Story: The wedding with his wife is sweet and sweet. After the child in March is gone, her life has changed from then on

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"you’ve changed!"

This is Dai Xixi said to me for the first time. From the first time I tried to deny, the second patient explanation, the third time I felt wronged, and the fourth time was unlimited.Indifferent.

I don’t know if Dai Xi regrets it. Anyway, I regret it. We should not choose to get married when we love the most.

In this sudden marriage due to love, after a brief double happiness and our self -righteousness, it is a tearing that cannot attract and be unable to change each other, is the rice oil and salt that caught off guard.Diversification and the annihilation of a good vision.

Today is Friday. When I ate breakfast in the morning, Dai Xiwi reminded me: "Come back early in the evening, we go to the supermarket, the cooking utensil tent, Xiaoxia prepares, we go to buy some barbecue ingredients."

Dai Xi is a person who can’t stay, and loves everything that is novel and beautiful.

A week ago, she saw a resort in the neighboring province on the Internet, and immediately took a shot with the like -minded girlfriend Xia Mengying, and decided to bring their husbands to drive a four -person journey.

I agreed, one did not want to sweep her prosperity, and the other was to have been married for three years. I felt and I felt each other with each other. As the love filter faded, the freshness and passion left between us had already followed.The running -in and cymbals of the day and one day, there are almost few left, and it is poor.

It is said that traveling is the best way to test feelings, but travel is also one of the best ways to heat up between lovers. At that time, Dai Xi and I made a decision to work together to go to the marriage grave.

At that time, Dai Xi and I were together for less than half a year. She heard her colleagues mentioning Huashan’s star meteorite. She was fascinated and thought of it. I was careful with the half -true love and half -chicken thief, and immediately booked two air tickets to Xi’an.

I still remember that after receiving the booking information, her eyes were slightly moving, as if it was full of broken diamonds, and in the sun, it shone and shiny.

The trip that said and walked was enough to be chic and hasty. We didn’t have time to do a strategy, and I forgot to see the weather forecast. When we stood side by side side by side, the sky had been densely detailed in the sky.rain.

Although I did not see the star meteorite that Dai Ximi thought about it, Huashan in the rain was extremely beautiful.The clouds and mists are hidden in the mountains, the treetops are crystal, and the raindrops are hanging. It is like being in a fairyland, and the beautiful scenery is picturesque.

In the face of this dreamlike prosperity, we all forgot to get tired and regretful for a while. Dai Xi pulled me on the concentric lock she bought at the Yamashita at the Yushan Lock, and also tied the red ribbon with a wish.

She wrote on my back, and she was blocked behind her to keep her like a chicken mother.During the pull, her cheeks were crimson, her head lowered her head slightly, and her long eyelashes could not cover the tenderness and innocence of the bottom of the eyes: "One day we quarreled, if you want me to forgive you, come here to find itIf you can find it, I will forgive you. "

Maybe she also felt unrealistic, and she smirked before she finished saying, and her handsome face added a touch of coquettish.

Somehow, I just looked stupid, and subconsciously made the most solemn promise in this life: "pity, let’s get married!"

But today, I regret it, trying to convince her: "Didn’t the latest notice issue yesterday, do you not need to get out of the province?"

As soon as she heard it, it was obviously anxious, and his brows were twisted together: "It is not recommended to leave the province, and there is no rule that we will not be allowed to leave the province. Besides, we will not go to X City."

I was silent for a few seconds, and in principle, I still don’t want to take a little risk. I hate everything that cannot be controlled.

"Well, don’t make trouble, our leaders will not agree to let me get out of the province. In case, the whole company follows me."

"We go on the weekend, and don’t let you take a leave. Don’t you say how do you know how your leadership knows it?" She said indecently and obviously did not buy it.At the end, I added another sentence: "It’s an excuse, you just don’t want to accompany me! He Yan, you changed!"

I don’t want to quarrel with her. The word "you have changed", just like Sun Wukong’s tight curse, it made my scalp jump pain, and I almost fled.

If you change it, you will change without any words. It seems that the three -year marriage has made me practicing the 72nd changes in Sun Wukong.


About half a year after getting married, the words "you have changed" began to jump out of the high frequency from Dai Xi.

Dai Xi is a bit small and slight obsessive -compulsive disorder. She asked me to go home every day to go home. I have to wash my hands without changing clothes before changing my clothes and lying on the sofa.In the cabinet.

