Story: I borrow my husband to marry my girlfriend.

I am Tian Xiaoxia, living in Taiyuan, Shanxi, a stupid and ridiculous woman!If you meet people, you will be loved by your girlfriends!I never expected that in the pure and weak appearance of my girlfriend, there was such a sinful heart.I said on the Internet to fire anti -theft and girlfriends. In the past, I didn’t care, but now I feel quite reasonable. At least this confirm its truth on me.

Because of the deliberate hook of girlfriends, and because my husband can’t afford the temptation, I think that a happy and happy family destroys it once!I was really upset in my heart, I could only kneel to ask the law to preside over justice for me, and to justice!

Borrow your husband to get married for girlfriends

When I received a hurry of my girlfriend, I was still doubtful.What can’t you say in WeChat in WeChat? You have to call yourself?I hurriedly answered the phone, and soon the girlfriend Zhang Ting’s shy voice came. She raised her on the phone and asked me if I could use a step?

I was puzzled, but I talked in the words of my girlfriend.My girlfriend first told me a good news, that is, their family is about to demolish, and they can get a lot of compensation fees.For four years in college, I also sincerely happy for my girlfriend, but then the words of my girlfriend made me fall into the ice cave!

As soon as my girlfriend turned around, I opened the door and asked me, "Can you lend your husband Xing Dawei to me to get married?" What?IntersectionSuch ridiculous things, I thought my ears had an illusion!Since ancient times, there have been borrowing money and borrowing things, but I have never heard of my husband!I was angry in my heart, and scolding my girlfriend to do things too ridiculous, regardless of the relationship between the two!The girlfriend on the phone seemed to feel the restlessness of my emotions, and told me that there was a cause of this matter in a warm voice, and I hope I would be a little restless.

Immediately afterwards, my girlfriend told me that she borrowed her husband because she wanted to get more demolition fees.It turned out that the demolition fee of his family was compensated according to the head, and my girlfriend wanted to borrow my husband to get a fake marriage to take advantage.Even so!How can this world borrow her husband casually?I don’t want to promise this absurd thing in my girlfriend.

However, the conditions of my girlfriend issued the next time, she promised to divorce Xing Dawei after getting the demolition fee two or three months later. I also gave me a paid of 100,000 yuan.Borrowing a husband gave her, I could get 100,000 yuan for free without a slightest strength. I felt a little moved in my heart and couldn’t help but think of it.But hesitated, although my girlfriend and I have a good deal of friendship, but after all, I involve my marriage happiness. I … should I borrow it?

Before I could think about it, my girlfriend moved me with her three -inch tongue.She promised to me to pay 10 yuan, and she kept a safe distance with her husband during the fake marriage, asking me to put 120 hearts.I agree with the consent of money, and agrees to lend her husband Xing Dawei to the girlfriend to get married.

After setting up the board, my husband and I divorced quickly, and he married his girlfriend at the fastest speed.Although it was fake marriage, my heart was still a little uncomfortable. However, I could only endure in order to demolish the cost and my girlfriend.The matter has made a smooth progress, and the girlfriend got a huge amount of demolition costs as expected, and it was also refreshing and generously fulfilled the original promise and hit 100,000 yuan to my account.

Two fake scenes really do

It’s just that her husband Xing Dawei has not divorced.I was uncertain, I could only call my girlfriend to inquire about the situation.Who knew that the other party cried to me with rain. She was pregnant. I don’t know who the child’s father is. It may be the result of the chaos after the wine in the bar.The little girl like a jade was destroyed so innocent, and I regret my girlfriend in my heart and feel very distressed by my girlfriend.My girlfriend said that after giving birth to a child, I gave my child a household registration and returned to my husband, and I was stupid and helpless.

However, what I did not find was that the relationship between my husband and Xing Dawei was getting less and less. Even later, I couldn’t see the shadow of my husband. He stayed at the house of his girlfriend all day long, like a good husband and wife.I watched my eyes and no longer paid attention. My girlfriend was injured now. I was embarrassed to urge others to change her husband and sprinkle salt on their wounds.

I just hope that my girlfriends can say so, and return to her husband Xing Dawei after the child is born.October conceive, once gave birth.On the day of the girlfriend’s production, my husband and I were staying at the door of the delivery room. My husband was anxious to turn around, but I couldn’t see the abnormalities of the two. I only thought that my husband was enthusiastic, loved the house and Wu, and felt bad for my girlfriend.

My girlfriend gave birth to a baby boy. I jumped happily, and took care of her in front of my girlfriend’s sick bed.But who knows that the first sentence after my girlfriend wakes up is not to miss my grace, but to confess a big thing to me!To be honest, I really didn’t expect that things would become like this. I knew this. I would not lend my husband to girlfriend to get married at first.

Yes, the plot has developed very blood, girlfriends are really doing, and my husband is carrying me with me!The girlfriend’s statement is that the two people have a difficult relationship after drinking. Afterwards, they found that they were accidentally pregnant before they had the idea of divorce.Girlfriend was lying weakly and crying on the hospital bed. She asked me for the first time in her life, and she pulled my hand with tears. She hoped that I would give up her marriage with her husband and fulfill her happiness.

what about me?What is the relationship between Xing Dawei and I?Why does it seem to be more like a third party now?I just looked unfamiliar with my girlfriend’s face.Her husband Xing Dawei obviously knew the truth of the matter, but he stared in front of his girlfriend’s illness in front of his girlfriend’s illness.

I am like an outsider, and I was covered in the drum!Girlfriends and husband betrayed me at the same time!That night, I cried and left the hospital.I will never just count it, and I will not cheap this pair of men and women.In a paper complaint, I told Xing Dawei and Girlfriend Zhang Ting to court, and talked about what they did to do. I just begged the court to give me a fair justice!

Editor’s point of view:

"Fire prevention and anti -theft girlfriends" also makes sense. To do things, you must know how to do things, grasp the scale, and have your own principles.For your girlfriends, you can help, do your best, you must not pick up sesame seeds, lose watermelon, and finally lose the wife and fold the soldiers.

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