Story: Wife is pregnant, the husband’s fortune telling is about to get a big disaster

There is a talented name of Feiren Dragon in Deqing County, Huzhou Prefecture. He married the charming Yao Caiyun as his wife. The two were in the same age and were twenty. They were very loving.

This year, Caiyun was pregnant, and the Tuirelong found a fortune teller to calculate one or two.

Unexpectedly, after speaking the character of Caiyun, the fortune teller sighed: "Make Mrs. Eight characters. This year, there must be a son, but in the future, it is not good to transport the road in the future."

Fei Renlong is not happy, "What do you say?"

The fortune teller did not answer, and Feiren dragon told himself again, "Mr. I calculates this eight characters, I still don’t see it."

As a result, the life of the fortune teller is not bad, and said, "This is a big noble character, but it is not good to transport the road. If you can’t avoid it, you will be dead. It will not be doubt.I don’t know, since I know it, then I must say that I do n’t think I ’m not good at talking.”

When the Tuiren Dragon saw him a bit of ability, he was a little panicked. He asked, "Can you avoid this misfortune?"

The fortune teller nodded, "Leave this early, and avoid hundreds of days away from a hundred miles away."

Fei Renlong asked again, "My wife is going?"

"By the somede today, I will go together naturally."

After listening to the words of fortune tellers, the Tuiren Dragon was busy giving the hexagram and going home to discuss this matter.

The two were better than faith in it, unbelievable their hearts, with silver daily, and a honest person named Fei Cai, and went east to the ship.

At the junction of Chongde, I saw a family from a distance. The scenery was elegant and pleasant.

Tuition went to inquire and met a farmer. The farmer said that this was an outside house of Feng Ji, all around, and many of them were empty, but many of them were a little bit outside, and the villagers were afraid of him.If you want to rent a house, you must be careful.

Fei didn’t care about it. Living for a month, give him a month of room money, what can be careful.

It happened that Feng’s housekeeper walked through, and Fei stepped forward and asked, "My family wants to live here temporarily, and dare to ask a empty house on the house?"

The housekeeper Feng said busy: "Yes, yes, you come with me, and live casually if you want."

Fei Cai was busy going to the consumer dragon couple, and the two came to come and picked up an elegant study. They immediately gave a monthly room money and lived.

After a few days, Feng Ji listened to the housekeeper. He heard that the couple who rented the couple, the husband was a talented talent, his wife was a beautiful woman, and couldn’t hold back curiosity and walked outside the door to look around.

It happened that Caiyun paced in the courtyard. Feng Ji always loved the wind and moon. After seeing Caiyun, he was shocked as heaven. When he went home, he started thinking about it.

Coincidentally, a guest named Fengcheng East came in and saw Feng Ji’s sorrow and asked him what happened.

Most of the people who are the guests are better. After listening to Feng Ji said, Fengcheng Dongli encouraged: "What are you afraid of? As long as you agree, just go. MoreoverIsn’t it a hand to capture? "

Feng Ji was boiled by his words, and asked Fengcheng Dong what should be done.

As soon as Fengcheng’s east -eye bead turned, he came up with a poisonous plan and laughed: "Now their husbands and wives live here, there is no relatives, and there are no neighbors and friends.It ’s time to arrange some accidents. The accident was big or small, and the staff said that it was the case. The small ones would be crime, and he wrapped him out of the crime.At that time, his wife has no Lord, and what does it want to do outside the person who wants to do? It really takes long for a long time, and he simply kills that show in jail, but it takes some money. "

"Miao!" Feng Ji was happy. When he wrote a post, he sent someone to send it to Feiren Dragon, saying that his own employee asked Xianggong to talk.

Cai Yun wondered that she had never seen each other.

Fei Renlong responded at a time, thinking that he would have to discuss it, and he went to the Feng family.

Seeing Feng Ji, seeing him in his forties, he was very enthusiastic about himself.

There was also a person who claimed to be Fengjiamen’s east of Fengcheng. After a while, Feng Ji prepared a table of mountains and sea flavors.

After returning home, Feiren Long said to Caiyun: "Today, Feng Yuan is very enthusiastic, and I want to make a poem for him tomorrow."