At the beginning, I like to listen to the shattered thoughts of her slightly anxious corruption, and I also enjoy the feeling of her drumming with a small face to pull me up from the sofa.The feeling of being thoughtful also has an inexplicable sense of satisfaction.

But gradually, I couldn’t hold it, not that I didn’t want to change, but just like me for more than 20 years, I was accustomed to a rough man who wiped the whole body, even if it was changed, it was not a matter of overnight.

Once, in order to catch a report, I hurriedly brushed the bowl, and I sneaked into the cupboard before wiping it. Before putting it, I also deliberately glanced at Dai Xi, who was sitting on the sofa, and Dai Xi, who dares to chase the drama. I dare to be sure.She didn’t see it.

However, I did not expect that she would open the cupboard to check.Therefore, when she stood open the door of the study and stood in front of me with a few wet plates, I only hated that the computer screen was too small to cover me with high horses.

There was a sorrow in my heart, it seems that this battle of tongue today is inevitable!

"How many times have I told you, the dishes and plates must be wiped clean to put it in the cupboard, otherwise it will taste, and the cupboard is easy to mold. Why do you always perfunctory me?"

"I don’t, but I have an urgent job today to do, hurry up, just this time."

"Rarely let you brush back to the bowl, you have an emergency job to do, do you lie to the ghost?"

"Come here, don’t believe you, come and see yourself?" I said to turn the notebook and let the computer screen facing her, and my heart was irritable: "Don’t you just wipe a little water stain? What is it?Do you have to be so endless every time? "

"If you have n’t taught repeatedly, do I have the opportunity to end? You just do n’t keep me at your heart, so you ca n’t remember what I say."Division: "You just don’t respect me, don’t care about my feelings, so I said so many times, you still do so!"

My customers are waiting to reply, and her nonsense on the line is confused, and an unknown fire is born: "Then do you care about my feelings? I like to put it in this way and put the bowls and put the bowls directly.In the cabinet, you like to go home and fall on the sofa. Do you respect me? Why do you have to follow your preferences and habits? "

After the roar, my heart was much more comfortable, but I raised my eyes to see her holding a small face, holding her mouth, red eyes, and a layer of water vapor in my eyes.

I was soft -hearted, and just wanted to speak a two sentences to coax her, but heard her complaining with crying: "He Ye, you changed!"

This sentence seemed to have a strong big hand, holding my throat tightly, and I suddenly suffocated even no sobbing.


When I got off work, my colleagues poured in and walked away. I deliberately stayed on the station and grinded it. I have seen it countless times on the side of my mobile phone. For a whole day, I have never contacted anyone with Dai Xi and I.

From the beginning of me no longer coaxing her, every time we quarrel, it must be a suffocating Cold War, and the length of the Cold War depends entirely on me.That is, the day I bowed my head to compromise was the time of the ice of this Cold War.

For a moment in the afternoon, I especially hope that she can take the initiative to call me or send me a WeChat, even if it is a finger, I firmly ask me to accompany her to check in that resort.

But she didn’t do it.

At eight o’clock in the evening, I couldn’t sit still, drove around the city center to buy her love chestnut cake, and bought a bunch of yellow roses by the way. Although I still don’t think I am wrong, but the man’s apology, the man’s apology, the man’s apology, the man’s apology, the man’s apology, the man’s apology, the man’s apology, the man’s apology,How many are not for the sake of peace?

When I got home, Dai Ximi was lying halfway on the bed to play with my mobile phone. When I came back, I rolled myself and turned to me with my back.

I went to the other side of the bed, and spent the cake and spend in her arms, and coaxed her with a hippie: "Wife, I have a bad attitude in the morning.Yes. In short, I promise you, and I will accompany you to go back in the future? You will have a lot of adults, don’t be angry with me. "

"Go away, go away!" She hummed and pushed away my hand that she left on her.Who wants you to accompany you, I don’t want to go out to play with you in the future. "

"Don’t be with me, who do you want to accompany?" Then, I poured on the bed, and the restless fingers scratched her.

Dai Xi and I quarreled at the end of the bed again.

In the darkness, we lay on the bed side by side. I do n’t know who started, and I talked about the child cold. The atmosphere was cold for a while, and the air was filled with sad and sour taste.

After getting married, we had a child, but unfortunately didn’t keep it.

This incident made me and Dai Xichen have been sad for a long time. Dai Xi should be more sad than me because she gave up a rare job opportunity for that child.

Two years ago, Dai Ximi’s event planning company intends to open up the business block of the neighboring market. It plans to send a batch of backbone from various departments to the branches of the neighboring cities for one year.If you go smoothly, come back again, it will not be a problem.

