Strange fetal dreams, how many do you hit some of the confusing behaviors after women’s pregnancy?

Women are pregnant and have children. It is a long process. Although there are many discomforts, they also bring a lot of happiness.After experiencing "all kinds of hardships and suffering", when the baby was born peacefully, many mothers couldn’t help the tears of happiness: it was not easy to become a mother!

Recalling the journey of conceiving in October, I still can’t help feeling: I am pregnant, I feel like I have become personal!Throughout pregnancy, I have experienced many "strange" things, there are many "confusing" phenomena, and even some "quirk" behaviors have been produced!Today we will take a look. After women are pregnant, what are the phenomena of "confusion"? Bao moms compare and see how many of you have been in?

According to mothers, when they are pregnant, they always have many strange dreams.When they wake up, they feel very curious and think about it. They may be a little worried or afraid.Some people who come here will mysteriously teach you the experience: the baby dream indicates the gender of the fetus, and dreams of snakes and dragons will have boys; dreaming of flowers, butterflies, etc. will have girls …

[Behavior solution] The so -called fetal dreams indicate that men and women are actually unscientific, and human dreams are not directly connected with the gender of the fetus.Dreaming frequently during pregnancy is because the expectant mothers are nervous and anxious about the future of her and the fetus in the abdomen, and they are caused by various discomfort during pregnancy, which is prone to fatigue and poor rest.

[Suggestions during pregnancy] Pregnant mothers do not have to put too much pressure on themselves, adjust tension appropriately, and do not overwork.You can drink a glass of milk before going to bed, listen to music, look at books related to giving birth, and relax your mood, which helps improve sleep.

A pregnant mother said that she was incredible, and her appetite would change in a few months after pregnancy.Before you are pregnant, you like to eat meat.But after pregnancy, I want to vomit when I smell the meat, and my appetite is poor.Three or four months later, my appetite was open, and I was fragrant. I like to eat sweet, sour and spicy "heavy taste".By the end of pregnancy, I became appetizing again, I just wanted to eat some light.

[Behavioral solution] Regarding the problem of changes in appetite during pregnancy, it can be roughly explained: early pregnancy female bodies secrete a large amount of hormones in order to protect the embryo growth environment, which will weaken gastrointestinal motility and cause appetite to change.In the second trimester, due to the increase in the fetus, the uterus compressed the internal organs, and the gastrointestinal function was affected by some, and it would also change eating habits.

[Suggestions during pregnancy] Pregnant mothers should adjust their eating habits according to different characteristics of pregnancy. Do not picky eaters to eat, and diverse foods for each meal to ensure that nutritional intake is balanced.At the same time, you must also eat flexibly, eat on demand, eat less meals, avoid eating too much and indigestion.

During pregnancy, I always feel that the air flow in Dantian is turbulent and exhaust!In fact, it is popular, that is, old love "fart".Sometimes in the office, or public places, in case of control, it will be embarrassing. I really want to find a ground seam!

[Behavior solution] This is also related to the gastrointestinal motility of progesterone secretion during pregnancy and indigestion.If the expectant mothers eat too many foods that are prone to flatulence, such as onions, oats, sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc., they will also fart.

【Suggestions during pregnancy】

Specific mothers should not have a psychological burden. This is a normal reaction during pregnancy. Any mother who has experienced you can understand you.If you often fart during pregnancy, you need to adjust your eating habits, eat less flatulence foods, eat more semi -solid food, and chew as much as possible to eat as much as possible.

The 28 -year -old pregnant mother checked, and was 8 months pregnant in the third trimester.She said that she was not a crying person before, but after pregnancy, she became sentimental, and she loved tears without moving.Moreover, recently, I have always lost their temper with my husband because of some trivial matter. In fact, I don’t think I should not control my emotions afterwards?

[Behavioral solution] The mood during pregnancy is actually related to the changes in hormones in the body, which is normal.Furthermore, after pregnancy, women’s appearance changes, physical discomfort, bad appetite, poor sleep, fatigue, mental tension and anxiety, etc., will lead to emotional instability.

[Suggestions during pregnancy] Emotional fluctuations during pregnancy will have a certain impact on the fetus.The expectant mothers are not emotional, and many are related to her husband’s incomprehension, not considerate, and not taking care of them, so the prospective dad must spend more time and thought to accompany his wife.In addition, pregnant mothers must also learn to solve bad emotions, such as rest more, making some simple pregnant women yoga, listening to music, and cultivating some hobbies.

Many pregnant mothers were ladies with a body before they were pregnant. They were standing, sitting with a sitting position, walking like a light wind, and there was a beautiful scenery everywhere.But now, the big belly is stool, standing up and back when standing, her legs open on their legs, walking stupidly like ducks, and can only wear flat shoes. The previous lady’s image no longer exists!

[Behavioral confusion] This is a problem that every pregnant mother cannot avoid. Because the belly is getting bigger and bigger, our weight gain, and the center of gravity will move forward. We can only maintain the balance of the body by adjusting the posture.Therefore, the prospective mother at this stage, don’t mind too much, just be comfortable.

[Suggestions during pregnancy] Do not sit for a long time, which may affect digestion and absorption and blood circulation. It is recommended to get up for about 10 minutes in 40 minutes. Do not stand for a long time. It will continue to be in a state of tension and lumbar pain.

The most amazing thing during pregnancy is the changes in our bodies. In addition to various reactions during pregnancy, our figure and appearance are also changing at the speed of visible to the naked eye.The weight is slowly increasing, the hair becomes thick and thick, and the skin color becomes darker. The belly looks like a small air tube and bulges up every day.In the early stages of pregnancy and the second trimester, I can’t recognize myself!

[Dispiring behavior] After women enter pregnancy, in order to meet the needs of fetal growth and development, under the action of progesterone, a series of physiological changes will occur. This is a natural biological response.Slowly recover normal.

[Suggestions during pregnancy] Pregnant mothers should not be frustrated because of "becoming ugly", and do not use cosmetics for pursuing beauty, let alone diet deliberately for their body, affect health, and it is also very unfavorable to the fetus.It is believed that all this is temporary. As long as we actively conduct rehabilitation training after giving birth, the state of pre -delivery is completely possible.

We can truly understand the weight and meaning of the word "mother".Thanks to the baby, I can be my child; thank my mother, bring us to this world, so that we have the opportunity to become a mother and create our own miracles of life!

This article is the original content of the mother of the Wan family.I have experienced several times of stopping and protecting tires. There are two treasures that focus on learning and sharing scientific and practical childcare and childcare knowledge. I like articles to help to like and share, and pay attention to know more.

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