Caiyun didn’t have a good breath: "Such a cold day, I don’t know to return early, go to bed quickly."

In the early morning of the next day, the couple used breakfast and enjoyed plums in the courtyard.

Feng Ji saw Cai Yun’s face outside, and his heart was burning vigorously. He couldn’t hold back and walked in straight.

Caiyun was busy entering the house, and Feiren dragon stepped forward. Feng Ji said: "Can’t come to visit in the next step, and be brave to discuss the vice treasure."

Fei Renlong felt that he learned that someone was appreciated, and he was happy.

Because there was no golden paper on hand, he returned to the Feng family with Feng Ji.

After writing, Fengcheng East prepared a table of wine and vegetables, and the three were drunk.

After that, Feng Ji listened to Fengcheng East, and every day he received a fee of the dragon.

After a few days, Feiren Long revealed that he would return at the end of the year.

So this day, I put on a table of Zhenhai to invite Tuiren Long to come.

This time, drinking is different from the past. It usually drinks half of it. This time, a bowl of wine was filled down.

Then he held him, sent the ship that was prepared in advance, and traveled to Chongde County overnight.

In the early morning of the next day, Feng Ji went to the county to sue, accusing Feiren Long while he was fighting at the family.

The county magistrate heard the murder case and ordered people to get people.

Who knew that after the poor person arrived, he saw that he was drunk and couldn’t help it, so he had to hold it together and lift it to the stage.

Fei Renlong was still seeing Zhou Gong at this time, not saving personnel.

Seeing him like this, the county magistrate thought about it: "It is a common thing to be drunk and beating people. But if it was killed yesterday, why didn’t you wake up today? Can’t you kill him after being killed? Besides, the clothes are not messy.Unlike the murder, things are suspicious. "

So he ordered the Fei Renlong to take the prison and wait for his wine to wake up.

At this time, there was an order on it. The county ordered to leave Chongde County and go to handle official duties for at least ten days.

Several Feng Ji had to go back by boat first, leaving the Tuiren Long alone.

On this day, Caiyun didn’t see her husband come back for a long time at home. It was not clear to find someone to find someone. It wasn’t clear that the people who watched the door were so anxious that the stomach had pain, and it turned out to be born.

Fei Cai was sweating, and after inviting the doctor, he went to the Feng family to find the Tuition Dragon.

At this time, two women came out and asked him, "Who are you? What are you doing here?"

Fei Cai said busy: "I am the subsidiary of Fei Xianggong, the aunt is about to give birth, let me find Fei Xianggong."

One of them was busy entering and suing Feng Ji’s wife Don.

Thirty -six -year -old Tang was as good as good, and he was hard to persuade her husband to abstain from evil.

Hearing Caiyun’s childbirth, I couldn’t find Xianggong. I was afraid that the guests had a difference here, so they personally had the same talent, and brought three women to the yard rented by the Fician to help.

Fortunately, the mother and son were safe, and this kind of goodwill made Caiyun grateful for Don.

When it was too late, Don left a woman named Su Mei explained: "Her husband went out and went out.

Su Mei should sleep in front of the Caiyun bed holding the shop at night, and she was very delicate.

After Feng Ji arrived home, after hearing the news of Caiyun’s childbirth, she couldn’t say boring in her heart. Fortunately, her body was not hindered.

Fengcheng east said: "The woman’s body is relatively virtual after giving birth. Her husband’s affairs cannot be said. If he is anxious to die, the kung fu is in vain.Her heart, when she raised her body, and said some sweet words, she gave some delicious, delicious, and good use in the morning and evening.

Feng Ji nodded, "You are reasonable."

The next day, I ordered someone to send a bunch of things. Caiyun felt inspiring: "Fortunately, when I meet your husband and wife, I just don’t know when my husband can return from Suzhou."

Caiyun was looking forward to it, but there was no news.

Su Mei looked at it, and couldn’t help but say to her husband Akui after returning, "Fei Xianggong didn’t know when he would come back.

Akui was loose. That night, he followed Feng Ji to Chongde County. He knew about the cause and consequences of the matter. Listening to Su Mei said, he couldn’t help but said, "I am afraid that I can’t come back in this life."