Dai Xi, who has always been aggressive, naturally flooded his palm, eager to try, and took a breath to drop all the competitors. Of course, I strongly opposed it. For this reason, we quarreled and shocked the parents of both sides.

At the beginning, her parents did not explicitly express their statements, but just persuaded us to discuss it well. My parents and me resolutely opposed her to work in the neighborhood. Although it was only one year, who could guarantee that she would be able to return after one year?

What’s more, for our newlywed couple like us, the risk factor is too large, and I hate all uncontrollable variables.

At that time, Dai Ximi’s only compromise was not for me, but because she was pregnant. Don’t say my parents, even her parents in turn advised her to take her children first.

Therefore, when the child suddenly stopped the child for three months, she couldn’t accept it. She cried herself in the room for a few days. That was my most difficult time. In addition to the pain of bereavement, I had to endure her again again.Sprinkle the nameless fire on me at a time.

Now think about it, the relationship between us seems to be from that time, I do n’t know which sentence, which look, or which action, or which action.Touch it.

Newly married with his wife is sweet. After the child in March is gone, her life has changed from then on


After that, every time I talked about my child, the topic between me and Dai Xi will suddenly get heavy for various reasons. After the scenery of Dasha, I can imagine that it is unhappy.

Once, I got a air frying pot at the company’s annual meeting, and hugged them home for her. She was also very happy. I immediately bought a lot of ingredients on Taobao.

I watched a bunch of semi -finished products such as the piles of fries and chicken and rice flowers she bought, and laughed at her with a smile: "Why are all children’s junk foods that children love to eat? This is good, first, wait for us to have children, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do, you do it, you do it, you do it, you do it, you do it.Eat children, it is always frying stronger than the gutter outside. "

"Child? Where is the child?" She suddenly changed her face, and yin and yang strangely: "Just the level of our salary, where is the child?"

I know that she is angry. In terms of mind, Dai Xi is not a girl who is not a poor and loves the rich. When she married me, I even got up with 450,000 down payment. In the endThe family asked her parents to get 300,000, and 100,000 to pay my first payment, and the remaining 200,000 were just enough to renovate.

After getting married, in order to make up for the family, Dai Xi, who has always advocated hedonism, has learned to take care of it, and even the skin care products have silently reduced two grades.

I didn’t know at the beginning. Until I ate with Xia Mengying, I heard Xia Mengying smiled and joked her: "Seeing your quality of life after marriage, I dare not get married."

At that time, I didn’t speak. After returning home, I silently searched them to talk about the price of two skin care products. I felt the pain that I couldn’t say for a while. The next day, I went to the mall to buy a whole set of high -end cosmetics for Dai Xi.

I still remember that day, I was embarrassed and surprised. She stared at me with wide eyes, and then reacted for a long time. She murmured and pierced into my arms, so that my shirt was wet.

She also slyly persuaded me: "Don’t waste money in the future. We still have to save money to buy a car. I don’t need to have such a good skin care product now. Do you not listen to others? Good love is the best woman is the best woman.Skin care products! "

At that time, we should love each other very much, right?

At least it will never be like now, from time to time, it will hurt each other’s face for the broken silver of three or five.Seriously, I was very annoying that she would hang the "poor couple and his wife" on his mouth, and blame all the contradictions between us on the word "no money".

This is also one of my main contradictions with her. I don’t think we are poor. We have a house and a car. They have relatively stable jobs. I can have thousands of thousands of people left in the mortgage every month.expenditure.

But since she was promoted, the whole person has become particularly anxious. She has given me a "middle -aged crisis" prevention needle all day.Digital deposits are not deserve to have children.

In this matter, I am notocated, but I never argue, because as long as I refute, waiting for me will be a bloody fight.

Not long after she was childlike, my direct leader decided to stand on its own. He invited me to invest in technology privately. I considered two days and eventually rejected him.

I said that I hate all uncontrollable variables. Although he opened the conditions very well, I have worked hard in the company for seven or eight years. Although the increase of wages has not increased greatly, it has been steadily rising, and all aspects of welfare benefits are also in all aspects of welfare benefits.Yes, I really don’t want to take that danger.

Dai Xixi tried several times to persuade me to resign and work alone. She said: "You are still young, you can know how big the world is, and you can know your potential.The cost of wrong, try it, okay? "

To be honest, I did n’t have shaken, but at the moment I was facing the choice, I realized that it turned out that I was engraved in my bones. I lack the will of hard work and did not face the courage to fail.

