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“”Has always been brought by me until now, and now I finally have my own time. Today, I will share the experience of the entire pregnancy. Every novice mother at first is at a loss., Especially I am really a wave of twists and turns. I went to the end like a monster all the way. Although I spent a lot of money, I bought it. I also want to tell you that expectant mothers should not be nervous and anxious.Come to us

Figure 1: David’s test strip is tested after pregnancy. It ’s a happy. Immediately enjoy the treatment of the queen at home. After a week, I went to the community hospital to do a B -ultrasound.It is a variety of checking the mother, the beautiful pomelo, the baby tree, and the mother did not let you feel at ease. It can only be reviewed in two weeks. In fact, it proves that he has put pressure on herself. Therefore, it is recommended that the sisters for the first timeDon’t be too early to do B -ultrasound, otherwise you really scare yourself and wait at least six weeks later insurance

Figure 2: After two weeks of inspection, it was a review to see that there were no fetal heart buds. A normal outpatient number was hung. As a result, there were brown secretions in the bathroom during the waiting process. Is God joking with me?In a hurry to find the nurse for the risier to change the diagnosis number. Fortunately, there was a false shock this time.According to the later understanding, many people have this situation in about seven weeks, so as long as the sisters do not have pain, they are not a lot, not too anxious, not too anxious. Be careful not to be tired.

Figure 3: Finally, I have ushered in the largest level NT inspection. The fact is unsatisfactory. My NT value 2.3 is almost close to the critical risk 2.5. Doctors let me choose a non -invasive choice?How dare to take a little risk as a mother?

Figure 4: When the file is established, the blood is routine, and the thyroid function is abnormal. It seems to belong to hyperthyroidism. The community hospital asked me to go to the higher -level hospital to review the endocrinology department to see if the drug interference should be interfered.No need to interfere with severe pregnancy vomiting, the increase in HCG value will cause abnormal thyroid dysfunction, but it is necessary to review and monitor. In order to check how many blood can be taken to remember, but if you are a hypothyroidism, you must take medicine if you have hypothyroidism.

Figure 5: We ushered in another important inspection system B -ultrasound. For the first time, I saw the baby’s appearance. It is really cute. It looks like my husband at a glance. Unfortunately, I dare not ask the doctor whether it is a male or female treasure. ThisThe baby is too lazy to move in the stomach and do not move. Chocolate, cola, and climbing stairs all go to the battlefield. I do n’t turn over and I still ca n’t see the baby ’s spine for two days.I haven’t insisted on watching the spine, I believe the baby will be healthy

Figure 6: The middle sugar is successfully passed, and it will be a big check in the third trimester of the third trimester.It may be that the risk of hypoxia is too high, and I will be detained in hospitalization. I am in this embarrassing situation and I can only go home and take a few tires and wait for two weeks. At this time, I have to calm down.

Figure 7: The ratio of B ultrasound S/D has fallen to the scope of safety. However, the new problem appeared and the fetal position was not correct. The doctor said that because the SD value in the previous SD value did not dare to let me correct it myself, it can only be allowed to let it go.I can only cut it, I am not very anxious about this

Figure 8: After two weeks, the fetal position was reviewing the fetal position. However, there were too many new problems. Doctors B -ultrasound said that so many babies of amniotic fluid can be moved by so late.I was happy, the doctor directly asked me to sign an too much risk of amniotic fluid. Maybe the baby’s digestive system or the urinary system had problems, etc. I collapsed. How can I get pregnant?Suddenly there is too much amniotic fluid, and it is a blood -drawn to check this. The result is obviously that there is no problem. After two weeks, the re -examination of the amniotic fluid is also in the normal range.

Figure 9: The last B -ultrasound, the amniotic fluid came down, and the fetal position was positive. If the fetal heart monitoring was done, the baby was ready to give birth.For important nodes, when the hospital was born, the hospital took away the electronic version without taking pictures. In fact, there were still many small details that they were not written, and the expectant mothers had to ask if they wanted to ask.

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