Take a shower once a day and take a shower once a week. Which is healthier?Can you take a bath after "Yang Kang"?

Bathing, you can eliminate sweat oil stains, eliminate fatigue, relieve muscles and promote blood circulation, improve sleep, improve skin metabolism function and disease resistance.And through the soaking of warm water, certain diseases can be treated.The temperature of the hot bath should not be too high, and it is generally preferably at 35-40 ° C.

The number of washing should not be too much, because too many times will wash away the normally secretion of the skin surface and the protective flora on the skin surface, which will easily cause symptoms such as skin itching.And it is easy to get sick.

1. Relieve brain fatigue: When bathing with warm water, you can expand human blood vessels, accelerate blood flow, promote blood circulation of the whole body and the supply of brain blood, and can also inhibit the central nervous nervous nervous of the cerebral cortex, thereby relieving brain fatigue.

2. Promoting toxin excretion: Bathing can promote the secretion of human hormones, improve the ability of metabolism, and promote perspiration. During the process of sweating, pore dirty things and fats can be discharged from the body.

3. Relieve pain: When bathing, the temperature of the body surface increases, which will accelerate blood circulation in the body, increase the blood supply of the damage tissue, and relieve local pain.

1. It is not advisable to take a bath before going to bed

Many people are used to sleeping immediately after taking a hot bath. In fact, this is an incorrect habit. It is best to take a bath 2 hours before going to bed.Sleeping often comes after the decrease in body temperature. The hot water bath will increase the body temperature and delay the release of the brain to release "sleep hormone".

If you can only take a bath before going to bed, you can apply a wet towel for 5 minutes after the bath to let the body temperature fall to the normal level and fall asleep as soon as possible.After the morning, a bath with a slightly lower water temperature can make us cheer up and improve the satisfaction of night sleep.

2. It is not advisable to take a bath when a fever

When human body temperature rises to 38 ° C, the body’s calorie consumption can increase by 20%, and the body is weak. At this time, bathing is prone to accidents.

Even if there is no high fever, the disease is best not to take a bath during acute development.Patients with severe heart disease, high anemia, uremia, high pressure up to 180 mm Hg, myocardial infarction, acute nephritis, acute hepatitis, trauma and other patients should not take a bath.

Patients with cerebrovascular disease should not take a bath often.The thermal stimulation produced during bathing will accelerate the blood flow in the patient’s body and increase the pressure of blood to blood vessels.When blood flow throughout some local lesions, blood vessel rupture is prone to occur.

3. Should not take a bath after wine

Alcohol can inhibit liver function activities and hinder the release of glycoga.When bathing, glucose consumption in the human body increases.Take a bath after drinking, the blood sugar is not supplemented in time, it is prone to dizziness, dazzling, and full body weakness. In severe cases, hypoglycemia may also occur.

When bathing, the human body should sweat, and the alcohol concentration in the blood is relatively higher. Coupled with hot water to promote blood circulation, expand blood vessels, accelerate pulse beating, cause blood pressure to decrease and increase blood viscosity, so that the body is difficult to adapt, causing heart disease or brain brainSession of stroke.

4. Full meals and hunger should not take a bath

Take a bath after a full meal, the whole body’s surface blood vessels are stimulated by hot water, and more blood flows to the body surface. The supply of blood supply to the abdominal cavity is relatively reduced, which will affect digestion and absorption, cause hypoglycemia, and even collapse and fainting.

When people are hungry, the level of blood sugar is the lowest, and the calories needed for bathing during bathing. Therefore, bathing is prone to dizziness and even shock when hungry.

5. Should not take a bath immediately after labor

Whether it is physical labor or brain labor, take a while to take a bath, otherwise it will easily cause insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, and even faint.Wake in the bath for five or six minutes, and massage the body at the same time.The stress of static water, the limb and the affected part of the buoyancy of water.

When bathing, you can combine massage, such as rubbing your back.The best tool for rubbing the back is loofah. It is a Chinese medicine in itself, which has the effect of passing through.

6. When blood pressure is too low, it is not advisable to take a bath

The water temperature is high during bathing, which can expand human blood vessels. People with low blood pressure are prone to insufficient blood supply to the brain and collapse.Many people are used to soaking their feet and hot springs with hot water.Experts remind that people with heart disease and hypotension should not be too high in the temperature of feet and hot spring, otherwise discomfort may occur or even danger of syncope.