However, I don’t think that I am a mediocre man. In my cognition, simple and ordinary life is not valuable. People have their own aspirations.

Later, Xia Mengying’s husband resigned and changed to the company that was led by the former leader. In just one year, he shook his body and changed from an obscure migrant earlier to become a million -dollar partner.

Dai Ximi’s dissatisfaction with me completely broke out. When I mentioned to her again, she almost hysterically roared at me: "Only the bottom man will only think about breeding low -end all day!"

At that moment, I heard a "click" again, and the gap was cracked again, and this time was clearly visible.


In the dark, I took her into her arms on the side, and did not pull her too much on the child’s topic as usual, because today I have more urgent things than having a child to discuss with her.

"Wife, discuss something with you, parents want to move over for a while, do you see it?"

Her body was obviously stiff, raised up the face leaning on my chest, and asked me uneasily: "What’s wrong, isn’t it that Dad’s legs are fine?"

A while ago, my hometown had a heavy rain. My dad accidentally broke his leg when he worked. Dai Xi and I rushed back to take him for surgery. He asked the caregiver to find a nanny.I bought a lot of health products for the elderly, urging my mother to eat with my dad.

She said to my mother: "We have to work, we can’t accompany you, and I can’t take care of you. You must pay attention to your body, eat food, drink, and spend money to find someone to work.Just spend money to find someone to do it, don’t be tired of your two money for the two money. "

Before leaving, she still stuffed 20,000 yuan for my mother without knowing me. I was very moved at the time, so when I saw my mother pulling her hand straight, I thoughtShe was also moved.

I never thought that my mother felt more aggrieved than moving.

Last night, she called me crying: "It is said that raising children to prevent elderly, and your sister -in -law next door was received by the daughter’s son -in -law to enjoy the blessing in the city. Some time ago, your dad was paralyzed on the bed, and his son and daughter -in -law did not show up.Said to see your dad’s legs, but we all understand that they come to see our jokes. "

I listened to it very much, but I didn’t dare to say a word. Before getting married, Dai Xi would have three chapters with me. After marriage, she did not live with her parents. She advocated freedom, hated restraint, and was more afraid of the contradiction between mother -in -law and mother -in -law in the legend.

"Okay, is it good, but if you are old, don’t you like your child? Such a fall, falling out of the coquettishness, I’m afraid that there is any any more. I can’t see us for the last side.I have never been able to go back and miss us, so I want to move over for a while. "

Dai Xixi didn’t speak for a while, and my long silence made me feel a little bit of grievances from nervousness to the sorrow, and then in the deadly silence, it turned into a full of grievances: "Can you give you a happy talk!"

"What are you in a hurry?" Xu just felt my resentment, and her voice was cold: "How many days do they plan?"

As soon as I heard it, an unknown fire "Teng" suddenly came up: "Before people come, do you look forward to them? I can’t understand it. My parents can eat you, orWhat happened to you, you are unhappy when you come back. "

She broke out from my arms and turned over and turned on the table lamp on the bedside. I was instinctively raised her eyes and covered her eyes by the sudden strong light. I couldn’t see her expression, but she was sharp and cold.The sound was like a thorn towards me.

"He Yan, don’t forget, you promised me at the beginning, moved out after marriage and lived alone, and I would marry you with money and contributed. How long is this?Can you say it? "

"Yes, I promised you, but isn’t there a surprise in everything? You also have parents yourself, the old man is such a small wish, do you not even have this filial piety?"

"Filial piety must live under the same roof to show it? You said, do I treat them in the years, do I treat them? Every month, they will give them maintenance on time, and send them gifts to them every year. In which year,I haven’t gone back with you to accompany them for a reunion meal.

"What you do is very good, but these are not what they want most. My parents are just a son, you can’t understand me?"

She sneered, and her lips met like me: "Why don’t you understand me? You know, I saw my grandma from my eyes, I have a shadow." I have a shadow. "

When I was soft in my heart, I sat up and moved to her. I opened her arm and tried to hug her. She was pushed away coldly.

I had to sigh: "Don’t think too complicated, my mother is different from your grandma. You believe me, my mother is definitely a good mother -in -law who is alertly, and will not let you get a little angry.","

She pushed me out angrily, jumped off the bed, wore shoes and packed her pillows and quilts, and left the phrase "That’s your mother, of course you said that", and walked out of the room without looking back.

