Suspense stories: Bandal tricks, scum girls who are pregnant and cheated money, and the details of the death of her ex -boyfriend are exposed!

What makes men happy in the world is after a fierce battle, my girlfriend said softly in my ears, I am pregnant.What a man who made men in the world was not better than his girlfriend and said that the child is not yours.

Long Yuan happened to be this unfortunate man. He was happy with his heart back and forth, and instantly tasted the taste of the two days of water and fire.This is not the key. What’s more is that his girlfriend clearly told him that he had to associate with three men at the same time. Because he could not be sure who the child was, everyone had to pay for the support.

Well, you planted a prairie on your head, and you have to pay for it willingly.Just ask you not surprised, no surprise.

Longyuan is a programmer of a company that specializes in the newly developed robots of the company to write an operating system.Longyuan’s talent, strong work ability, and developed operating systems are appreciated by company leaders.

The leader had the intention to collect Longyuan into the east bed. At the award meeting, he called the daughter star who had always ignored the company’s affairs.A person can see the meaning at a glance. How can Long Yuan a smart person not know?

In fact, Long Yuan also has a girlfriend called Kangzi, who is the secretary of the leader.But Longyuan understood that Kangzi was a sea and associated with several men at the same time.Sure enough, Kang Zi had a child, and several men had to pay for the support.

The gentleman loves the fortune, which is probably the way to make money from Kangzi.On this day, Long Yuan, who had just worked at work, was called to the office by the section chief. Another colleague in the office was called Hashimoto.

Seeing that everyone was in Qi, the section chief didn’t hide, and he teared the shame on everyone’s face.The section chief said that he knew that Kangzi had also associated with the other two at the same time.

Now the situation must also know that Kang Zi is pregnant, who is the child in his stomach, anyway, the chief has no courage to say that he is not his own.

He is the eldest son of the leader. If this incident is exposed, he must not be mixed in the company, let alone inheriting his father’s career.Given that Long Yuan is currently appreciated by leaders and is interacting with the younger sister’s sister, and Hashimoto also has a family and room. If he is known by his wife with Kangzi, what will happen to his consequences?

Therefore, there is only one way to solve the dilemma of the three people, which is to disappear Kangzi.When the other two listened, the chrysanthemum tightened and turned to look at the chief.

The section chief said that you don’t have to rush to express your statement now. You will give you one night, and you disagree with you. You two will reply tomorrow.The next night, the three of them gathered in the agreement. It seems that they are determined to make Kangzi disappear.

The section chief immediately said his entire plan, and he particularly emphasized that the plan must be closely coordinated by the other two people in order to be seamless, otherwise he may have a good job.The plan of the section chief went on a business trip and went to three different cities.

From A, about Kangzi to the city A, A got off Kangzi at 6:30 in the afternoon.But before 6:30, he had to make evidence that was absence.Then drove Kangzi’s body, drove to the city where B was located, stopped at the designated point, and immediately returned to City A.After returning to the city, try to contact others as much as possible to let the witnesses see that they are in the city.

In the same way, B drove the car left by A at the designated place at 10 o’clock in the evening and rush to the city.Before 10 o’clock in the evening, he must also do evidence that he is not present.After returning to City B from City C, he should also keep in touch with people as much as possible to prove that he has been in City B.

In this kind of push, then C drove by C to transport the body to City D quickly.In this way, all three people have evidence.Because A, as a person who directly removes Kangzi, belongs to the main criminal. In order to ensure that the other two did not betray A, the three also set up a joint book to indicate that it was a joint plan for Kangzi to be the three people.

They signed their names on the joint book and pressed the handprints.The current situation is that everything is ready, only to wait for the killing.Then the question is, who will play the role of A.In other words, who will kill Kangzi himself?Obviously the plan is the plan, and the implementation is implementation.

No one is a murderer, no one has killed people, and no one wants to kill a pregnant woman by himself.Later, the three decided through the card. Unfortunately, the section chief touched A.It means that Kangzi is killed, and the chief must be done by the section chief himself.