Su Mei shocked: "What do you say?"

A Kui said it once, and said, "Tomorrow, we must grab his lady to bed. You can’t say it."

Sumei has been excellent in the relationship between the same color cloud these days. Cai Yun gave her a set of clothes and several jewelry. Su Mei also likes Caiyun’s gentleness. When she listened to her husband, a cold sweat appeared on her body.

The husband promised her husband not to say something, but was very worried: "If the notification of Cai Yun, she could not think of any way to make a weak woman.Strong, Caiyun must not be obedient. If you want to die, you can keep innocent. Unfortunately, such a good person, I really can’t bear to see her ending like this. Looking at the big lady’s heart, it is better to tell her to know this. Maybe it can save Caiyun’s life.","

After thinking, three steps and two steps entered the Tang Francisco Temple, and said something.

After listening, Tang’s complexion was like a soil, and he didn’t speak for a while.

After a while, I vomited a breath and sighed: "Su Mei, saving people to create a seven -level floating slaughter, you go quietly to notify the Tisi, and say that the staff is going to grab her in the evening.The prison was hiding her in advance, I was afraid she couldn’t think of it for a while. I remember that your brother shakes the boat on the river. You call him to come back to Deqing County overnight and wait for her house to tell the matter.","

Su Mei quickly rushed to Caiyun Na and quietly said to her. Caiyun was shocked: "How can there be such a thing?"

At the moment, I cried anxiously. Su Mei said, "Don’t cry, hurry up and clean up, and have a boat to send you away. If it is late, I know that the wings will not escape."

Cai Yun was busy letting Fei clean up. After packing, the sky was darning, and Su Mei also helped move things. Several people finally boarded the boat.

The boat went to Deqing at night and sent Caiyun to home.

The next day, Feng Ji thought that at night, he would grab Caiyun to get his wishes, so that Fengcheng East came early.

Throughout the day, Feng Ji hurriedly grown up, and he couldn’t get it right away immediately.

If you can’t wait, you want to go to see the beauty first.

Who knew there, when the door was covered, pushed the door in, silent and silent.

Go in quietly, no people.Going to the inner room again, the belongings in the room were gone, and there were only some furniture.

Feng Ji was shocked and walked out of the way, just happened to meet the east of Fengcheng, and said, "This is not possible, everyone ran away."

Fengcheng East was also surprised, "Who leaked the news?"

Feng Ji called all the people in the inside story and asked them one by one. Everyone naturally did not recognize it, and A Kui denied it.

Feng Ji was annoyed: "It’s really a ghost, Feiren Long is still in jail. Isn’t this trouble?"

He was a little strange in his heart, and he didn’t say anything, but he had to fight a lawsuit. What can I do now!

Fengcheng Dongxin Shengsheng poisoned: "This thing can only be blame the lucky road. In this case, I simply do nothing, and use some silver to directly ask for the fate of the Tuiren.In the name of renting the house, stealing the property at home, and running overnight. At that time, she could come forward to clarify, and wait for someone to find a way. "

Feng Ji also couldn’t think of other better ways. He had to listen to the words of Fengcheng East. He took some silver to prison officers and wanted the Tuiren Dragon to die.

Fei Renlong’s side, he was taken away that day. The person who closed the supervisor saw that he looked like Swen and was dressed. He didn’t know what he was, afraid of offending people, and simply put him asleep in the official hall.

Fei Renlong was waking up until he dusted, but felt his brain was drowsy.There was no light in the house, touched it with your hands, and was not in bed, and there was no quilt bedding or something. He thought it was in the living room of the Feng family. He was really tired and fell asleep.

Wake up again, it is clear.

He raised his clothes and looked around, and he found that it was a strange place.

In my heart, I was disturbed. When I wanted to go out and see, I walked out of the hall.

The Tuirelong saw it, and went to Shi Li, and asked him where this was.

The coming person was Prisoner Bu Chang. He was in his 50s. His wife died earlier years and left a daughter. She was 20 years old and has not yet said.

He already knew that Feiren Dragon was a talent. When he saw him coming to see the ceremony, he returned to the gift.