After a while, I heard the shocking sound of the door came, and my eyes unconsciously fell on the chestnut cake and yellow rose on the side of the desk.But it wasn’t people who came out and inside and outside.


In the end, I couldn’t stand my mother’s crying phone bombing for three days. I picked them over with my head, and made a psychological preparation for Dai Xi Xi and me for a long time.

I even thought about it. In case I was fierce with Dai Xi, my parents might take the initiative to move back to my hometown because I was worried about affecting our feelings.Begging her back with me, but during this time she left, I should be able to live a few days.

When I had this idea, I was startled by myself. It was only three years. I was tired of this marriage to the point where I wanted to escape.

However, what surprised me was that Dai Xi not only did not make trouble with me. Except for not so enthusiastic, she was quite detailed and thoughtful.

She took the initiative to clean up the second bedroom for my parents, prepared new quilts, toiletries, pajamas and home clothes, and specially installed the sensing lights for them.

For many days, the haze that was pressed in my mind instantly dissipated cleanly, and my movement and relief were full of my chest. I even blamed myself. How did I forget that we were married because of love.We are noisy and noisy between us, and no matter how much dissatisfaction with each other is, we cannot deny that we really love each other and continue.

How can I doubt that Dai Ximi’s love for me, and love houses and blacks derived from love, how could she be really unable to calm my parents?

I pulled her to the mall to buy her bags. For usual, she had been happy to hold my neck and jumped straight, but this time she didn’t have much joy on her face.

I thought she also deliberately had a small temper with me, and changed her face to tease her with a ghost face. She also laughed. She was very ridiculous and looked like a heart.

On the way back, she suddenly said to me, "He Yan, I always have a bad premonition recently."

I glanced at her through the rearview mirror.

On the contrary, I finally felt comfortable recently.The loving parents, the beautiful wife are around, the family gathered together, and they are happy, and their lives are vivid. If you add another child, it will be more perfect.

The sudden joy made me not put her words in my heart: "You woman, just love to think about it, or because there is no child, when you are a mother, you will be determined."

She didn’t say anything. She looked out the window on the side, and her blurred shadow reflected on the window. I couldn’t see the expression on her face, just like I couldn’t understand the sorrow of her eyes at that time.

My parents and Dai Xi lived a politely lively day, but I could notice it more or less that there was no undercurrent under the calm lake.Maintain surface harmony.

For example, when Dai Ximi washed his clothes after taking a bath, my mother would stand aside, and the guest said angrily, "You put that, Mom washed together tomorrow."

Then, when Dai Xi regrets, he kept rushing at me: "Your daughter -in -law is too good, she mainly washs two clothes, so I have to put so much water.It’s. "

For another example, every time my mother asked Dai Ximi what she wanted to eat at night, she said with a smile, "Just, everything, what I do, what I do."

But several times, she ate two at night and shouted that she was full. In the middle of the night, she secretly took out takeaway while my parents fell asleep.I said her a few words, and she rarely refuted me: "Your mother cooks with your taste and your dad. I can’t eat it and can’t solve it by itself?"

Of course, these are the biggest frictions that have nothing to do. The biggest contradiction between my mother and Dai Xi is still a child.

My mother secretly knocked Dai Xiqi countless times, reminding her that she should have a man and a half woman for our old He family.My mother could only stare at me.

Dai Xi is occasionally annoyed, and he will glance at me coldly and leave me the question: "He Yan, mom ask you!"

I have also done the work of Dai Xun. Her eyes moved from the book to me, and the light of reviewing: "He Ye, do you have huge assets to inherit? Or is there a genius gene to inherit?"

Once, Dai Xizhen’s company had a meal very late. It happened that my mother and my aunt called on that day. They learned that her aunt who was in her ten -year -old hugged her grandson.With the alcoholic Dai Xi, she couldn’t hold back the smiling mask that had been carefully painted.

"Well, it’s not that I said you, how often do you see now, a girl’s house is in the middle of the night to go home in the middle of the night, like words? In our hometown, you can chew you with your tongue.The Yellow River can’t wash clearly. "

Weixi Dai Xuni lacked the forbearance of usual on weekdays. He waved his hand and said, "Mom, you see clearly, this is not your hometown, this is my family, who dares to chew the roots of the tongue?"

"You, what do you mean?" My mother was stunned for a few seconds, relieved, and unwillingly: "This is also my son’s house, my son’s house is my house.A child can’t be pregnant. "

Dai Xunbin wanted to say something, and was dragged back to the room by me.