According to the agreed time, Long Yuan came to City C from the corpse of Kangzi from City B. Hashimoto had been waiting here for a long time.Move the body to Hashimoto’s car, and the two were ready to look at Kangzi.I don’t know, I just scared the two at first glance.

It turned out that the bag was not Kangzi’s body at all, but the chief of the section.I wipe it, what’s the situation?Did the chief defeat Kangzi be killed by him?But how could Kangzi know the plan of the three and drive the car to City B?The scared two quickly abandoned the car and fled the scene.Back to the company’s Longyuan, I saw Kangzi again, as frightened as if I saw a ghost.

However, Kangzi’s performance made Longyuan puzzled, and Kangzi showed unknown appearance. This woman was terrible.Longyuan and Hashimoto came to the top of the building. They learned that Kangzi did go to City A yesterday and was asked her to go to her.

But the three people signed, and the joint book of the handprint was gone, and the situation was out of control at the moment.The chief’s body was discovered by the police that the police officer came to find Longyuan to understand the situation.Long Yuan said that before 10 o’clock last night, he had been dining with friends in City B.

After 10 o’clock, he returned to the hotel, and he had recorded records in and out of the hotel.From Longyuan, the police officers did not get any useful information.At the time of the incident, he had no evidence in another city.At the funeral of the section, Long Yuan met Xingzi.From Xingzi, Long Yuan learned that the section chief and Xingzi were different, and Xingzi didn’t seem to like her brother.

When he was a child, his brother left with his mother. Later, his mother had left the accident, and the section chief returned to their house.The two came to the top of the building again, and Hashimoto got the news from Kangzi. Kangzi did go to City A that day, but did not see the section chief.

Because the current joint book is unknown, Long Yuan feels that the two should solve Kangzi as soon as possible.Long Yuan returned home and didn’t know who sent him a courier.Long Yuan opened the express while watching the TV.

At this time, the TV was broadcasting a murder together, and the deceased turned out to be Hashimoto, who had just broke up with himself.Hashimoto died of potassium cyanide poisoning, which caused him to die. The pen was a pens received by Longyuan, which was just contained in a pen that was exactly the same as the killing Hashimoto.

Long Yuan quickly opened the pen, which was hidden in the potassium.Right now, the person who killed the chief and Hashimoto was not ready to let Longyuan go.The company’s continuous two consecutive murders have attracted great attention from leadership.

The leader called Longyuan and asked the chief to be killed. Where he was at the time.Long Yuan repeated the settlement of the police officer to the leader.As a result, the leaders naturally failed to find any clues.After leaving the leader’s office, Long Yuan received another picture.

It turned out that some people signed a joint book for the murder of Kangzi at the beginning, took pictures to send it to Longyuan mobile phone, and asked him to meet on the top of the building.Long Yuan came to the top of the building and found a joint book, but it was a copy.When Longyuan was confused, he was pushed down from behind.Fortunately, he desperately grabbed the railing and was spared to fall downstairs and fell into a meat cake.

It’s just that Long Yuan didn’t see clearly, who pushed him behind him.Long Yuan decided to figure out who was behind him, and he wanted to find the person who killed the chief and Hashimoto.Long Yuan found the chief secretary of the section, and planned to find some clues from her.

The two were talking, their colleagues, a man named Jingcun suddenly appeared.Seeing that there was no way to continue talking, Long Yuan had to get up and leave.In fact, Yizi originally had a boyfriend, and Jingcun was working partner at work.

Yizi and her boyfriend are about to get married. They never wanted to fall from the sky. The boyfriend was directly killed by the machine due to the failure of the machine during his work.When I was finishing the section chief, I found an investigation report for the death of my ex -boyfriend.

Yizi took the report to Jingcun, and Jingcun disagreed. The report shows that your boyfriend is an operational error, so don’t be tangled about this.