Listening to Fei Renlong asked where this was, I didn’t know that I was sentenced to jail, and I didn’t know how to say it for a while. I just invited him to the study, while calling the subordinates to send water to grooming, and let her daughter Xiu Xiang brings breakfast.Come.

Xiu Xiang asked strangely: "Dad, this is a prisoner, what is good for him?"

Buchang smiled, "You don’t know, he is a talented, and his face is expensive. The case has not been tried and has not been settled. In the future, I don’t know what to make.Mine, three meals a day, don’t neglect. "

After listening to Xiu Xiang, she was seriously made and prepared a table of staple food.

After eating, Bu Chang said to the Feiren: "Fei Xianggong, you are now sued the murderer in the county."

Fei Renlong was surprised after hearing, "I don’t know the name of Lao Zhang’s surname? Who did it sue me?"

Buchang smiled, "In the next county’s prison, the surname is Bu Mingchang. You were brought into the county hall yesterday, but you do n’t know who it is, you have to see the paper paper."

Fei Ren Long Yijie was a scholar, and he was charged with such a great charges for no reason. He immediately shook his body and looked iron. He shook and said, "Please also help Bu Laozhang to see who I offended, and I want to put me like this."

Bu Chang took the original state and handed it to Feiren Dragon.

It’s okay, after seeing it, the body was softened immediately, and he sat on the chair for a while without speaking.

Xiu Xiang met and soaked a bowl of ginger soup to make people send it out.

The Tuiren Long barely swallowed two, and looked dullly: "Feng Yuan was very enthusiastic about me. First, I asked me to write poems and call me with my brother. I asked me to go to his house the day before yesterday.After the two drunk me, I did n’t know what happened. I did n’t even know what time and where they were.

Buchang shook his head, "Before you tried it, adults have left the local area. If you have tried it, you still don’t know what suffering, how can you sit here well. As you said, the limbs are sore after drunk, how can I have the strength to fight?People? Besides, I still killed people! Besides, you will not do it as a scholar. At present, it is better to rest in my rest and wait for adults to come back and show a paper complaint. "

The Tuiren Dragon quickly thanked, "Thank you for the next day, if you have a good day, he will report to the grace of today. It is just that his wife is about to give birth. The students can really rest assured.

Bu Chang laughed and laughed, "What kind of nonsense is this? Don’t say that this person’s murder case is some small cases, and you can’t put it privately. The law cannot be chaotic."

After hearing it, Feiren dragon shed tears, and said with grief: "The fortune teller said that I had a lot of difficulties within a hundred days, and I had to hide from a hundred miles to resolve it. But now I have suffered a lot within a hundred days.Can’t help it. "

Buchang asked: "Do you say that fortune -telling, what would happen if you avoided it?"

"He said, if he escaped, fame and fortune were taken off guard, not credible."

After listening to Bo Chang, he comforted: "Today, the misfortune was fulfilled, and the later things would definitely be fulfilled. Relax, the world is fair."

Tuiren nodded, crying silently, looking forward to his eyes open, so that he could go back and see his wife and children.

Early the next morning, Xiu Xiang said to Bu Chang: "Daddy, I dreamed last night, dreamed of sitting in the house with the surname fee, and suddenly turned a faucet.It turned out to be a green dragon and flew into the sky. Then I put on my body and took me to the sky. I was afraid of it, and my feet were empty and woke up. "

After listening, Buchang let his daughter say that he had his own claims.

After a few days, a king jailer came to find Buchang to discuss things.

Bu Chang went out to talk about him. After talking, he went straight to his daughter’s room and stayed for almost two hours.

Afterwards, Feiren Long said, "Fei Xianggong, this Feng Ji runs across the countryside by the money. At least three of the ten prisoners in my prison are his opponent.The wife’s appearance is caused. "

Fei Renlong exclaimed: "This robber was so harmful to me! How did the benevolent know about this?"

Buchang said: "Just now Feng Ji asked someone to send twenty or two silver, and to the jailer five or two again, I wanted me to let you die in jail."

Fei Renlong asked: "How about my wife?"

