breed.

In foreign countries, most of them do not like to eat crayfish, mainly in the following reasons.The first point is that its consumption value is not high.Because the consumption rate of crayfish is low, and there is no nutrition.

Anyone who has eaten crayfish knows that except for a little meat at the tail of the shrimp, everything else cannot be eaten.It is especially important that it is generally believed that crayfish have no edible value in foreign countries, so they are unwilling to eat.

The second point is that the crayfish is not hygienic.This is also a very important reason. The vitality of crayfish is very strong. Even in sewage and smelly ditch, it can survive. Naturally, there will be a large number of parasites and bacteria, because from the perspective of sanitation and safety, most peopleI can’t accept the crayfish.

Third, there is no habit of eating crayfish, which may have a lot to do with their eating habits. Many foreign species in my country can be eaten as food, which is related to my country’s eating habits. In the future, they can all become delicious.

The food habits abroad are relatively simple. They do not like crayfish, and they have a large extent.Therefore, crayfish are not very popular abroad.

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