Story: After being refused to marry by the prince, the daughter of Xiangfu gave birth to a son -in -law.

In order to refuse to marry, the prince did not hesitate to destroy my innocent reputation at all

However, the most desperate is that in the past three months, I was diagnosed with a pregnancy.

Children are the northern king of the Zhenbei who spend the night with me …



A bowl of hot soup was caught on my face directly, so I couldn’t help but panic when I was hot, and she retreated, and then the sister Gu Niannian roared, "Dead cheap! Such hot soup also brought me to me.Eat, but do you want to burn me? "

"No, no, the slaves knew that it was wrong, I dared to dare next time."

I was dreamed of embarrassed, quickly whispered, and apologized for bowing, so as not to be more arrogant, and further shed me.

I know that she is not happy in her heart, and she is nowhere to be sentimental, so she wants to go to death, and feel that my existence is a humiliation of her.

Therefore, at this time, I must not hit her with anger, otherwise, it must be me or my son who finally suffered.

She admired Prince Gao Xiu and wanted to marry Prince Edward Mansion and become the second -class room of the prince -the sister -in -law, but she was rejected by Gao Xiu. She also said that she was low in her origin.How to match Prince Mansion?

However, if you think about it, she is born in a puppet girl with a mother -in -law, and she is pregnant with a bedroom. Even the side room is not counted. How can the daughter born get into the prince?

In the prince’s palace, and not to say that the prince of the concubine is born, which is not a high -gate girl from the high door?With power behind, it will help the prince to fight for power?

She was born in a puppet daughter -in -law. Even if there is a support for the state government behind it, the state government is now suppressed and has become a trend of decline. Why can she enter the prince’s house as a concubine?In the future is the concubine?

"Well … Gu Qinglan, where are you wrong? How can you be wrong? Hey … you almost become the prince’s concubine, how can you be wrong? Well … if it wasn’t for you, you didn’t know the shame,How can the whole house be like this? It ’s all the sorrows of your cheapness, let’ s die, do you, be lost! 嗙啷 … "

Gu Niannian was furious. While throwing a bowl of butterflies at me, he scolded fiercely, and he couldn’t wait to kill me.

But I ca n’t die, nor can I refute her, even if I ’m humiliated, otherwise, what do my son do? When my mother died because of me, would n’t it die in vain?

Five years ago, I was sixteen in the year, and the emperor was married. I was designated as the Prince of the Prince. It was scheduled to hold a big marriage in the Mid -Autumn Festival and officially became the prince.

However, Gao Xiu, who was just established as the prince, did not like me. It was said that he did not like my father Gu Jingqian. On top of the court, they were not in the same political opinion.

In addition, in order to stabilize the position of storage of the monarch, Gao Xiu urgently needed to attract the general Zhang Mu in order to obtain military power and want to suppress Zhenbei Wang Gaochen, so at a palace banquet, I was secretly prescribed by the medicine.The coma is on the way to return to the house.

When I woke up, it was a trace of naked and tangled with Zhenbei King Gao, lying in the bed quilt, and was also hit by the emperor, the prince, and the palace people on the spot.When I lost my quasi -princess, I also hurriedly called my father to enter the palace quickly.

In the end, Gao Xiu wished, one stone and three birds won the overall situation.

I was infamous, and was abolished as the qualifications of the concubine. Zhang Yanyu, the daughter of Zhang Mu, became a prince.Almost given a lot of wine.

Zhenbei Wang Gaoco had a loss and disregarding people, and was punished to guard the frontier. He could not return to Beijing without any concubine. Even his mother and concubine were reduced.

My father was improperly educated and his family style was not strict.

This made me completely receive the darkness and terrible of the power of power and intriguing. It is completely like a beast in the cage.Under your feet, then climb up.

However, the most desperate is that in the past three months, I was diagnosed with pregnancy.

Originally, my father looked at his reputation. In order to keep my life, my mother had already turned over with him. When I learned that I was pregnant, I was even more furious.The family is clear.

My mother -in -law guarded me very much, and finally hit the pillar and died, causing my father to be guilty, and then left my life, sent me to the countryside to sneak in the country, and finally gave birth to my son Luer.

One year later, when I took my child back to the Xiangguo Mansion, the traces of Gu Qinglan on the government had been erased, and there was almost no more. Wei Niannian borrowed the boom as a grand daughter -in -law.Essence

And I can no longer be ourselves as Gu Qinglan. I can only stay in the house as a rough maid Jin Lan, and send it under the fence. The three words Gu Qinglan have become taboos.Essence

As for the existence of Luer, he cannot be mentioned, and he cannot say it. It is not for the sake of disaster. After all, Gao Xiu and Gao Torchia have always been dead.

Therefore, to this day, the slaves who entered the house did not know that I was Gu Qinglan, and I was a noble lady on the house.

Even my compatriots did not wait to see our mother and son, and they resent me to destroy the family’s reputation and future, so that they were not smooth, and killed my mother.