That night, we quarreled again. When I heard her hysterically shouted, "He Yan, do you know why I just don’t want to have children? Because I know, as long as I am pregnant, you are pregnant, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, youParents will take care of me and help with their children, and live completely without leaving! "

I looked at her with a stunned manner, and I didn’t respond for a long time.I originally thought that she was still not willing to ask the child because the child’s raising fund was not enough, but she did not expect that she was still my parents’ arrival.

To this end, she did not hesitate to give up a child who was connected to our blood.

"Let me tell you the truth, since I picked up my parents, I didn’t plan to send it back."

"Didn’t you say they just came to live for a while? You lie to me!" She grabbed a book on the table and smashed me hard: "He Yan, I want to divorce you."

After she yelled, both of us were silent, and they calmed down instantly. Douda’s tears rushed out of her eyes. I almost instinctively walked over and hugged her.Can’t finish.


She spoke the word "divorce" personally. Even if it was a momentary anger, the breath was the most authentic words, isn’t it?

We were all frightened and we didn’t dare to look directly at each other’s eyes. We were afraid to see the once vow from each other’s eyes and our omnidirectional ourselves today.

A year ago, Dai Xi’s father, that is, my father -in -law, struggled for a last breath before his death, and pulled our hands together hard, and told us over and over again: "Good, good, don’t make trouble."

When my father -in -law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, it was when Dai Xi Xi had the most fierce time with me.

She has always made the opportunity to fly Huang Tengda because of his short eyes, and in the ruthless ridicule of her again and again, I did not hold back her slap, was driven out by her, moved to the company to the company.The employee dormitory has lived for a few days.

The bad news came, and I rushed to the hospital for the first time. I always respect my father -in -law. He is a tolerance and loving elder.He never interfered or bias.

In the few months of my father -in -law hospitalized, I went to the hospital almost every other day to accompany the bed, took care of him, searched for the treatment plan, and paid for money.

Although I knew that the bamboo basket would be in the water, when I looked at me in the corner of my father -in -law, I really felt worth it.

When he was so painful at night, he asked me: "We will cherish a daughter, and will inevitably be used to it. This child must be more willful, kind -hearted, simple, and sincere, and it is true to you.No matter how much, don’t you do it, okay? "

When Dai Ximi feeds him to drink porridge, he told her unreasonably: "Marriage is adapting to each other, not changing each other. Don’t force He Yan to do what he doesn’t like.Rubbing and rubbing into what you want, he is your husband willing to marry, and a living person. "

Even before dying, he heard that we were in tears and promised to live well, and never divorced, so he closed his eyes peacefully forever.

It can be said that the marriage of Dai Xi and I now returned to life was exchanged for his father -in -law with his last life. The weight was all known.

Therefore, in the past year, we have hidden the thorns that have hidden in our hearts. We put away the lumbing of the wielding. We are so trembling and careful, or do we stem from cherishing this lost marriage, or the end of my father -in -law.It has been unclear.

Just like sometimes, I can’t even distinguish it. Dai Xi Xi still has the same doubt about whether she still loves me.

Just a few days ago, she was half -jokingly blamed that I was as much as before, and she couldn’t think of picking up her get off work when it rained.

I just wanted to explain that my mother first argued for me: "When you go out in the morning, I don’t remind you to bring an umbrella. Whoever makes you lazy?

Dai Ximi’s face changed on the spot. If I hadn’t pulled her arm under the table, she would have gone back politely to my mother.

Back to the room and closed the door, I kneeling halfway in front of her, and apologized for three or four places, and promised to buy her bag and lipstick, and the look on her face eased.

Just when I was long -sighted, when she sighed and had a good luck, she suddenly passed her face and looked at me fixedly.

I stunned for a while, and nodded almost instinctively, but her eyes were shaking. I don’t know if she found out. Anyway, she didn’t ask, maybe she didn’t dare to face my eyes.


Dai Xi and I returned to good again, as if the word "divorce" that she blurted out that day was just her spoken error, and I was indirect deafness.

We returned to the day of love. I woke up half an hour in the morning every day to go to work. She would carefully iron the shirts washed by my mother. I will take out time on the weekend to check in the restaurant where I opened a newly opened restaurant. When she is not overtime, she willWill go home early and accompany me to sit quietly.

After my mother was almost hit by the car once, she bought an accidental danger for the two elderly people. Seeing that my dad loved to go out and bend, she specially equipped him with a heart rate detection.

Even occasionally when she asked for a child, her response was not as sharp and fierce as before, but I could see that she was not ready, and she was not happy before.