For the good show of Jingcun, Yizi did not know. She said that she needed to figure out the cause of her boyfriend’s death, otherwise she would not think about personal emotional problems.

And Kangzi suddenly had a situation. I saw her holding her neck with both hands. The expression seemed very painful. After falling on the ground, she could never get up after a twitch.

Long Yuan learned that Yizi secretly investigated him behind him, and he was very angry.He found Yizi and saw the report of the death of his boyfriend two years ago.Long Yuan doubted, why did she have this thing.

Police once again found Longyuan. This time they were not cases of the chiefs, but for Kangzi to be killed.Police took out a photo for Long Yuan, and the photo was a woman’s chest flower.

Police said that this thing would not be cheap. They asked Long Yuan if they had seen it, and Longyuan certainly lost her to denial.At the same time, the subordinates of Longyuan’s leaders on the other side are reporting to the leaders.Through the dialogue between the two, a shocking melon broke out. In addition to Kangzi, in addition to He Longyuan, Chiefs, Hashimoto, there is also a fourth lover. This person turned out to be the leader of Longyuan.

The children in Kangzi’s belly were leaders.The island people often come out of thunder. This time, it did not disappoint us. Thunder’s eyes rushed to Venus.So is the chief, Hashimoto, and Kangzi all the dark hands of the leaders?It is not known yet.

It is likely that Longyuan is likely to have a dyeing with Kangzi. The leader decisively let the housekeeper, cut off all the connections between Xingzi and Longyuan, and clarify all the relationship between Xingzi and Longyuan.Long Yuan also learned from the workers that the night when her boyfriend had happened, Jingcun and him had the same class, and Jingcun was later transferred.

Long Yuan hurriedly checked the work record of his boyfriend, which really made him find the problem.Jingcun found Longyuan. Before entering the Longyuan Office, he sent a message to Yizi.Yizi received the information of Jingcun and immediately rushed to Longyuan’s office.

It turned out that Jingcun had been secretly in love with Yuko. She learned that she was about to marry her boyfriend, and the jealousy turned into a strong anger. He controlled the robot to kill Yizi’s ex -boyfriend.

Unfortunately, all this was just seen by the section chief. In order to leave Jingcun as his own use, the chief chief did not choose to inform the police. Instead, he suppressed the whole thing on the grounds that his boyfriend had made a mistake.

The section chief assigned to kill Kangzi this time and assigned to Jingcun. Unexpectedly, Jingcun was temporarily anti -water. I felt that if the Chief of the Section Chief dominated himself, I didn’t know what would happen next.So Jingcun, he did not do nothing, and directly got off the section chief.

He was also a joint book of the three people on the section chief. Jingcun mistakenly believed that the chief of the section chief told the other two people to kill him, so he killed Hashimoto and sent it to Longyuan to Qingyuan Qing.Potassium.

At this point, the two started to twist, and Long Yuan had to tie Jingcun to the pillars.Looking at the prey in front of him, Longyuan was not installed, and he told Jingcun Kangzi’s death.It turned out that Long Yuan came to Kangzi’s house and put potassium cyanide in her kettle in advance.

Kangzi finished eating the pastry brought by Longyuan and drank the water in the kettle. After the poor generation of the sea, he immediately fell to the ground and killed it on the spot.On the way forward, Longyuan must not have any obstacles, no one can.

Jingcun laughed at him, you and I were not different, they both did not choose for the purpose.Even if the leader will pass the company to you in the future, you are afraid that you will be difficult to convince the public.While Longyuan didn’t notice, Jingcun unbuttoned the rope, and the two were fighting together.

Jingcun lost to Longyuan and was touched by Long Yuan to the hammer on the ground, and a hammer was burst.Jingcun also touched the remote control equipment on the ground while Long Yuan didn’t notice, controlled the robot, and strangled Longyuan alive.On the way forward, Longyuan finally fought all the net worth.

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