Buchang said: "I am going to congratulate you to be happy. Feng Ji was funeral and he wanted to snatch his wife directly. I wonder who leaked the wind and let his wife escape.You, you also have to accuse your wife stealing treasure, so as to take the opportunity to catch her home. I discuss this with you today. I want to come to the killing of you and kill people. I will definitely create a fake certificate.When I was sick, I said that you died of illness in the New Year. At that time, he was busy, and it was estimated that he would not be able to check it. At that time, he took the opportunity to put it out, participate in the imperial examinations, conspired to be born, and it is expected to revenge.I can’t discuss with him. "I have to discuss with him."

After speaking, he went out to find the king’s jailer, and left the Tuiren Long’s heart to panic, but he was grateful to Bu Chang.

After the meeting, Wang Wang walked in with Bu Chang, and he didn’t say much about gossip. He said directly: "We will do it cleanly, and you will never be found, but you have to be careful.In the past two or three years, the retribution is in the past two or three years. Master Bu has the intention to let you go. He also appreciates you. He is a lady under his knees. He is the same age as you. Today I will be a matchmaker and let the lady be a second mother. You do you do.The son -in -law’s son -in -law’s son -in -law, a glorious glory, will be damaged. When the New Year comes out of the prison, you will take a boat back to Deqing with the lady, and then bring the big lady to Beijing.Don’t forget my feelings. "

Fei Renlong said, "The grace of life -saving is unforgettable. It’s just that I meet with the lady Pingshui, and I can’t afford the love of the lady."

King Wang laughed: "It’s really not concealed. The lady had a auspicious dream, and I talked again after I heard it. Otherwise, how can we care about you?"

The Tuirelong had no choice but to go down.

Bu Chang was a good day today. That night, Feiren Long quietly finished his family affairs with Xiu Xiang and entered the cave.

Since then, everything will act in accordance with the plan of Buchang.

First, I waited for the gate to return to the gate and submitted the illness.

Then wait for the New Year, and handed it out.

When the county was approved to let his loved ones lead the corpse, Bu Chang hurriedly told his people to clean up his luggage, and then called the king’s jailer to help. In the evening, he opened the prison door, lifted out the Tasan dragon, and went to smoke.

After returning to Deqing, Caiyun was missing her husband crying sadly in the room, and only heard the voice of the Tuiren dragon: "Lady, I’m back."

Cai Yun began to think that it was an illusion, and when he heard the knock, he went to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, Caiyun rushed up like seeing the baby. When facing face, they both choked.

Xiu Xiang was on the side, came up to see the ceremony, Cai Yun asked, "Who is she?"

"It’s hard to say. This is my life -saving benefactor, everything is long."

Fei Renlong said slowly. After listening to Caiyun, he no longer annoyed her husband to take a trip to take a second mother, but gave a gift. Thanks, "thanks to your father and daughter, Xianggong was able to live. In the future, we can live.Just call it with the sisters. "

After a night of rest, I was afraid that Feng Ji was vicious and regenerated. They soon packed the gold and silver jewelry at home and brought children, Fei Cai, and grandmother to Beijing.

After looking for a house, the Tuiren Dragon studied hard in the study all day. Finally, when the list was unveiled in the autumn, he won ninety -one.

At the time of the spring, he will be tried to win the Sanjiajin Scholar.

When he took office, he was full of joy and thought: "After a few years, when there is a family member who went to Zhejiang for a patrol, Feng Ji couldn’t escape. And Fengcheng East, he must kill him alive.Su Mei’s grace, and the kindness of the king of the king of the king must be reported. "

After Danyang, it is a few months later to deal with everything.

Send someone to inquire about Feng Ji’s whereabouts. Who knew that Feng Ji was killed by the righteous man in the river.

This is really a lot of people’s hearts. If you do n’t righteousness, you will kill themselves. They will be given to the two wives. They all say that killing is good.

Later, I found out that Tang went to Fengxiu in the former village of Fengjia Village. Su Mei went to take a look from time to time. At the moment, they sent them to invite them and thanked them.

He also sent someone to Chongde County to find a king jailer.

Who knew that Wang’s died for half a year and left a son named Wang Yi.

Time is rustic, the Tuiren Longguan to the Ministry of War, the son of Caiyun, Feilian, and the scholar.

Bu Chang lived to ninety, and when he saw everything in front of him, he laughed.


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