Until one day, she called me to eat for me to eat outside at night, saying that there was a big event to tell me that she looked very happy that day, like picking up money.

But it was almost the same. She talked about a large project. The project bonus was very considerable, and she was almost worth for my year’s salary.

The bottom of her eyes flashed with colorful light that I had never seen for a long time, and the happiness from the heart made her voice change. She said, "Wait for a bonus, let’s buy another house? I can count it?After, plus our deposit, it is enough to pay the down payment for a house. When we buy the house, we can move out. "

To be honest, at that moment, I was a little disappointed. Before she opened, what I originally wanted to say was to add the bonus.Should I have a child this time?

She looked at me with joy, I didn’t want to sweep her, but I didn’t hold back: "Live well, how can I move it out again? What do you think of my parents?"

"What do you think? They are going to live in the city, okay, they are elders and your parents. I let the whole suit be given to them. Can’t I move out myself?"

"They don’t want to live in the city, they want to live with their children. You don’t have children now, so you don’t know how to be your parents."

The joy on her face was swept away, and she replaced it with full resentment and anger: "Do you understand? Of course you understand, that’s your parents, of course you live with them, of course, comfortable and comfortable, but IWhat about it? I sometimes prefer to work overtime and I don’t want to go back early. I feel that it is no longer my home. I don’t have a sense of belonging. "

That night, she didn’t go home. I didn’t know that she returned to her mother’s house, and still hid a single apartment purchased before Xia Mengying’s marriage. I didn’t call her. She didn’t send me WeChat.The tired cold war.

Three days later, Xia Mengying thought of a compromised method for us, and suggested that we buy a new house in the same community. This is not far from my parents. It is also convenient to take care of it.Just don’t gap with each other.

Dai Xi and I think that this method is feasible. What is not enough is that the community we live in now is good, and most of them are in large units. Our savings are not enough to pay the down payment for a house.

I remembered last year my hometown and fish ponds were requisitioned. The openrs compensated more than 100,000 at one time. I wanted to borrow it with my parents to turn around. Who knows that before I speak, my dad refuses first.I.

"You want money to have children, or change a big house, don’t borrow it, I put my hands on, we are your son, we are not all of us, but we have to buy another house and move it.

My mother’s tears came again: "Is it the idea of Dai Xi? What kind of heart she has, but she grabbed my son and dismantled this home! I am busy, delicious and delicious every day.She, she is not satisfied with? Either to drive us back, or to move out, I think she just regards us as a family! "

The words fell, the door lock rolled, Dai Xi stood at the door expressionlessly. She was holding roast ducks and a large bag of sister -in -law in her hand. It was my dad’s favorite jams and my mother’s snacks.

She slowly walked to the table, put these things gently, swept through my parents one by one, and finally fell on my face. The voice was calm and dry: "He Yan, it’s so tired to be your family."

At the end, she paused, and a trace of the corner of her mouth: "Also, since it is a family, why do you have two families?"


The house was bought in the end, but it had nothing to do with me.

Dai Xixi bought a small apartment in the name of his mother -in -law under the sponsorship of his mother -in -law, and moved out in a rainy afternoon.

Since she packed things, my mother has been behind her, and asked her again and again, "What are you doing? Do you really want to live on this day?"

I sat on the sofa in the living room silently, one by one, one after another, I couldn’t stop, and I didn’t dare to stop. Only under the suppression of the smoke, can I barely control the turbulent and unknown of my heart for a long time.mood.

I’m afraid, I’m afraid I will run out of control at her or even do it again, and I’m afraid she will not help but ignore her cold eyes, kneeling on the ground and asking her to stay.

A week ago, I finally persuaded my parents to go to my mother -in -law’s house with me to pick up Dai Xi. During the period of Dai Xi, it was relaxed and quiet, but a sense of emptiness was almost tortured, almost torture me in insomnia.

I can’t tell whether she is still worried about where this marriage goes, just like I dare not resign and start a business, I hate all uncontrollable variables.

However, the real out of control of this marriage was exactly on the day I wanted to actively recover. There was no sign and whistling.

If it weren’t for me and my dad stopped, my mother and mother -in -law were so noisy to catch the face of flowers.My heart mentioned my throat, but when I saw the eyes of the eyes, it was chilling, and it fell into the bottom of the valley.

"What do you mean? Do you have such a mother like this, encourage your daughter to hide from my in -laws to buy a house, do you look forward to their divorce?"