After soaking your feet or hot springs with hot water, it will cause human vascular expansion. The blood of the whole body will flow from important organs to the body surface.For the crowd, they will increase the danger of their onset.

For most people, they use soap, shower gel and other products when they are bathing.Using these products can better remove dirt and fat on the surface of the skin.During the bath, the skin will be lost.If the skin is lost too much water, it will make the skin dry and cause itching of the skin.

Bathing is a very comfortable thing, but the bathing too frequently will destroy the stratum corneum on the surface of the skin. The stratum corneum is the first line of defense of the skin. If it is destroyed, it may reduce the ability of the skin to resist pathogenic microorganisms, and then increase the skinThe risk of infection.

Some friends may think that taking a shower once a week is healthier. In fact, it is not such a bath and bathing once a week. In the end, it is necessary to analyze it in combination with the actual situation.

For example, in the summer, because the temperature is relatively high, it is easier to sweat. It is okay to take a bath once a day for this situation, because bathing can be cleared in time every day and harmful substances remaining in the skin and pores. It can also keep the skin on the skin.clean.

In order to reduce the loss of skin loss, try not to use soap, shower gel and other products frequently.When taking a bath, you can also apply skin care cream on the skin, which can make the skin smoother and reduce the skin’s loss of moisture.

Some people are oily skin, and they secrete oil every day. If the skin surface is not cleared in time, the oil will cause folliculitis due to oil blocked.For people with oily skin, it is not a big problem to take a bath once a day.However, be careful not to clean the skin too much, otherwise it will be bad for the skin.

People with dry skin can take a shower once a week. Otherwise, frequent bathing will cause the skin to be more dry, destroying its stratum corneum, and even making the skin more and more sensitive. It is recommended that you still take the main care of the skin.Apply your body milk appropriately to make the skin smoother and tender.

People with different skin types have different frequencies in bathing, and the time for bathing is different. Everyone must be treated scientifically so that we can reduce the damage to the body. We must also understand the precautions for bathing.

The temperature of the bath water should be close to the body temperature, that is, 35-37 ° C. If the temperature of the water is too high, the skin’s epidermal vascular vascular expansion will be reduced, the heart and brain blood flow will be reduced, and hypoxia will occur.The water temperature of pregnant women should not be too high to prevent the fetus from hypoxia and affect the development of the fetus.Take a cold bath in summer.

Too cold bath water will suddenly close the skin pores, the blood vessels shrink, and the heat in the body cannot be emitted.Especially on a hot night, after taking a cold bath, people often make people feel weak, shoulders, knee soreness and abdominal pain, and can even become a induced factor for arthritis and chronic gastrointestinal diseases.In general, the temperature of the cold bath in summer is not less than 10 ° C.

Can "Yang" take a bath in the future?How long can "Yang Kang" take a bath?"In response, Professor Jiang Lihong, director of the General Medicine Department of Harbin Medical University’s Second Hospital, suggested that patients should do with their own situation." Generally speaking, bathing will not cause the new crown symptoms, but you must master some precautions."

"When in a severe period of acute high fever, due to the severe loss of water, electrolytes, and energy of the human body, the body is weak at this time. It is generally not recommended to take a bath." On the one hand, because the bath will consume physical strength, the blood vessel dilation leads to the relative blood capacity of the blood capacity.Insufficient, it is easy to cause hypotension and other conditions;

On the other hand, the patient has a weak constitution, low temperature in winter, and is susceptible to colds and colds. Instead, it will aggravate the condition and prolong the course of the disease.

Jiang Lihong said that for patients with low body temperature, below 38 ° C or fever, patients who have faded up, and patients with physical strength can generally take a bath, but also pay attention to ensure that the temperature is suitable when bathing, so as not to be too low.Do not take too long to take a bath to avoid energy consumption; after bathing, patients should replenish water in time to avoid dehydration.

Jiang Lihong suggested that for people who are old and weak or have basic diseases, the physical functions are relatively weak, and bathing may cause physical failure or worse.Take a bath again.

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