Still guessing that there are men or women in my stomach?Inventory of my pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, the last one is particularly accurate

The most concerned during pregnancy is whether there is a boy or a girl in the stomach. This may be what all pregnant mothers love to do.During my pregnancy, I also loved some responses to others. There were the same and different ones. As a result, I still gave birth to a cute and naughty male treasure. Now I will take a look at what reactions I have during pregnancy.

1. Test pregnancy through test strips very early.Because during the pregnancy, the moon did not come for four days, and the lower abdomen occasionally hurts as dysmenorrhea, but it was not menstruation, so I went to buy test strips on the fourth day, obvious two bars.

2. The pregnancy is very powerful, and I want to vomit every moment.I heard some people say that Huai Nanbao did not respond to pregnancy, and some people said that Huai Nanbao responded greater than Nv Bao.In the real vomiting twice a day, the last time I vomit blood.During this period, there was no appetite, and when I saw the good meals, I tried to vomit.

3. The sour girl is very accurate. My food preferences are light, sweets, and I don’t like heavy taste food.During pregnancy, you can only eat porridge and dumplings. Later, you like light, sweets, and occasionally eat sour, such as sour plums, because your mouth is old and uncomfortable, you want to eat sour stimulation.At that time, my brother’s daughter always went to eat heavy taste food like fried noodles.

4. The pregnancy line has grown to the middle of the chest.The lines above and below the navel are not on a straight line.

5. The belly is oval, and the part is more pointed by the bottom.It is said that the pointed male round and female, this is also in line, my brother -in -law was round at the time.

6, the meat is on the back, the waist, the hip minister.I also said that Huai Nanbao only had a belly, and I couldn’t see pregnancy from behind. It was not spiritual in me. It was not an exaggeration to describe me with "tiger back bear waist".

7. The fetal heart rate is above 140.At that time, the fetal heart rate thought that she was pregnant with a female treasure, because they were all 140 or more, often 150.

8. I had a baby dream in the early stages of pregnancy. I dreamed that a big gray python came to chase me. I woke me up at the time.

9. Eight elders say that I am pregnant with male treasures. It seems that the experience of the older generation is quite accurate.

10. The last most important point is the self -feelings of the pregnant mother. I feel that the male treasure is born with a male treasure, and the female treasure is basically a female treasure.of.When I was pregnant, the whole family also thought it was a male treasure, but it was unexpected.

Let’s talk about what kind of reactions do you have during pregnancy?Do you feel the baby’s gender in your heart?

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