Take you to know women’s ovulation disorders

Many women have been unable to get pregnant because of the problems of ovulation disorders, which is very unfair for families who want their children.So what is ovulation disorders? Ovulation disorders are also called non -ovulation, which is one of the main reasons for women’s infertility. Ovulation disorders are very harmful to women. In addition to infertility, it may also cause menstruation to menstruationDislatures and other symptoms, if not ovulation for a long time is of great harm to women, it is also easy to cause some diseases. Therefore, those with ovulation disorders should pay enough attention, and they must be positive in examination and treatment.

Method of diagnosis and treatment of ovulation disorders

Ovulation disorders generally have the following performances

1) Lands are different from usual

Many careful women may find that when there are leucorrhea increases every month, this may actually indicate that you are in the ovulation period. Most women will increase leucorrhea during ovulation, and leucorrhea is egg white.However, if leucorrhea increases and transparent, itching or even sticky in the pussy, it must be paid attention to, which may be caused by ovulation disorders.

2) No ovulation -free palace blood

Ovulation -free blood also is also called uterine bleeding of ovulation -free dysfunction, that is, completely irregular uterine bleeding. This is one of the common symptoms of ovulation disorders. It is more common in adolescent female friends.

Painful pain

3) The breasts are painful

If women have the phenomenon of ovulation disorders, they may also cause breast pain, and some women will also have symptoms such as pain in the abdomen during ovulation or uncomfortable waist, which may also have an emotional impact and irritability.

4) Metal changes in menstruation

Ovulation disorders can also affect normal menstruation. One of the more direct symptoms of ovulation disorders is that menstrual disorders and amenorrhea will occur.If women have not had the first menstrual tide at the age of 18, it is primary amenorrhea.If you have menstruation but menopause for more than half a year, it is called secondary amenorrhea.

What should I do if ovulation disorders?

For patients with obstacles on ovulation, when receiving drug treatment, it is best to use B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation.At the same time, ultrasonic monitoring can also clearly observe the thickness and shape of the endometrium of the uterine, and it also has a certain effect on prediction of pregnancy.

If the ovarian function is caused by the disease factors, and then the follicles cannot be ovulated, then female friends should be targeted. After the disease is cured, the ovarian function can also be recovered to a certain extent.It may return to normal.

In addition, female friends should pay attention to emotional regulation in daily life, so as to avoid disorders under mental stress.

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