Summer must be cold!Take some ginger in the morning, take some yam at night, and set up yang deficiency and wet and cold!

Summer must be cold!Why do you say that?There is generally cold in the modern human body. This cold is not only accumulated in winter, but also includes unhealthy living habits.Horgus will also affect the body’s resistance, and it will be sick when people are motionless.Summer is the most prosperous season in the year, and it is also a good time for the cold.Today, Dr. Jia came to share with you a small trick of supplementing the cold in the summer, helping you to set up yang deficiency and wet and cold!

As the saying goes, "Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer, do not work doctors to prescribe medicines." Some people may be wondering that summer is hot enough. Why should you eat ginger?The weather is hot in summer, our pores are open, and yang will float on the body surface. In contrast, the yang of the internal organs is not so sufficient.And in summer, greedy food is cold, which will also damage the spleen and yang, leading to the deficiency of internal organs.And ginger can be warm in the cold and reconcile the spleen and stomach, so when the yang is rising in the morning, we should eat some ginger properly, which can warm the spleen and stomach, warm the five internal organs, and reduce the damage to the spleen and stomach.Ginger is actually fresh ginger. We can add some brown sugar to drink water. On the one hand, it can relieve the spicy ginger, and on the other hand, it can enhance the temperature of ginger.

Yam is a good thing. Yam can enter the spleen and kidney. It can nourish the spleen and yin and kidney yin.It is equally important to fill yin in summer. One is because the yang is too active during the day. When you want to converge at night, you must have sufficient yin liquid; the other is because the weather in summer is hot, and it is easy to produce a lot of sweat.Excessive sweat consumes the fluid. Insufficient fluids are prone to virtual fire, such as the five upsets, not sleeping at night, easy to night sweats, etc. Therefore, we must add some fluid to properly.In addition, the yam can also solidify the kidney essence and prevent kidney essence from being lost. It is best to eat it at this time of 5-7 pm, because this time is a command of the kidney meridian, and the effect of yam can be better.Enter the kidney.

Ginger Wenyang, yam nourishes yin. The two coordinate yin and yang. Not only can we have yang deficiency, but also the symptoms of wet and cold caused by insufficient yang.You can see good changes in two or three months.

Well, the above is what I shared with you today. Thank you for watching it. We see you next time!

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