In order to survive, for my son to be less aggrieved, I can tolerate everything, and I will do everything, even if I wash my hair, wash my feet, wash the dirt, and face her abuse.You can bear it. If you do n’t fight for anything, you can just ask for more things as you do.

However, sometimes, no matter how careful I do, I ca n’t hide the disaster. As I do now, it has become the object of abuse for no reason.



After Gu Niannian left in anger, I endured humiliation and grievances, and was packing the soup and dishes of the soup and dishes that were sprinkled on the ground. Suddenly I heard my son’s crying from the courtyard, which made me panicked.Run, just want to find out what is going on.

Luer is more than four years old. He is usually obedient and well -behaved. He never causes trouble. When I am busy, he always follows, but it will not hinder the matter.I just asked him to stay in the courtyard waiting for me.

"You little wild species, dare to hit me? Do you dare to dare next time?"

Gu Niannian first gave my son a big slap, and then twisted his ears hard. It was very annoyed. The child’s immature cheeks began to become red and swollen.

"Gu Niannian, are you doing very much? Let me let me go!"

I hugged the child in one hand and patted Gu Nian’s hand with one hand. If I wanted her to let go, don’t twist my ears.

However, under her anger, she slapped my cheeks directly, "Pop!" She also scolded fiercely, "Dead cheap! Dare to hit me? Is it tired?"


In my head, I was unbearable, and I fired back fiercely. The son used him with his hands and feet. He followed the kick and went forward.

"Reverse! You little wild species! Dare to hit me?"

Gu Nian Nian was anxious and scolded, and he pushed my son fell to the ground severely, causing me to burn in anger, and went straight forward to twist her, making her forehead hit the rockery fiercely, and suddenly blood was blood.DC.Later, many servants, including her mother -in -law,.

"Give me a hand! Hurry up and pull them away! Do you do so?"

Wei Shi rushed into the courtyard and shouted, so that I was opened by a group of servants soon, and I couldn’t do it again.

"Mother -in -law …" Luner hurried over, hugged my thigh, and pushed my servant to hold my servant.

"I’m not afraid, my mother is okay." I hurriedly comforted.

"Mother, this dead and cheap is against me, dare to hit me! Bleeding, you will be the master!"

Gu Niannian covered his forehead with a handkerchief to stop bleeding, and was very angry at me, selling the tragedy for her mother -in -law.

"Pop!" Wei was spicy, and his backhand was scraped me with a large ear, which made my ears buzzing. "Are you bored with waves? My daughter dare to fight? What? Give me me.Go to Chai Fang, don’t give it to eat and drink! "

"You are born in a sister -in -law! Why hit me? Is it really possible to be the lady on this house? The daughter you give birth is no talent, bad, and delusional to marry the prince’s house?, Make people laugh! "

Now that I have torn my face and I ca n’t make it all, I do n’t want to endure it anymore. I simply broke the jar and broke, scolding him to be happy, and vent all the grievances that they had suffered.

"How is this reason? How is there this reason? Revealed, reverse! Give me a mouth! Give me a mouth!"

Wei was shivering and fingred me, and he spoke incoherently to instruct his subordinates to do it to me.Later, the servant’s slap fell on my face one after another, painful.

"Give me a fierce fight so that this dead and cheap is long, dare to look down on me? Dubbin!"

"Wow … mother -in -law … mother …"

Lu Er grabbed my skirt tightly, so anxiously cried, it seemed so helpless, scared, and panic.

"Okay, put their mother and son on the firewood house. Without me permit, they must not give them food!"


I do n’t know how many beaten in total. Except for the fishy smell in my mouth, my face was almost unknowing. There were stars in front of my eyes. Wei suddenly spoke, letting the servant stop his mouth, and put our mother and son in the firewood house.Inside, we must also break the water.

I don’t remember that this is the first time that it has been closed for the last time, will it not be known for the last time.

"Mother -in -law …"

"I’m not afraid, there is a mother, there will be no matter."

As the wooden door of Chai Fang was closed and was locked from the outside, I held my son tightly and could not comfort.

"Mother -in -law, don’t hurt?" Luer asked my face gently.

"Mother is okay, it doesn’t hurt."

There was endless grievances in my heart, but there was no tears in the bottom of my heart. Besides, who else can I cry for it?Who else will feel distressed?

"Mother, I’m hungry."

In the night, Lu’er in my arms suddenly said, but I didn’t have any ways. Except for the door, there were no other exits that could escape.

"Sleeping, just fall asleep and don’t be hungry."

I was helpless to hold him comfortably.

But as the mosquito buzzed and kept the noisy, he bit the body from time to time, making the skin itchy, where can you sleep?

And the only thing I can do is just as much as possible to wrap my clothes as much as possible to avoid mosquito bite with him.

"Miss, Miss …"

In the middle of the night, the fire was close to the door of the Chai Fang. As the wooden door was pushed away, the fire light came in through the door seam, and the sound of my grandmother Kong Yan came.