"Do you have you as a mother like you? You are so embarrassed to ask me. The young couple had a good life. You have to insert a kick. I am a middle -aged bereavement and do n’t think of disturbing the child in the past. What do you do?Can’t you live together, you can’t live? "

"I live with my son. Can you manage it? Do you manage it? Your daughter hides to buy a house with my mother -in -law with her husband and wife. I also write your name.

"Joke, do you ask your son, do they have the common property of the husband and wife? Your son will pay the mortgage every month. The remaining money is enough for your family to eat and drink. All the savings are my daughter."

"What do you say, do my son make less? Isn’t his money used to pay a mortgage? He …" He … "

"What about that? That room has no name of my daughter. What does his loan have to do with my daughter?"

The two hundred women who were half a year old, who cared for their children like a chicken mother, were like the peak of Huashan Jade Girl, and she was caring with the red ribbon.

At that moment, I suddenly wanted to know what wishful wishes I wrote on that red ribbon.

After that noisy, Dai Ximi said that he would return to move things the next day, but it was dragged for a week. I thought she might be hesitant, struggling, or maybe this marriage.Oath, if it happened yesterday, it was like yesterday.

However, just when I was relieved, she was still back, and she was firm, and she moved out without a hint of hesitation. From beginning to end, she didn’t say a word to me.

Before she was out of the door, she looked back at me, her eyes were opposite, and her eyes shook, as if there were thousands of words, but she didn’t need to say more.


After divorce, one day, we met on the street by chance. I proposed to have a meal together. She smiled and agreed.

We went to a restaurant that had not been eaten as before.

She still loves everything that is fresh and beautiful like before.When ordering, I like to order a strange dish. I like to order a dessert with good beauty. I also like to order more than two people. Then I ca n’t taste two.

There was such a moment, I felt that it seemed that everything had not changed. After eating this meal, we could also go home together.

She suddenly mentioned that her colleague went to Huashan a few days ago, and even saw the star meteorite again, and her eyes were full of envy and expectations.

I also sighed with a smile: "Actually, before you moved out, I went to Huashan again. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it. Your colleague’s luck was so good."

She was shocked by hearing the words, and she was stunned in the bottom of her eyes, paused for a few seconds, and recovered as usual: "It may not be luck. She started planning for a long time in advance and made a guide."

I lowered my head and smiled, agreed.When I came back from my mother -in -law’s house, the more I was angry, the more I wanted to know what the wish I wrote on the red ribbon that year, so I asked to fly to Huashan the next day, and I went to the same hurry.

At that time, I wanted to surprise Dai Ximi as soon as possible. Later, I was in a hurry to rush to make a reason before she made a decision. I found the reason to save her. Every time I was too hasty, I couldn’t prepare, and it was reasonable to miss it.

The star meteor is, and the marriage is the same.

On the top of the jade girl, I saw a lot of red ribbons. They were embedded with various expectations, but they were so light and fluttering. With a breeze, they could blow the ground.

I stood in the place where the red ribbon was tied to the red ribbon in that year. I know that the last life -saving straw in our marriage was gone.

It was also that day that I knew that Dai Xuni dragged it out for a week before moving out because Xia Mengying’s husband was in a car accident the next day and went to the hospital. She was busy in the past to help delay. It was not what I thought about it.

She laughed and laughed, and said with a little laughter: "I really hesitated, but when I saw Xia Mengying’s extremely delicate woman, she calmly gave her husband’s feces and urinating.If you look off and look like you are like, I know that we are completely ended. I ask myself that I can’t do it because I don’t love you anymore, and I have no power to fight against the chickens in our marriage.

I laughed without any. I didn’t have much waves in my heart.As early as she asked me still or not, when I wanted to escape from this marriage, or maybe as long as we looked at each other’s eyes, we no longer loved each other.

After dinner, when she was separated, she still couldn’t hold back the pain on my shoulders and cried for a while, and my heart trembled with her trembling shoulders.

But we still smiled and said goodbye, and no one looked back, because we all knew that we were crying, we couldn’t bear it, no longer because of love, but pain.

We are like two big trees that are very close to, and the roots that are buried in the soil must have been tangled together day after day.Trees, even if the trunk is looped, even if the branches are knotted, we cannot grow into the same tree.

Now is separated by violence, the process of tearing will inevitably be injured, painful, and suddenly lonely and overwhelmed.Just like mothers and babies, there must always be an unbearable pain before the split.

Fortunately, it is a freshman to get the past.(Original title: "Miss: Lao Yan Division Fly")

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