Sudden!Quanzhou: The pregnant woman jumps in the river, the pulse is gone!crucial moment……


Nanan Water Head Wuli Bridge by Wuli Bridge

A pregnant woman jumps into the river

When you are rescued

There is no pulse

crucial moment

A female doctor just passed by

Emergency rescue


Cai Hong helps to check the situation of women and fetuses

At 11 am on the 22nd, the water head police station of the Nan’an Public Security Bureau received a report from the public that a woman jumped in a woman in Wuliqiao to commit suicide. The police immediately rushed to the scene after receiving the report.Because the car could not drive in, the police ran into the incident and found that the woman jumping in the river was rescued by two passing men.After a female doctor who happened to pass by, the light -born woman who had no pulse returned to the pulse.

Saving man

Saving man

According to the masses, after the woman jumped into the river, the crowds of their eyes shouted "someone jumped into the river."Nearby, two men rushed and jumped into the water in the water.After hearing the doctor, the doctor of Nan’an Guanqiao Hospital, who was walking nearby, he hurried forward to help."Her belly was very big. I thought it was drinking too much water, but when I touched it, it was not right, it was a pregnant woman," said Cai Hong. At that time, she touched and found that the woman had no pulse.She quickly lay down and made artificial breath to the pregnant woman.I don’t know how long it has been done. Slowly, Cai Hong felt that the woman’s carotid artery had pulse again, and she was so tired and nervous that she cried quickly.

Cai Hong helps to check the situation of women and fetuses

At this time, the police arrived.Cai Hong said anxiously to the police, "She has children in her stomach, and she and their children still have pulse now, but they have been in a coma for half an hour, and they have to rush to the hospital for rescue." The police quickly organized the masses to walk to carry the woman to the police car to the police car.Beside, prepare a police car to send the woman to the hospital for rescue.At this time, the ambulance arrived, everyone lifted the woman to the ambulance, and Cai Hong also explained the situation to the medical staff.

After the woman got on the ambulance, the police contacted the woman’s relatives through the women’s mobile phone and informed relatives to the hospital.At the same time, thanks to the enthusiastic people at the scene.

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, the women’s husband also arrived at the hospital.It was learned from the husband’s mouth that the woman went out with her husband that morning with her husband.I thought the woman just wanted to go out for a walk, but I didn’t expect it to be impulsive for a while.After rescue, women and children are safe and nothing, but it is not awake.The police left after hearing the news that women and children were safe.After returning to the police station, the police were still uneasy and called the women’s husband’s phone call again.The woman’s husband said that the woman woke up after rescue for an hour.

Source: Southeast Morning Post Comprehensive Quanzhou Evening News

Reporter: Huang Genghuang Chen Linghong

Edit: Mai Binbin

Review: Chen Yan, etc.

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