"Oh …" I hurriedly stood up and stood up at the door, and I couldn’t help asking, "Can you open the door and let us go out?"

"Miss, I have no key to unlocking. If Auntie Wei knows it, she will even punish me …" Kong Yan handed me three pieces of cakes through the door seam. "You hold this, don’t be hungry."

I took the sesame cake and asked: "Oh, you help us pry the door lock open, we escape from the house, it will not affect you."

"How can this in the middle of the night make it? How can you wait until tomorrow, you can bear it again with the little boy."

When I saw that Kong Yan had worries, he refused to pry open the door and didn’t embarrass her. After she lifted the lights and left, I hugged Luner and sat back in the original place.Essence


In the afternoon of the next day, Gu Niannian, who hadn’t disappeared, didn’t know what stimulus. Suddenly, the whip, bandaging his forehead came to the firewood house.The whole person entered a state of defense and grabbed a firewood to prevent himself.

"Mother -in -law …" Luer cried in fear.

"There is no fear, there is a mother, it’s okay."

"Gu Qinglan, why don’t you die yet? Why do you have to die in the world?"

Gu Niannian’s anger could not be used to ask, approaching step by step, the whip in his hand suddenly waved wildly, making me hurriedly waving the firewood to resist, but it couldn’t completely stop it.

"If there is no you, I would have been married to the prince’s palace … The prince had words, if you died, I could cross the house as a sister -in -law, and she would be a concubine in the future.

Gu Niannian hit poisoning while hateful, and he was annoyed and blamed.

I really do n’t know why Prince Gaoxiu hates me so much, and I have to stop me from death. I have never offended him, nor did I hurt the people around him. Why?Where did I hinder him?

At first, he became a candidate for the prince, and was given by the emperor, but I was not forced to get it. It was also forced to choose. Can it blame me?

I didn’t like him. Does the design ruin my reputation and life, and it is not enough to kill my mother -in -law indirectly?Do you still have to be willing to set up our mother and son to death?

Thinking of this, listening to my son’s heartbreaking and terrifying crying sound. In order to live with my son, I suddenly ignored the pain of whipping, and desperately stunned the weapons.To the corner, then snatched the whip in her hand, and pumped it back fiercely.

Every whip was pumped down, and the skin was almost blooming, hurting her bones, and screamed her, curled up her head, and the slaves standing at the door were shocked. I didn’t know what to do for a while.

"Gu Niannian, you remembered it for me. I was born to the wife of Xiangguo.The upper branch becomes a phoenix. With you, it is best to try to use me as a stepping stone, to step on me to climb up, and the next time, I will kill you, I said it! "

After speaking, Gu Nian Nian’s clothes were broken, and he shivered his head and curled up, and he didn’t dare to return.

When I turned around and held Lu’er, I was about to leave the firewood house. In the face of the servant’s block, I shouted directly, "Roll away! Otherwise, I am not welcome!"

Without the command of the owner, the servants looked at each other, and then silently let the road open.

As soon as I walked out of the firewood house, I saw my father Gu Jingqian and Wei rushed in the face of the face.

"She has long been like talking, and it should have been strictly managed. Otherwise, it will cause misfortune sooner or later, and it will affect the whole house." Wei’s heart hated, and said on the fire.

"Gu Jingqian, you have a good look, selling reputation, fame, and fame, and also killed my mother -in -law. Five years ago, you know that I was framed and the victims.I have to settle me to death. In recent years, you indulge in our mother -in -law to abuse our mother and son. From today, your father and daughter have been broken.

Before I finished my decisive words, Gu Jingqian was so angry that he was angry and furious.The entire Xiangfu follows you ashamed and becomes a handle. All kinds of evil results are because of you. This is a fact. You are negligent and make people organic. This is your fault. No wonder others! You should eat your own fruit, you should eat your own fruit.The death certificate is innocent, and the living is so far that people are pointing. "

The reason is that my wish is framed by the people, but it has caused bad consequences and harm, but it is true that the entire family will bear and bear it together.

I held the whip, leaving Luer and left silently. I really didn’t want to fight for the struggle anymore to prove what, I just wanted to leave right and non -dangerous, live with my son, instead of being slaughtered by others, and once again became a prey for others to play with others.Essence

However, I took a few steps with Lu Er, and Gu Jingqian suddenly ordered the family to order, "Come, bring their mother and son to the room forbidden, I allow me to be released without me!"

"Yes!" Several families responded with each other.

"Who dare?" I used the whip as a weapon, and I was scolding forward. In a hurry, I directly called the warning, "I have entrusted someone to send a letter to the King of the North, who dares to move his son? Be careful of him.Return to Er and wait for the door! "

When everyone heard it, they were at a loss, and then Gu Jingqian said, "In the early days, His Majesty has issued recalling the book of the northern king of the town.Go down! "

While I was a little stunned, a few families directly surrounded them, set up me and Luer back to the room, and closed our mother and son again.

Zhenbei Wang Gaoqu is going back to Beijing?

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